1st Test, Roseau, Jun 3 - 5 2015, Australia tour of West Indies
148 & 216
(5 ov, target 47)318 & 47/1
Australia won by 9 wickets
player of the match
Adam Voges
end of over 55 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 47/1CRR: 9.40 
Steven Smith5 (4)
Shaun Marsh13 (7)
Jerome Taylor3-0-22-1
Shannon Gabriel2-0-25-0

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Clarke: I thought West Indies fought exceptionally hard. Credit to our bowlers, they found a way to take wickets on this slow pitch. Our bowlers stuck at it and our fielding was really good. The way Warner and Marsh batted, you will see more aggression in Jamaica. Voges is class act and he rightly deserves the opportunity and I think with that maturity and experience, he has grabbed it with both hands.

Ramdin: It was tough. Young Dowrich showed character and Marlon Samuels batted well but we kept losing wickets. Adam Voges set it up for them [Australia]. Bishoo was fantastic, he bowled good deliveries and some magical ones. I think the manner in which we bowled in the first innings was positive. Hopefully, we will do well in Jamaica.

Voges: It has been the perfect three days. To debut for Australia and score a hundred it feels special. The tail supported me well.

Adam Voges, who became the oldest player to record a century on Test debut, is the Man of the Match.

5:05pm: Smith is embraced by Marsh. Darren Lehmann applauds from the change room. Voges plucks out a stump as a souvenir. West Indies, who began the day facing a 145-run deficit, showed fight through a 144-run partnership between Dowrich and Samuels, the highest of the Test. However, things unravelled either side of tea; West Indies collapsing to 216 all out from 181 for 3. David Warner then unleashed a clatter of boundaries, helping Australia wrap up a clinical win inside three days.

Sheikh: "2 hours ago ,I went for shopping and left WI 182-4 and now when I have come back they have lost it. Was it Pakistan playing." --- Oh, no..

Taylor to Smith, 1 run

Australia take a 1-0 lead. They win by nine wickets. Too full and straight, Smith twirls his wrists and flicks wide of midwicket

Taylor to Smith, no run

short and on off, Smith shuffles across as he clips to square leg

Taylor to Smith, no run

fuller and on middle, worked to midwicket. Marsh sets off for a speedy single but is sent back

Taylor to Smith, FOUR runs

too full and straight, Smith walks across off and glances it fine on the leg side for four

Smith strides out at No.3

Taylor to Warner, OUT

edged and taken at first slip.. Pitched up and outside off, Warner is glued to the crease as he aims for a big whoosh through the off side but the ball grazes the outside edge, easy catch from Bravo

David Warner c Bravo b Taylor 28 (23m 20b 3x4 2x6) SR: 140
Taylor to Warner, no run

very full and wide outside off, Warner uses every inch of his reach and carves it to point

end of over 416 runs
AUS: 42/0CRR: 10.50 
David Warner28 (18)
Shaun Marsh13 (7)
Shannon Gabriel2-0-25-0
Jerome Taylor2-0-17-0
Gabriel to Warner, 1 run

length and on middle, right in the slot but Warner can only drag it through square leg off the inner half of the bat

Gabriel to Warner, FOUR runs

good length and on off, Warner flat-bats a drive, beats covers and sends it whistling away to the boundary

The groundstaff getting ready with the covers..

Gabriel to Marsh, 3 runs

full and outside off, chipped in the gap between covers and mid-off. The pair come back for three

Gabriel to Marsh, FOUR runs

overpitched and outside off, Marsh lunges forward and cracks a drive to the right of mid-off

Gabriel to Marsh, no run

attempted yorker, pushes it too full and on off, Marsh gets forward and taps it back to the bowler

Gabriel to Marsh, FOUR runs

b-e-a-u-t--i-f-u-l. Fractionally overpitched, Marsh eases forward and drives it between the bowler and Warner

end of over 34 runs
AUS: 26/0CRR: 8.66 
David Warner23 (16)
Shaun Marsh2 (3)
Jerome Taylor2-0-17-0
Shannon Gabriel1-0-9-0
Taylor to Warner, no run

pitched up and swerves away wide outside off, Warner reaches out for a booming off-drive but misses

Taylor to Warner, FOUR runs

that exploded from the meat of the bat. Shortish and sits up outside off, Warner skelps it to the right of the covers

Taylor to Warner, no run

full, on and around off, tapped to mid-off

The floodlights have been switched on.. It has gone gloomy at Windsor Park..

Taylor to Warner, no run

short and wide outside off, flat-batted to mid-off

Taylor to Warner, no run

angled in on off, Warner presses forward and pats it to short cover

Taylor to Warner, no run

grubber.. Pitched up just a shade outside off, keeps alarmingly low, so much so it slides under the bat on its way to Ramdin

Round the stumps. Deep square leg, fine leg in for the pull/hook.