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2nd Test, Christchurch, February 20 - 24, 2016, Australia tour of New Zealand
370 & 335
(T:201) 505 & 201/3

Australia won by 7 wickets

Player Of The Match
170 & 65
AUS 2nd Innings
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end of over 544 runs
AUS: 201/3CRR: 3.72 
Adam Voges10 (19)
Steven Smith53 (46)
Trent Boult 17-1-60-1
Matt Henry 9-1-33-0

With those heart-felt words from Brendon McCullum, and with Australia getting a hold on the Trans-Tasman Trophy and the No. 1 ranking again, we bid farewell. That's it. End of Test cricket for a long time. Thanks for joining us. This occasion does make for another listening of this Roy Harper classic

Time for presentation

"I will try to sum up 14 years in two minutes," says Brendon McCullum. "And at the same time not take gloss of the performance of Australia. You guys played excellent cricket. It was played in good spirit too. You have a good leader in Steven Smith.

"Like to thank the fans who have supported us over the year. We try to represent our country with passion and try to do so with smiles on our face. The way you have turned up over the last 12 months, it has been special

"To NZC. To everyone who has supported this New Zealand team over the years.

"To my team. We have had some fun over the last few years. We have achieved some pretty cool things. Hey we have lost a few games, but we have got our souls back. I will remember for the rest of my life some of the time I have spent playing for New Zealand. Thanks for buying in, and accepting we have to play the game differently.

"Lastly, to my family. It is a tough place as a cricketer, spending the time away that you do, it is not possible without a supporting family. I said I will pay you back, and I do mean that. I came in as a youngster, and leave as a 34-year-old with three beautiful kids and an amazing wife. I said I will pay you back, and I love you.

"Thank you again. You can believe in this team. They are a great bunch of men. And good luck Australia."

"We want to win every series we play," says Steven Smith. "We want to win a lot more away from home. That was a good series. The way we were able to adapt. The wickets had a bit in them. We were able to bat for long periods of time.. The bowlers got it right. We have got a great crop of fast bowlers in Australia. They stepped up in this game. Batting has been a reason for our success over the last sort of year. We have got big hundreds. Pleasing that he won't be an opponent but disappointing to see Brendon go. Any captain, you want to change the team for the better, and Brendon has. And he puts bums on the seat, which he has done for a long time."

"Yeah I think it is the best I have played in Tests," says Joe Burns, the Man of the Match. "I just wanted to bat as long as I could. I was just trying to get out of the way, and didn't really try to score much because the fields they set took away my scoring opportunities. I think I have cemented my place, but being an opening batter challenges come every series. You can't be complacent."

Hugs and handshakes all around. Smith seeks McCullum out to congratulate him. All his mates congratulate him. He walks off to a mild applause, and with a smile on his face. Smith and Voges wait for him to leave first

It must be a strange mix of relief and wistfulness coming to an end of such a long career, having done what he loved doing the most. He did it his way. With a smile on his face

Not to be forgotten is a solid Test match from Australia to go to No. 1. New Zealand were flamboyant. New Zealand came up with funky strategies. Australia were solid, trusted their game, worked hard with the ball, drew help from a flat pitch when New Zealand couldn't. All credit to the new No. 1 team in the world, but important words follow from Greg O'C: "OK, we've made it to Number One. The hard work now begins staying there ... just ask India and South Africa."

Boult to Voges, FOUR runs

there it is. Gets a wide half-volley, which he square-drives for four. McCullum applauds them. Voges and Smith hug. They are No. 1 in Tests now

Boult to Voges, no run

dabbed towards slip. Another dot. This is getting drawn out

Boult to Voges, no run

on a length, at the stumps, defended from the crease

Goes over the wicket now

Boult to Voges, no run

pretty tight on the off stump there, defended from the crease

Boult to Voges, no run

tailing in, solidly defended to mid-on

Boult to Voges, no run

full, on off, driven crisply to mid-off

end of over 534 runs
AUS: 197/3CRR: 3.71 
Steven Smith53 (46)
Adam Voges6 (13)
Matt Henry 9-1-33-0
Trent Boult 16-1-56-1
Henry to Smith, no run

gets some width, goes for the cut, looking to finish it here, but is beaten

Henry to Smith, no run

shuffled across to defend a straight length ball

Henry to Smith, no run

defended back to Henry

Henry to Voges, 1 run

nearly a run-out. Pushed to the right of gully, a lot yes and no, and Smith gives up. Williamson misses, though

DJ: "Voges must be terrified. One false move and his average is history. Quite literally."

Henry to Smith, 3 runs

width again, this time he punches it square, past gully, comes back for three

Henry to Smith, no run

short of a length, outside off, pushed to cover

end of over 525 runs
AUS: 193/3CRR: 3.71 
Adam Voges5 (12)
Steven Smith50 (41)
Trent Boult 16-1-56-1
Matt Henry 8-1-29-0
Boult to Voges, FOUR runs

wide half-volley, driven wide of cover for a four. That brings us closer to the end

Boult to Voges, no run

angling into the pads, defended to leg

Boult to Voges, no run

on a length, angling in, defended in front of off

Boult to Voges, no run

full, just outside off, pushed to mid-off

Boult to Voges, no run

they are reviewing for both lbw and a catch. This one swings back in front outside off, beats the inside edge (that rules out the catch) and the ball hits him on the knee roll on the crease. And it is clipping the leg stump. Umpire's call, then. Voges stays not out

Round the wicket

Boult to Smith, 1 run

length ball, into the pads, worked square into the leg side to bring up an entertaining fifty

Finally Wagner has decided to stay down. Boult to continue

end of over 513 runs
AUS: 188/3CRR: 3.68 
Steven Smith49 (40)
Adam Voges1 (7)
Matt Henry 8-1-29-0
Trent Boult 15-1-51-1
Henry to Smith, 1 run

he gets inside the line of one to tuck it away to long leg for a single

Henry to Voges, 1 run

wide on the crease, pushed past cover for a single

Donkey: "So yet another Aussie Test where we are 70 runs shy in each inning and take our consolation from not allowing them to go home to their families a day earlier than scheduled. Not getting thrashed by as much as the other teams is little consolation I am afraid."