1st Test, Cape Town, Nov 9 - 11 2011, Australia tour of South Africa
284 & 47
(50.2 ov, target 236)96 & 236/2
South Africa won by 8 wickets
player of the match
Vernon Philander
South Africa

12.40 pm About this time yesterday, South Africa were having lunch in a decent position, without a clue of the mayhem that was about to unfold. They lost nine wickets for 47 runs after lunch to give up a 188-run lead. It seemed impossible they would come back from that. But they did, blitzing Australia's batsmen for 47, after having them at 21 for 9 at one stage. It was ridiculously bizarre. Then they lost Rudolph early in the chase, and could have lost Amla on the last ball of the day. Smith and Amla resumed this morning with 155 to get, and they both batted quite superbly, scoring quickly and shutting Australia out. History will record this as a comfortable eight-wicket win, but we all know better!

Jonty: "There once was a batsman named smith, Who had the baggy greens in a tiff, He scored a great ton, and the proteas won, In SA slang isnt that kiff."

Liam: "There once was a batsman named Ricky. To get him out was quite tricky. But now he looks done, he can't make a ton, the selectors must be more picky."

Pankaj: "I tried to pen a limerick, while SA and Aus faced the bowlers music, I thought all night

But only when SA won the fight, I managed to pull off the gimmick."

I'll have the presentation for you shortly. Man of the Match? Clarke was the best individual performer for me, but I think Vernon Philander deserves it and will get it.

Michael Clarke: "An interesting three days ... without doubt we let ourselves down with the bat. Full credit to South Africa, for how they bowled and the way they played today. We might have needed 600 ... We played disgraceful shots. Horrendous shot selection. We let ourselves down with the ball ... there was enough in the pitch during the whole game, we got rolled for 47 when the sun was shining. No excuses. It (his century in the first innings) was useless, a waste of time. A hundred is useful only if you help your team win. I'll forget about that pretty quickly."

Graeme Smith: "Incredible. Yesterday was a mind boggle for all of us. It's a win I need to give to the bowlers. They got us bat in the game and set it up for us today. We showed a lot of resilience. The boys are looking forward to a weekend off, and then focus on Jo'burg.

"Vernon has deserved his call-up. His stats in first-class cricket have been incredible. He had a wicket that he could work with and he made it count.."

The Man of the Match is Vernon Philander - 5 for 15 in the second innings, 8 for 88 in his debut Test. "I was a bit nervous, woke up at around 5 in the morning. But I was ready for it. We had to pull off a big bowling performance and we did. It was one of the biggest turnarounds in cricket. Special." Vernon talks way too fast for me to keep up!

And so it ends. Two days and a session this Test was done and dusted in. Thank you for all your emails. See you for Jo'burg. Cheers.

Siddle to Smith, 1 run

there it is! South Africa have won a bizarre and memorable Test. Smith flicks the ball off his pads to the midwicket boundary to end the madness. An eight wicket margin in the end. The weirdest eight-wicket win ever.

Siddle to Smith, no run

Siddle hits Smith's pads from round the wicket but there was bat on that

end of over 505 runs
SA: 235/2CRR: 4.70 
Jacques Kallis2 (6)
Graeme Smith100 (138)
Mitchell Johnson11-1-61-1
Peter Siddle12-0-48-1
Johnson to Kallis, no run

he leaves it to his captain, played the length ball towards point

Kallis has the opportunity and the honour of finishing a superb Test victory ...

Johnson to Smith, 1 run

played with soft hands on the off side and Smith sprints the single to reach his century. He's soaking it all in, as he should. It's been a stunning, chanceless innings, off 138 balls.

Johnson to Smith, no run

Smith moves forward and drives firmly to cover

They are singing in the stands ... Ole, ole, ole,ole

Johnson to Smith, no run

flicked off the pads to square leg

Johnson to Smith, no run

Johnson bowls a ridiculous ball down leg side, Haddin dives full length and gets some glove on it, they could have run a bye, but Kallis decided not to

This is poetic, Smith could get his century with the winning shot of the Test.

Johnson to Smith, FOUR runs

full and straight, smith hammers the ball down the ground and Newlands breaks into thunderous applause

Brendan: "@TimP, meter is so important, a small tweak on your splendid effort.

"There once was a batsman called Ponting

Whose strokes more and more were found wanting

For years he was splendid

But now that has ended

He finds himself doing the wrong thing"

end of over 497 runs
SA: 230/2CRR: 4.69 
Jacques Kallis2 (5)
Graeme Smith95 (133)
Peter Siddle12-0-48-1
Mitchell Johnson10-1-56-1
Siddle to Kallis, 2 runs

flicked off the pads through square leg, this is getting tense for Smith, Kallis has got two, but Smith has the strike

Siddle to Kallis, no run

Kallis stays in his crease and blocks

Dubes: "Agree with Lance K (of the 99 semifinal fame?)... got to admit these 2 teams make for one of the best games... 99 semi finals, but after that SA have one upped Aussies from many dreadful situations... 434/438 game and then this test match! amazing!"

What about that chase in Australia? That was epic as well.

Siddle to Kallis, no run

left alone outside off stump

A boundary from Kallis will ruin it for Smith.

Siddle to Smith, 1 run

Smith moves forward and hits the ball towards mid-on

Siddle to Smith, no run

Siddle aborts his appeal because the angle from round the wicket would have taken the ball down leg side, Smith tried to flick but was hit on the pad

Siddle to Smith, FOUR runs

Smith thumps a full ball from his crease past the fielder at mid-on

Glenn: "There was once a country XI, that was filled with manna from heaven, but with retirements a plenty, the cupboard grew empty, all out for 47."

Siddle's back, for what it's worth.