2nd Test, Chandigarh, Oct 17 - 21 2008, Australia tour of India
469 & 314/3d
(64.4 ov, target 516)268 & 195
India won by 320 runs
player of the match

11.02 am: The margin of 320 runs is India's biggest victory in Test cricket (not counting innings victories). The Australians line up to congratulate the Indians as they troop off the ground. Dhoni's got a stump as a souvenir, but, seeing that Ganguly doesn't have one, he gives it to him.

"Cant get better from an Indian bowling point of view - Bhajji starts it all, Ishant chimes in, Zaheer joins the party and now Mishra wants to wrap it up. Good all round performance," says Ravi.

Kris Srikkanth, the chairman of selectors, high-fives each of the Indian players as they go into the dressing room. There's a particularly big one for Dhoni, who's been fantastic in this match. Fantastic with the bat, and in the field.

Ponting: "Right from the first morning India were nice and aggressive. they took the momentum away from us early in the game. They thoroughly deserve their victory and congratulations to them ... We'll probably have a couple of days off after this, back to back matches are always hard. We'll fine-tune our skills before the next Test ... They're a very good bowling attack, their two seamers were terrific and they used the reverse swing well."

Tendulkar is being given an award from the PCA for becoming the highest run-scorer in Test cricket. One more trophy for an overflowing cabinet. Sourav Ganguly also gets one for it being his final Test in Mohali.

Dhoni: "We got the perfect start after winning the toss and we were up to the mark in all departments. It was a very good track to bat on. I think Mishra bowled really well after a perfect start from the fast bowlers. It was a perfect Test match for us ... A lot depended on how quickly we could get the reverse swing going for nothing much was happening with the new ball. We were able to reverse swing the ball from the 12th or teh 13th over and after that it became hard for the batsman.

Dhoni is also the Man-of-the Match for his two aggressive half-centuries and for his captaincy. His had a terrific match.

That's about it from us at Cricinfo for this Test. We'll be back in a week's time for the Delhi Test. That you for all your emails. On behalf of Kanishkaa and Siddharth Ravindran, this is George Binoy signing off. Cheers!

Mishra to Clarke, OUT

that's the end of the match! Mishra fittingly picks up the final wicket, the ball wasn't that short and Clarke pulled it in the air towards midwicket where Sehwag took a smart catch, the Indians rush towards each other to celebrate, amazing scenes, Mishra finishes his debut match with seven wickets

Michael Clarke c Sehwag b Mishra 69 (236m 152b 9x4 0x6) SR: 45.39
Mishra to Clarke, no run

Clarke reaches out for a flighted delivery and defends on the off side

Mishra to Clarke, no run

Clarke comes out of his crease, gets to the pitch of the ball, and defends back to the bowler

Mishra to Clarke, no run

defended on the front foot towards short leg

end of over 641 run
AUS: 195/9CRR: 3.04 
Peter Siddle0 (4)
Michael Clarke69 (148)
Harbhajan Singh20-3-36-3
Amit Mishra11-2-35-1
Harbhajan to Siddle, no run

the conventional offbreak to end the over and Siddle defends on the front foot

Harbhajan to Siddle, no run

this time it's the one that goes straight on and Siddle once again gets beaten outside off stump

Harbhajan to Siddle, no run

that's the doosra outside off stump, Siddle pushes forward and gets beaten, Dhoni breaks the stumps but Siddle is safe

Harbhajan to Siddle, no run

defended back towards the bowler on the front foot, Harbhajan is on 299 Test wickets

Harbhajan to Clarke, 1 run

Clarke moves back and across and plays the ball towards midwicket, he's quite happy to take the single

Harbhajan to Clarke, no run

defended on the leg side off the back foot

Peter Siddle is Australia's last man but Clarke is on strike.

end of over 631 run • 1 wicket
AUS: 194/9CRR: 3.07 
Michael Clarke68 (146)
Amit Mishra11-2-35-1
Harbhajan Singh19-3-35-3
Mishra to Johnson, OUT

caught and bowled! Australia are nine down! Mishra tossed up a delightfully flighted delivery on middle and leg, the ball was so slow that Johnson closed the face of the bat far too early, he was trying to play the ball on the leg side but the leading edge lobbed back to Mishra who took one of the easiest catches a bowler could hope to get

Mitchell Johnson c & b Mishra 26 (69m 44b 4x4 0x6) SR: 59.09
Mishra to Clarke, 1 run

fuller ball outside off stump, Clarke reaches out for it and drives towards long off to bring up the 50-run partnership

Mishra to Clarke, no run

Clarke strides forward a long way and defends on the leg side

Mishra to Clarke, no run

defended towards the bowler on the front foot

Mishra to Clarke, no run

Clarke skips out of his crease and blocks the ball with his pad once he realises he isn't to the pitch of the ball

Mishra to Clarke, no run

flighted delivery with drift into middle stump, Clarke comes forward and defends with bat close to pad

"I remember Allan Border and Brad Gilbert it was I think who in the eighties frustrated India in a Test match. They were the last pair and saved a test match for Australia," says Prabhat.