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3rd Test, Auckland, March 22 - 24, 1974, Australia tour of New Zealand
221 & 346
(T:456) 112 & 158

Australia won by 297 runs

Australia 1st INNINGS 
Keith Stackpole c Parker b RJ Hadlee011000.00
Ian Redpath c †Wadsworth b Collinge1335493037.14
Ian Chappell (c)c Turner b Collinge3766926156.06
Greg Chappell c Howarth b Collinge0810000.00
Ian Davis c Hastings b Collinge043000.00
Doug Walters not out 10413816715075.36
Rod Marsh c Hastings b Collinge4571759063.38
Kerry O'Keeffe c Morrison b Congdon063000.00
Gary Gilmour c Morrison b Congdon110110010.00
Max Walker c Burgess b Congdon720191035.00
Ashley Mallett c Turner b Congdon715240046.66
Extras(b 4, lb 1, nb 2)7
TOTAL46.2 Ov (RR: 4.77)221
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Keith Stackpole), 2-32 (Ian Redpath), 3-37 (Greg Chappell), 4-37 (Ian Davis), 5-64 (Ian Chappell), 6-150 (Rod Marsh), 7-154 (Kerry O'Keeffe), 8-162 (Gary Gilmour), 9-191 (Max Walker), 10-221 (Ashley Mallett)
Richard Hadlee914513.75---00
Richard Collinge1848253.41---00
Dayle Hadlee904103.41---00
Bevan Congdon10.204643.36---00
New Zealand 1st INNINGS 
Glenn Turner c GS Chappell b Mallett411011494040.59
John Parker lbw b Gilmour1118182061.11
John Morrison c †Marsh b Walker922221040.90
Bevan Congdon (c)lbw b Gilmour415151026.66
Brian Hastings  b Gilmour02323000.00
Mark Burgess c †Marsh b Gilmour722271031.81
Ken Wadsworth c †Marsh b Gilmour022000.00
Hedley Howarth c Gilmour b Mallett033000.00
Dayle Hadlee  b Mallett43310133.33
Richard Hadlee c IM Chappell b Mallett1334360038.23
Richard Collinge not out 87820114.28
Extras(b 4, lb 1, nb 10)15
TOTAL30.2 Ov (RR: 3.70)112
Fall of wickets: 1-16 (John Parker), 2-28 (John Morrison), 3-34 (Bevan Congdon), 4-40 (Brian Hastings), 5-62 (Mark Burgess), 6-62 (Ken Wadsworth), 7-63 (Hedley Howarth), 8-72 (Dayle Hadlee), 9-102 (Glenn Turner), 10-112 (Richard Hadlee)
Max Walker1041110.82---00
Gary Gilmour1536453.20---00
Ashley Mallett5.202243.14---00
Australia 2nd INNINGS 
Keith Stackpole c Congdon b Collinge079000.00
Ian Redpath not out 15931034820051.29
Ian Chappell (c)lbw b Collinge35323960109.37
Greg Chappell c †Wadsworth b Howarth3854407070.37
Ian Davis c Parker b Howarth525190020.00
Doug Walters c Parker b Congdon515110033.33
Rod Marsh c RJ Hadlee b Howarth4763747074.60
Kerry O'Keeffe c Burgess b Collinge321061002130.18
Gary Gilmour  b RJ Hadlee410140040.00
Max Walker  b RJ Hadlee011000.00
Ashley Mallett c Parker b Collinge621200028.57
Extras(b 4, lb 4, nb 6, w 1)15
TOTAL79.4 Ov (RR: 4.35)346
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Keith Stackpole), 2-69 (Ian Chappell), 3-118 (Greg Chappell), 4-132 (Ian Davis), 5-143 (Doug Walters), 6-230 (Rod Marsh), 7-315 (Kerry O'Keeffe), 8-330 (Gary Gilmour), 9-330 (Max Walker), 10-346 (Ashley Mallett)
Richard Hadlee915024.16---00
Richard Collinge16.408443.81---00
Dayle Hadlee704805.14---00
Bevan Congdon1916612.60---00
Hedley Howarth2858332.22---00
New Zealand 2nd INNINGS (Target: 456 runs)
Glenn Turner c IM Chappell b Walker7214416812050.00
John Parker c †Marsh b Gilmour341171375029.05
John Morrison c †Marsh b Gilmour042000.00
Bevan Congdon (c)c †Marsh b Walker421180019.04
Brian Hastings lbw b Walker14110025.00
Mark Burgess c Stackpole b Walker661110100.00
Ken Wadsworth c GS Chappell b Mallett2155562038.18
Dayle Hadlee c Walters b Mallett440400010.00
Richard Hadlee  b O'Keeffe11090010.00
Hedley Howarth not out 314130021.42
Richard Collinge c IM Chappell b O'Keeffe413101030.76
Extras(b 3, lb 2, nb 3)8
TOTAL53 Ov (RR: 2.98)158
Fall of wickets: 1-107 (John Parker), 2-107 (John Morrison), 3-112 (Bevan Congdon), 4-115 (Brian Hastings), 5-116 (Glenn Turner), 6-127 (Mark Burgess), 7-145 (Dayle Hadlee), 8-147 (Ken Wadsworth), 9-147 (Richard Hadlee), 10-158 (Richard Collinge)
Max Walker1983941.53---00
Gary Gilmour1605222.43---00
Ashley Mallett1365122.94---00
Kerry O'Keeffe51821.20---00
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Eden Park, Auckland
TossNew Zealand, elected to field first
Series result3-match series drawn 1-1
Match numberTest no. 736
Match daysday (5-day match)
New Zealand
Dennis Copps
New Zealand
Ralph Gardiner
Balls per over8
Fri, 22 Mar - day 1 - New Zealand 1st innings 85/8 (Glenn Turner 34*, Richard Hadlee 4*)
Sat, 23 Mar - day 2 - Australia 2nd innings 330/9 (Ian Redpath 150*, Ashley Mallett 0*)
Sun, 24 Mar - day 3 - New Zealand 2nd innings 158 (53 ov) - end of match
New Zealand Innings
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