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2nd Test, Galle, September 22 - 26, 1999, Australia tour of Sri Lanka
296 & 55/0

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
Sri Lanka 1st Innings
Australia 1st Innings
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Sri Lanka 1st Innings 
c ME Waugh b McGrath011000.00
c †Healy b Warne29811123035.80
c Warne b Miller501271545039.37
c SR Waugh b Fleming641622016139.50
c Blewett b Warne461101197041.81
c Miller b Warne1026230038.46
b McGrath2550744050.00
c Ponting b Fleming4158714170.68
run out (Blewett)323280013.04
c ME Waugh b McGrath19120011.11
not out 72710350.00
Extras(b 4, lb 8, nb 8)20
TOTAL106.5 Ov (RR: 2.77, 412 Mins)296
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Sanath Jayasuriya, 0.1 ov), 2-80 (Marvan Atapattu, 28.2 ov), 3-100 (Russel Arnold, 41.3 ov), 4-193 (Mahela Jayawardene, 73.5 ov), 5-206 (Arjuna Ranatunga, 80.1 ov), 6-226 (Aravinda de Silva, 87.3 ov), 7-262 (Romesh Kaluwitharana, 98.3 ov), 8-288 (Chaminda Vaas, 103.6 ov), 9-288 (Rangana Herath, 104.6 ov), 10-296 (Nuwan Zoysa, 106.5 ov)
0.1 to ST Jayasuriya, and that's that. just a tame across the left hander, outside the off stump, Jaya prods at it, thick edge to the second slip, that's a tad of a good start for Australia. 0/1
98.3 to RS Kaluwitharana, cuts back off the wicket pushing forward cannons off the elbow onto leg stump. 262/7
106.5 to DNT Zoysa, takes the edge to second slip. 296/10
87.3 to PA de Silva, awkward backfoot push down the wicket, thick edge flies away for a safe catch to the captain in the gully. 226/6
103.6 to WPUJC Vaas, lifting ball tries to pull and just skies it. Ended up being caught by Puncher on the off side. 288/8
41.3 to RP Arnold, jamming onto it, outside the off stump, ball pops up off the bat to the first slip. 100/3
28.2 to MS Atapattu, similar to the previous, pitches on the middle stump, Marvan coming forward, just nudges it with the outside edge to the keeper. 80/2
73.5 to DPMD Jayawardene, and yet again, Jaya conspires to dismiss himself, lofting off the toes, getting himself too cramped, easy catch for the wide mid on. 193/4
80.1 to A Ranatunga, down the wicket, mirror image of the Jaya dismissal, lofted to Miller at wide mid on, who does his best to make it look difficult, grabbing it at the second attempt. 206/5
Australia 1st Innings 
st †Kaluwitharana b Muralidaran962202735243.63
b Muralidaran621821926034.06
c Ranatunga b Muralidaran740470017.50
c Ranatunga b Muralidaran1029371034.48
c †Kaluwitharana b Herath1949742038.77
c Jayawardene b Muralidaran41480028.57
c Ranatunga b Herath11210008.33
c Atapattu b Herath022000.00
b Herath1621242076.19
run out (Jayasuriya/†Kaluwitharana)610111060.00
not out 024000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 4, nb 2)7
TOTAL96.3 Ov (RR: 2.36, 346 Mins)228
Fall of wickets: 1-138 (Greg Blewett, 55.4 ov), 2-160 (Justin Langer, 67.6 ov), 3-179 (Michael Slater, 77.3 ov), 4-182 (Mark Waugh, 79.1 ov), 5-188 (Ian Healy, 81.4 ov), 6-189 (Ricky Ponting, 84.4 ov), 7-189 (Shane Warne, 84.6 ov), 8-215 (Damien Fleming, 92.3 ov), 9-228 (Colin Miller, 95.4 ov), 10-228 (Steve Waugh, 96.3 ov)
84.4 to RT Ponting, useless stuff from Ponting, never looked to have any concentration, lunging down the wicket yet again, obvious edge to the slip, but he has the nerve to stand his ground and force the umpire to raise his finger. 189/6
84.6 to SK Warne, stretching forward to defend again, outside edge travels square to the close gully fielder. 189/7
92.3 to DW Fleming, Herath Streak on fire, lovely ball, he flicks it like a cigarette butt and it achieves very impressive turn from outside the off stump, Fleming is left dumbfounded as it crashes into the middle stump. 215/8
96.3 to SR Waugh, sweeping, top edge flies high to the short mid wicket area, Kalu calls for it and collects very nonchalently. 228/10
55.4 to GS Blewett, jumps down the track The Gap beckons, the ball turns into the Gap and onto the stumps. 138/1
67.6 to JL Langer, pushes forward takes the outside edge to Ranatunga at slip. 160/2
77.3 to MJ Slater, jumps down the track beats him through to the keeper who makes the stumping. 179/3
79.1 to ME Waugh, straight ball jumps a little takes the face of the bat pushed to first slip. 182/4
81.4 to IA Healy, pushes forward comes off pad to bat to the silly point. 188/5
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings 
not out 2146712045.65
not out 2861713045.90
Extras(lb 3, nb 3)6
TOTAL17.2 Ov (RR: 3.17, 71 Mins)55/0
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Wed, 22 Sep - day 1 - Sri Lanka 1st innings 254/6 (Romesh Kaluwitharana 24*, Chaminda Vaas 14*, 95 ov)
Thu, 23 Sep - day 2 - Australia 1st innings 188/5 (Steve Waugh 2*, Ricky Ponting 0*, 83 ov)
Fri, 24 Sep - day 3 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 44/0 (Sanath Jayasuriya 19*, Marvan Atapattu 21*, 13 ov)
Sat, 25 Sep - day 4 - no play
Sun, 26 Sep - day 5 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 55/0 (17.2 ov) - end of match
Day 3
Day 5
  • Play abandoned at 10:50am local time after rain stopped play at 10:18am
Galle International Stadium
TossSri Lanka, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultSri Lanka led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1460
Match daysday (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Match Referee
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