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2nd Test, Port of Spain, April 15 - 19, 2012, Australia tour of West Indies
311 & 160/8d
(T:215) 257 & 53/2

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
5/105 & 5/41
WI 2nd Innings
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end of over 11Maiden
WI: 53/2CRR: 4.81 
Daren Sammy30 (26)
Darren Bravo8 (21)
Michael Beer 4-1-10-0
Shane Watson 3-1-15-0

That is all we have from Port Of Spain. The next Test - don't ask me why - starts on the Monday. This was a good Test. The elements didn't allow a result, but it was still good, hard-fought cricket. This is Sidharth Monga singing off and thanking you for joining us

Time for some pre-match musings from the captains. Michael Clarke first. He says, "I think it was going to be a good final day if the rain stayed away. Disappointing for both the teams, and the fans. Both teams have played in good spirit, we have both played to win. It's going to be a tough fight in Dominica. We played inconsistent cricket here, we need to move. Nathan Lyon copped some flak in the media, but he did a great job in this Test. James and Peter flying home is disappointing, but it gives someone else an opportunity. Found the wicket really slow, hard to score and tough to take the game forward."

Darren Sammy is applauded as he moves in. He says, "We were going after the runs. We lost two wickets, but we had Shiv and Narsinh in the end. Yes, we made a positive statement. We looked at it as a one-day scenario. I have to congratulate Kemar. He had a tough year last year. Shiv is doing what we know he does. Narsinh came in and did a good job. Kirk should recover for the England tour. We welcome Fudadin. We are looking to level the series in Dominica."

Kemar Roach is the Man of the Match. He says: "It was difficult. The wicket wasn't assisting fast bowlers much. You had to be accurate. Fidel was unlucky. Shillingford bowled really well. Kept it tight. Very proud of the way we fought. Practise hard for Dominica. On Monday we will be ready and raring to go."

3.39pm Now it's all over at QPO. Which is a shame really, because the teams did hell of a lot, despite and within their limitations, to give us a result. Highlights aplenty despite conditions that didn't make for attractive cricket: Roach became the first WI bowler in five years to take 10 wickets in a match, Hussey batted brilliantly, and then Chanderpaul and Deonarine brought some Guyana goodness, Australia opened with spin in the first innings of a Test for the first time since 1938, Nathan Lyon took five wickets in five overs, on his return Shane Shillingford bowled more than people do in an entire IPL, then the declaration by Australia, and Sammy's response with an unbeaten 30 off 26. The beauty of it all is, we will never know what would have been. Do wait for the presentation, though. By the way, the Frank Worrell Trophy has been retained by Australia, considering they can't lose the series now

3.37pm False alarm. Not all over yet

3.34pm Handshakes in the players' viewing area. It seems to be all over

3.30pm Still raining. Every passing minutes takes us closer to a draw. "Forget about the match, it is going to end up a draw. Now I am worried about the performance of the metal band Dethklok at Port of Spain tomorrow night. Hopefully the show can help us drink away the disappointment of the drawn match!" Toki Wartooth, from what I have heard of Port Of Spain, you'll have a bright and sunny day tomorrow, because the cricket will have been over

"Most astonishing thing about the Sobers match was that Boycott played a critical role in the chase. From Wisden:

'Now 42 were needed in 35 minutes, and Boycott took charge. His two fours in an over from Gibbs made the total 200 just 17 minutes later. Another 15 minutes, and after nearly four more overs, it was all over. England had won with three minutes to spare, which would have meant eight more balls, and Boycott had paced his innings of 80 in two hours, 42 minutes, to perfection.'" Andrew Ward, Boycott gets more stick than he deserves, at least his on-field cricketing activity hasn't merited such stick

3.07pm Scratch that, It's raining again. What do you do, Jack? Meanwhile Michael Clarke goes through vital adjustments before facing the next delivery

3pm The rain is very light now at QPO, but the light is bleak. We are waiting for the rain to stop completely. It might not matter given this weather, but here is the scorecard of the match Gary S declared twice, and set a target of... 215.

2.40pm It has got worse at QPO. Rain getting heavier. "If they do come back, a significant loss of overs favours the Windies more - they could treat the match almost as a T20, with much less fear of being bowled out." Robert Cratchit, I was thinking the same.

"Rest days are soooo last century....." Ha, Tom

2.30pm "Light towers standing in silent condemnation in the background..." I hear you, Zarathustra, but this is what they agreed upon. Presumable because one of the venues doesn't have floodlights. Anyway it is still raining at QPO. If any consolation, it is not as heavy as it was yesterday

2.10pm Umpires talk to Clarke. I assume they are letting him know only spinners can be used in this light. Long discussion. Clarke doesn't want to risk bowling only spinners. So we are walking off. Such pity about the light. Clarke and the two batsmen have a friendly chat as they walk off. Covers come on too, they are fearing rain too. "Has anyone else noted that 215 runs is exactly what England needed at this very grounds when Sobers notoriously declared in the 4th Test in 1968?" Steve the Bajan, good spot if true. And we have rain coming down too. What a shame

Beer to Sammy, no run

short of a length, outside off, punched to cover

Beer to Sammy, no run

Huge, never-ending, blood-curdling appeal as Sammy pads up. This is pitched outside off, has held its line, and Sammy has kicked it away. Beer wants this reviewed. Clarke says nothing doing

Beer to Sammy, 2 byes

another slog from Sammy, still not bat as it turns past. Stays low, goes through Wade's legs

Gould is signalling spinners only to Clarke, I assume

Beer to Sammy, no run

yorker, middle and off, dug out

Umpires meet. They are talking light, I assume

Beer to Sammy, 4 byes

Sammy goes for a big heave-ho despite there being many fielders on the fence. Doesn't fancy pushing singles here. Singles available everywhere. Luckily for Sammy this one turns away and misses the stumps, and the keeper too. Byes

Beer to Sammy, no run

full toss, middle and leg, dips on him, driven back to Beer

"Yo, bring back Gordon Greenidge!" Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Australia want Lillee back then

end of over 10Maiden
WI: 47/2CRR: 4.70 
Darren Bravo8 (21)
Daren Sammy30 (20)
Shane Watson 3-1-15-0
Michael Beer 3-0-10-0
Watson to Bravo, no run

draws a false shot. Short of a length, teasingly outside off, Bravo punches, misses

Watson to Bravo, no run

on a length, pretty accurate, stays low, defended off the front foot, just outside off

Watson to Bravo, no run

short of a length, doesn't get up, but well outside off

Watson to Bravo, no run

length ball outside off, lets it angle through to Wade

"If Darren Sammy gets dropped by an Aussie, then West Indies will win this match. Drops have been fatal in this match so far. Watch this space..." Matthew still doesn't acknowledge the Cowan drop

Watson to Bravo, no run

slower ball, cuts away from middle and off, pushed to point

Watson to Bravo, no run

length ball, middle and off, angling outside off, defended back to him

Watson replaces Hilfy. H went for 14 in his last

end of over 93 runs
WI: 47/2CRR: 5.22 
Daren Sammy30 (20)
Darren Bravo8 (15)
Michael Beer 3-0-10-0
Ben Hilfenhaus 4-0-22-2
Beer to Sammy, no run

quicker delivery, middle and leg, Sammy stays back and defends

In-and-out fields here. Many men on the fence. How does Sammy approach this?

Beer to Bravo, 1 run

flighted outside off, played with an open face, through the vacant point region

Beer to Bravo, no run

this one holds its line on off, Bravo gets hit on the outside half of the bat

Beer to Sammy, 1 run

full and wide, driven to long-off for one

"Sid Monga - this would be a wonderful time for you to pronounce a prediction ... c'mon give it a whirl...." Mothi, how about Sammy 115 not out in a four-wicket win?

Beer to Bravo, 1 run

fired into the pads, flicked away to deep backward square

Beer to Bravo, no run

shortish, turning into leg, defended to short leg

"This will be an interesting measure of Clarkes captaincy. So far he is doing well, but how does he do under pressure... ?" Asks Lucas. For the moment, Lucas, he brings back Beer. A slip, a silly point, a short leg in

end of over 814 runs
WI: 44/2CRR: 5.50 
Daren Sammy29 (18)
Darren Bravo6 (11)
Ben Hilfenhaus 4-0-22-2
Shane Watson 2-0-15-0
Hilfenhaus to Sammy, no run

slower ball, Sammy wants to send this out of QPO, but sees it sliding down leg, and aborts the shot

Hilfenhaus to Sammy, SIX runs

Captain Sammy! Six. What is going on here? Length ball, middle and leg, Sammy goes after it. Cramped for room again, he ends up slicing it, but this slice keeps going on and on and on, takes Forrest all the way back to long-off, and then clears him