2nd Test, Gros Islet, June 24 - 27, 2022, Bangladesh tour of West Indies
234 & 186
(T:13) 408 & 13/0

West Indies won by 10 wickets

Player Of The Match
2/35 & 146
Player Of The Series
153 runs • 6 wkts
WI 2nd Innings
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We appreciate you staying with us and watching the game coverage throughout the last 4 days. Join us for the opening T20I game of the 3 match series' on July 2. Until then, goodnight and take care. Signing off on behalf of myself, Raghav and Chandan.

Brathwaite: I think the confidence we got from winning the first game was nice. The planning and execution in this match was top-notch, as you can see from how Mayers played. There is always room for improvement. That's one thing that we always want to keep doing, batting 100 overs whenever we bat. Kemar Roach is a legend of the game. You have to see his attitude off the field. Mayers is special. He is a match-winner. I believe in his ability. It's good to get wins. Australia in Australia is going to be tough. Bangladesh bowlers were very good and it was tough. No matter what the team, you have to stick to your plans.

Kyle Mayers is the Player of the match and series: We were in a bit in a trouble when I came into bat and wanted to wrest back the initiative. I have made three centuries in all formats. Of course, the 200 was good but this century felt special as I wanted to do well in this series. I always want to make the batter play when I bowl. I will look to take the same positive mindset to the other formats as well

Shakib Al Hasan: We always felt that in Test Format it was always going to be tough. We are going to play at home after a long break. We can reflect on these performances. I am not worried about batting. We need to be mentally tough. [On fast bowling] that's the area we have improved the most in the last 3-4 years. We need to play as a team to win matches. We are a competitive team in white-ball cricket and I am sure it will be a competitive series

Throughout the test series, Bangladesh's batters once again surrendered, gave away their wickets, and were frequently exposed by short deliveries. The management of the Bangladesh team has a lot on its plate, particularly with the batting department given their ongoing batting troubles. The batsmen' impatience and temperament had a significant impact on both test matches. The bowlers, on the other hand, fought valiantly despite the fact that the scoreboard did not accurately reflect their efforts.

4:10 pm local time West Indies win by 10 wickets. This loss is Bangladesh's 100th loss in Test Cricket.. The West Indies finished the game and won the series 2-0 in one hour and ten minutes. In all three departments, the hosts dominated both test matches. In this round of the World Test Championship, West Indies has performed well at home. They now hold the sixth spot in the rankings after four victories.

Ebadot Hossain to Campbell, FOUR runs

That should do it! Length ball down the legside, flicks it away wide of the fine leg fielder to end the match in style by hitting a boundary

Ebadot Hossain to Campbell, no run

Good length ball swinging away from the batter outside off, left alone

Ebadot Hossain to Campbell, no run

Good length ball onto the stumps, dabs it to square leg

Ebadot Hossain to Campbell, no run

Beaten by a beauty! Short of a good length swinging in outside off, tries to play a square cut, beaten by the swing

Ebadot Hossain to Brathwaite, 1 run

Length ball outside off, pushes it softly through the offside for a single

end of over 24 runs
WI: 8/0CRR: 4.00 
John Campbell5 (7)
Kraigg Brathwaite3 (5)
Khaled Ahmed 1-0-4-0
Ebadot Hossain 1-0-4-0
Khaled to Campbell, no run

Good length ball, defends on the track

Khaled to Campbell, 2 runs

Short pitched delivery, pulled away in the airrr... and drops it! Campbell miscues and skies it high to the fine leg region, Ebadot covers his ground, running to his right, but fails to judge the ball, dives full stretched to his right and fails to catch it

Khaled to Campbell, 2 runs

Overpitched ball onto the pads, clips it through mid wicket for a couple

Khaled to Campbell, no run

Good length ball outside the off stump, defends it to the offside

Khaled to Campbell, no run

Length ball swinging away from the batter sliding down the legside, attempts to flick it to the onside, tickles off the pad to the keeper

Khaled to Campbell, no run

Good length ball swinging in outside off, left alone to the keeper

Alam: "Atleast It won't be an innings defeat. Bowlers done their job wheres batters couldn't. With 8 batter still couldn't put some decent total on first and second innings. What can we say other than 'Have some fun on rest of the days!"

Khaled from the other end

end of over 14 runs
WI: 4/0CRR: 4.00 
John Campbell1 (1)
Kraigg Brathwaite3 (5)
Ebadot Hossain 1-0-4-0
Ebadot Hossain to Campbell, 1 run

Good length outside off, guides it through point to end the over with a single

Ebadot Hossain to Brathwaite, 1 run

Length ball swinging in onto the pads, glances it away to fine leg

Ebadot Hossain to Brathwaite, no run

Well directed short pitch delivery, left alone to the keeper

Ebadot Hossain to Brathwaite, 2 runs

Good length ball darting in on middle-leg, works it away through square leg for a couple

Ebadot Hossain to Brathwaite, no run

Back of a length ball nipping in down the legside, good grab by Nurul behind the stumps diving to his left

Ebadot Hossain to Brathwaite, no run

Short of a length ball outside off with variable bounce, hits the glove of Brathwaite as he attempts to block it

3:57 local time

Brathwaite and Campbell in

Ebadot with the new ball

end of over 451 run • 1 wicket
BAN: 186/10CRR: 4.13 
Nurul Hasan60 (50)
Jayden Seales 8-2-21-3
Alzarri Joseph 14-2-57-3

West Indies need 13 runs to win the match. Bangladesh took the lead after a strong, aggressive comeback by Nurul, who struck an unbeaten 60 runs off of 50 balls. It took the West Indies bowlers only 9 overs to dismiss Bangladesh. Roach, Seales, and Joseph grabbed three wickets each.

After a short break, we'll return for the run chase.

Seales to Nurul, OUT

Short of a length ball outside off, hits it straight to the point fielder. Khaled started off all alone, realizes his mistake and attempts to return to his end, Campbell has a go at the non-striker's end and hits the stumps. Khaled is well short of his ground. Umpire sends it upstairs, the decision is out in the big screen.

Khaled Ahmed run out (Campbell) 0 (14m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Seales to Nurul, no run

Short and wide outside off, left alone

Seales to Nurul, no run

Short pitched ball on the off stump, leaves alone to the keeper