5th ODI, Basseterre, July 06, 2008, Australia tour of West Indies
(39.5/50 ov, T:342) 172

Australia won by 169 runs

Player Of The Match
64 (28)
Player Of The Series
206 runs • 6 wkts
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Johnson finishes with a five-for, his second in ODIs, as Australia complete a 5-0 whitewash, only the third time that's happened to West Indies on home soil. And the sealing win was emphatic - by 169 runs.

Check out Brydon Coverdale's bulletin for a comprehensive summary of the day's action (shoud save you reading back through the text commentary, at least).

The presentation now. Here's Chris Gayle, who gets some cheers and applause. How much did Friday's match take out of the team? "First of all, congratulations to Clarkey and Australia for winning. Yes, Friday, a close loss can affect you mentally.

"We need to work on our mental aspect of the game [as well as the physical side]," he admits. "Nikita Miller bowled very well, Shawn Findlay batted really well."

Now Michael Clarke, the winning captain. "Full credit goes to the whole Australian team. Our goal was to come over to the Caribbean and win 5-0 in the one-day series and we've done that.

"It's great for Australian cricket. We have a lot of depth back at home," he says, with a nod to those replacement players - such as Luke Ronchi - who have stepped in and stepped up well.

"I think I achieved what the captain asked. He wanted us to come home having won 5-0," Clarke says of Ricky Ponting, who has already flown home to have treatment on his wrist. And if they had have lost? "I don't think he would have let me back in the country!"

The Man of the Match is Ronchi for his fast fifty. "It's good fun. It's the way I play cricket at home, that was the job I was given today - to go and make the most of the Powerplays." And the ground? "It's a lot like the WACA - short and straight - and Dave Huss did much the same. Hads it still the No 1, if I get to tour again it would be fantastic, but I will just have to see what happens."

The Player of the Series is Shane Watson, not bad given that he wasn't in the squad originally. "It's a lot of fun. Just to be here initially was a bit of a shock. I've had a lot of fun, here. To be back in the Australian group has been a lot of fun." Guess he's had a lot of fun. "Like anything you've got to make the most of the opportunities you do get. Everything's going great. It's been a pretty amazing three or four months now. It's been a lot of fun."

So then, Australia have won the series convincingly. They weren't always at their best, but in some ways they didn't have to be. West Indies have a lot of thinking and a lot of work to be done in the next few months prior to the Champions Trophy in Pakistan in September. They head to Canada next while Australia return home for their next commitments which will be the Top End series against Bangladesh beginning late August.

Many thanks for joining us throughout Australia's entire tour of the Caribbean and we look forward to bringing you some more cricket soon. Don't forget to join us for England's Test series against South Africa which kicks off at Lord's this week. Until next time, it's goodbye from me Jenny Roesler and Brydon Coverdale.

Johnson to Edwards, OUT

turned off the legs, popped up straight to the leg side

Fidel Edwards c Hopes b Johnson 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Johnson to Miller, OUT

outside off, cut hard to the covers and Watson picks up a straightforward catch

Nikita Miller c Watson b Johnson 8 (15m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 72.72
Johnson to Miller, FOUR runs

outside off, driven hard through the covers and the ball runs away through the off side

Johnson to Miller, no run

angled in again, landing it on a dime, the batsman can only defend down off the back foot

Two slips now - they're closing in

Johnson to Miller, no run

angled in on the front foot, pushed out to the covers

end of over 395 runs
WI: 168/8CRR: 4.30 RRR: 15.81
Shawn Findlay59 (74)
Nikita Miller4 (7)
Brett Lee 9-0-42-0
Mitchell Johnson 7-1-25-3
Lee to Findlay, FOUR runs

outside off, cut hard off the back foot through third man

Lee to Findlay, no run

outside off - comes from very wide in fact - and angles in at the left hander who leaves it

Lee to Findlay, no run

outside off, played into the covers

Lee to Miller, 1 run

on off, turned to midwicket

Lee to Miller, no run

dragged it down a touch short, cut hard off the back foot to the covers

Lee to Miller, no run

on off, pushed down off the back foot into the covers

end of over 383 runs
WI: 163/8CRR: 4.28 RRR: 14.91
Shawn Findlay55 (71)
Nikita Miller3 (4)
Mitchell Johnson 7-1-25-3
Brett Lee 8-0-37-0
Johnson to Findlay, no run

outside off, some good lift from the deck, the batsman chases it with a hard cut off the back foot, but connects only with air

Johnson to Findlay, no run

defended on the front foot back in line with off

Johnson to Miller, 1 run

on off, cut down off the back foot behind point

Johnson to Findlay, 1 run

outside off, cut hard to point off the back foot

Johnson to Findlay, no run

oh, nearly drags it back on to his stumps there

Johnson to Miller, 1 run

short and some width outside off, cut off the back foot behind point

end of over 372 runs
WI: 160/8CRR: 4.32 RRR: 14.00
Nikita Miller1 (2)
Shawn Findlay54 (67)
Brett Lee 8-0-37-0
Mitchell Johnson 6-1-22-3
Lee to Miller, 1 run

banged in short outside off, the batsman opens the face and runs it down to third man

Lee to Miller, no run

low full toss, dug out back down the pitch

Lee to Findlay, 1 run

low full toss pushed out to the covers

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