1st ODI (D/N), Sharjah, Oct 7 2014, Australia tour of United Arab Emirates
(36.3/50 ov, target 256)162
Australia won by 93 runs
player of the match
Steven Smith

That is all we have from this match. Good night

George Bailey: "15-20 runs short with the bat, outstanding effort with the ball. Selling the batting a little bit short there, we were pretty good with the bat too. Started to turn a bit, our spinners were effective, good pace from the quicks, backed up well in the field. Couple of very quick balls tonight (from Johnson). Felt Richard had some nice pace as well."

Steven Smith is the Man of the Match. Smith: "Trying to spend time in the middle, get the ones and twos, hit the bad balls, that was pretty much my plan. That is what I have been working on (pacing my innings). That is what I was able to do, and the others batted around me. Hopefully few more opportunities (at No 3) and few more big scores."

Misbah-ul-Haq: "The kind of batting performance we have had, need to do a lot of things. Nobody is getting scores right from the top. That is a big worry for us. Need to come in the next game with a positive attitude."

What a thorough win for the Australians. It was supposed to be a trial by spin for them but so far it is Pakistan who are getting spun out. Lyon was outstanding on a turner, Maxwell chipping in as well and the pace of Johnson nipping out three too

Emad: "This is what you get for only playing against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka...Absolutely zero chances in the WC"

Kane Richardson to Irfan, OUT

what a way to end, Irfan moved out, backed away and cracked this length ball to mid off, who threw it back at Irfan's end and caught him short

Mohammad Irfan run out (Warner) 12 (10m 8b 0x4 2x6) SR: 150
Kane Richardson to Babar, 1 run

makes room outside leg and heaves at this bouncer, which just clears Warner at mid off

Kane Richardson to Babar, FOUR runs

crashed through extra cover as Babar lofts it sweetly in the gap

end of over 3620 runs
PAK: 157/9CRR: 4.36 RRR: 7.07 • Need 99 runs from 14 overs
Mohammad Irfan12 (7)
Zulfiqar Babar7 (9)
Glenn Maxwell6-1-29-2
Kane Richardson6-1-17-1
Maxwell to Irfan, SIX runs

almost got him, almost, Irfan had another swat and sent it soaring to long on, Lyon takes it over his head, throws it up as he goes over the boundary, jumps back in, and leans to grasp it again, but it pops out and falls over the boundary

Maxwell to Irfan, SIX runs

that is a massive blow, that is over deep midwicket and out of the ground as Irfan bends forward and slogs

Maxwell to Irfan, 1 wide

spins in down the leg side

Maxwell to Babar, 1 run

down the track again and inside edges a heave to long leg

Maxwell to Babar, no run

pushed off the front foot to mid off

Maxwell to Babar, no run

reverse swept off middle and leg to backward point now

Maxwell to Babar, SIX runs

clobbered down the ground, takes a couple of steps to this one on off and lofts it cleanly

end of over 35Wicket maiden
PAK: 137/9CRR: 3.91 RRR: 7.93 • Need 119 runs from 15 overs
Mohammad Irfan0 (5)
Zulfiqar Babar0 (5)
Kane Richardson6-1-17-1
Glenn Maxwell5-1-9-2
Kane Richardson to Irfan, no run

backs away and forces a full ball to the bowler

Kane Richardson to Irfan, no run

full ball outside off pushed to extra cover

Kane Richardson to Irfan, no run

pushes a length ball to point

Kane Richardson to Irfan, no run

tries to fend this bouncer away, is hit on the chest

Kane Richardson to Irfan, no run

that just missed off stump, as Irfan pushed inside the line of a length ball

Kane Richardson to Umar Akmal, OUT

Akmal gone now, tries to deposit this length ball over midwicket, misses, and Richardson strikes middle stump

Umar Akmal b Richardson 46 (84m 57b 6x4 0x6) SR: 80.7

batting Powerplay