2nd Test, Kingston, Jun 11 - 14 2015, Australia tour of West Indies
399 & 212/2d
(42 ov, target 392)220 & 114
Australia won by 277 runs
player of the match
Steven Smith
end of over 42Wicket maiden
WI: 114/10CRR: 2.71 
Veerasammy Permaul23 (34)
Nathan Lyon7-3-12-2
Mitchell Johnson8-1-23-2

The Australian players pose with the trophy. That's all we have for you. Thanks for joining us and do keep coming back. Until next time, ta ta, cheerio...

Steven Smith is the Man of the Match while Josh Hazlewood is the Man of the Series.

1:24pm Australia retained the Sir Frank Worrell Trophy inside three days at Windsor Park. They have wrapped up the second Test inside four days at Sabina Park to sweep the series 2-0. Clinical!

Ramdin and Permaul offered some semblance of resistance, delaying the inevitable with a 49-run partnership, the highest of the innings. Johnson then came back and had Ramdin nicking it to the cordon, after which Lyon ripped out the tail with two wickets in two balls.

Hazlewood and Starc bowled with great pace and accuracy and were well complemented by Johnson and Lyon. George Binoy's report will give you a better picture. Also watch out for analyses from Dan Brettig.

Murali: "Smith: 253/1. WI: 334/20. Tells a story."

Fletch: "Woke in Sydney at 4am. Worked my way through it thoroughly to the current over and in a couple of balls it was all over. Well done to the Aussies, but a disappointing performance from West Indies. They need to bring back Shiv."

Tapos: "Two pairs in same match, has it happened before?" --- Yep. Well, here is a game where three batsmen made pairs.

Lyon to Taylor, OUT

Lyon cleans up the tail. Taylor bags a pair of his own. Australia sweep the series 2-0. Flighted offbreak from Lyon, Taylor goes for an almighty swipe across the line. He does not connect as Lyon rattles the middle stump

Jerome Taylor b Lyon 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

No.11 - Jerome Taylor.

Lyon to Roach, OUT

Looped up and spins in. Good dip to boot. Roach presses forward to defend and gets an inner edge onto the pad, which lobs to short leg. Simple catch and umpire Gould nods his head

Kemar Roach c Smith b Lyon 3 (5m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Lyon to Roach, no run

85ks and turning down leg

Lyon to Roach, no run

impressive dip on this offbreak, Roach blocks

Lyon to Roach, no run

turning down leg, Haddin does not collect it cleanly, deflecting to short leg

Lyon to Roach, no run

tossed up on off, Roach comes forward to defend and gets an inside edge to leg

Nathan Lyon.

saikiran: "@Sir don :They are 2 Aussies in the list "

end of over 414 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 114/8CRR: 2.78 
Kemar Roach3 (4)
Veerasammy Permaul23 (34)
Mitchell Johnson8-1-23-2
Josh Hazlewood10-5-18-2
Johnson to Roach, 1 run

dug in short and attacks the body, fended wide of short leg. Voges moves across to his left, sticks his hand out. But the ball does not stick

Johnson to Roach, no run

fuller on off, poked out towards point

Johnson to Roach, 2 runs

fullish and on off, pushed through vacant mid-off. They take two by the time Johnson runs back and gets to the ball

Johnson to Roach, no run

short and on middle, defended in front of short leg


Davos: "A certain Graham Gooch proved quite handy too, speaking of pairs on debut...."

Johnson to Ramdin, OUT

and Johnson strikes. So does Nelson. Good length outside off with a hint of away movement, Ramdin pokes and feeds an outside edge to second slip, where Clarke bends forward to collect it, low to his right. Johnson draws level with Craig McDermott

Denesh Ramdin c Clarke b Johnson 29 (104m 74b 3x4 0x6) SR: 39.18
Johnson to Permaul, 1 run

shortish and fired on the ribs, Permaul leaps off his feet and fends it behind square on the leg side

Johnson takes over from Starc.. Over the wicket

sir don : "Only one Aussie in that list. Does that tell us anything?"