Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh, 1st Test at Harare, , Apr 17 2013 - Full Scorecard

1st Test, Harare, April 17 - 20, 2013, Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe
389 & 227/7d
(T:483) 134 & 147

Zimbabwe won by 335 runs

Player Of The Match
171 & 102*
Zimbabwe 1st Innings
Bangladesh 1st Innings
Zimbabwe 2nd Innings
Bangladesh 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Zimbabwe 1st Innings 
lbw b Robiul Islam1046711021.73
b Robiul Islam521371023.80
c Mahmudullah b Enamul Haque jnr251001232025.00
c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Enamul Haque jnr1713244898252.77
b Rubel Hossain551381703039.85
c & b Rubel Hossain1233471036.36
c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Robiul Islam1113132084.61
c Mahmudullah b Sohag Gazi421401573030.00
c Nasir Hossain b Enamul Haque jnr2154641038.88
c Jahurul Islam b Sohag Gazi2149631042.85
not out 32400150.00
Extras(b 1, lb 5, nb 5, w 2)13
TOTAL152.3 Ov (RR: 2.55, 625 Mins)389
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Vusi Sibanda, 8.1 ov), 2-22 (Timycen Maruma, 14.4 ov), 3-65 (Hamilton Masakadza, 39.2 ov), 4-192 (Malcolm Waller, 81.6 ov), 5-223 (Elton Chigumbura, 91.4 ov), 6-238 (Richmond Mutumbami, 94.3 ov), 7-344 (Graeme Cremer, 134.5 ov), 8-344 (Brendan Taylor, 135.1 ov), 9-381 (Keegan Meth, 151.3 ov), 10-389 (Shingi Masakadza, 152.3 ov)
8.1 to V Sibanda, yorker, what a delivery and Sibanda has been sent back, Timbaaa! Fiery and full on middle and Sibanda just missed as he tried to defend it from the crease, the middle stump flew towards the keeper, that's how comprehensively bowled Sibanda was. 10/1
14.4 to T Maruma, appeal for lbw and has been given, it seemed like it was missing leg but I may be wrong. Lands on a length on middle and leg and it moved further down, got across to defend, was struck on the pads, marginal call it seems, may have clipped the stumps or gone down, we need to take another look, but Tony Hill reckons it is out, and that's what matters. Two down, the openers are gone. 22/2
94.3 to R Mutumbami, two early wickets for Bangladesh today, Robiul takes his third, short of a good length on the off, moved away just enough to produce an outside edge as Matumbami tried to poke at that one off the back foot, thin edge to the keeper. 238/6
81.6 to MN Waller, Big wicket! A huge breakthrough for Bangladesh, against the run of play you would think. Beat him through the gate, it may have nipped back in, got a little outside the line to defend it and the off stump was pegged back as it went through him, Bowden just wanted to double-check for a no-ball and Rubel has bowled that just fine. 192/4
91.4 to E Chigumbura, Rubel gets Chigumbura eventually, had him late yesterday but off a no-ball, this one was bowled on middle and leg, gets forward and gets a bit of a leading edge as he tried to close the face a little, presents an easy catch to the bowler. 223/5
39.2 to H Masakadza, Enamul's patience pays off, kept probing around off and middle, this one was bowled on a good length outside off, turns away, Masakadza rocks forward to defend, it takes the outside edge and Mahmudullah at slip fumbles on the first attempt but takes it well on the second. 65/3
135.1 to BRM Taylor, Enamul removes Taylor! Taylor went for a sweep, went at it hard, got a top edge and it struck Mushfiqur's shoulder and lobbed up, he took it comfortably on the second attempt. 344/8
151.3 to KO Meth, caught! Meth is gone. Charges down the track,tries to hit down the ground, doesnt get all of it as the ball spins away from him , hits the outer half of the bat, lobs up and is easily taken at point. 381/9
134.5 to AG Cremer, Superb catch at slip, an outside edge, Mahmudullah dives full length to his right to snap that with one hand to end an excellent partnership, turns in sharply and Cremer tries to stab that outside off, gets a thick edge and Mahmudullah brings a lot of relief for Bangladesh fans, Gazi just looked grateful there, thanking Mahmudullah for bringing him a wicket. 344/7
152.3 to SW Masakadza, That's the end of the innings, short outside off, turned in and he cut it well, but was uppish and it found the fielder waiting for it at point. 389/10
Bangladesh 1st Innings 
lbw b Meth431131567038.05
c Maruma b Jarvis2939574074.35
c Waller b SW Masakadza38881465043.18
b Meth314280021.42
c Sibanda b SW Masakadza513140038.46
lbw b SW Masakadza319300015.78
c †Mutumbami b Jarvis724291029.16
c Waller b SW Masakadza0718000.00
b Jarvis022000.00
b Jarvis048000.00
not out 023000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 1, w 1)6
TOTAL54.1 Ov (RR: 2.47, 249 Mins)134
Fall of wickets: 1-53 (Shahriar Nafees, 12.4 ov), 2-102 (Jahurul Islam, 35.5 ov), 3-112 (Mahmudullah, 41.1 ov), 4-123 (Shakib Al Hasan, 44.2 ov), 5-124 (Mohammad Ashraful, 44.4 ov), 6-134 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 50.6 ov), 7-134 (Nasir Hossain, 51.4 ov), 8-134 (Enamul Haque jnr, 51.6 ov), 9-134 (Rubel Hossain, 53.4 ov), 10-134 (Sohag Gazi, 54.1 ov)
12.4 to Shahriar Nafees, gone, Nafees goes, Jarvis strikes! On middle and leg, that one nipped in as he tried to turn the face, got a leading edge as he did so a little early and spooned an easy catch to point. 53/1
51.4 to Nasir Hossain, What was Nasir doing there? Jarvis troubled him the first two balls, this one just seemed less lethal, short of a good length and was moving away, Nasir, just like Mahmudulllah had done, just played loosely at that one, got a thick edge to the keeper. 134/7
51.6 to Enamul Haque jnr, Bangladesh are sliding, no answer to that one, superb yorker, landed full on the off and was swinging away as it approached the off stump, Enamul couldn't get his bat down in time, the off stump was sent cartwheeling. 134/8
53.4 to Rubel Hossain, what a sight, fast bowler to fast bowler, more or less equal pace and the off stump disappears, bowled on a good length and Rubel had no clue there, played inside the line as it moved away just a bit to dislodge the off stump. 134/9
35.5 to Jahurul Islam, appeal for lbw and Bowden's given him, after all those deliveries outside off, this one was bowled on middle, Jahurul moved across, that moved back in from middle and struck him on the pads as he tried to play a little outside the line, hit him in line but would the movement have taken it down leg? The height was alright. May have just hit leg stump, Bowden certainly thought so and Meth has his first wicket in Tests. 102/2
41.1 to Mahmudullah, Mahmudullah's troubled run in Tests continues, Meth strikes again, short of a good length and moved away a little, Mahmudullah just hung his bat out without any intent there, was probably looking to just guide it towards point, got an inside edge onto the stumps. 112/3
44.2 to Shakib Al Hasan, Shakib goes, that's a huge blow! Zimbabwe on top here, short of a good length and he was surprised by the bounce there, tried to fend it into the off side, and tried taking his bottom-hand off but it seems to have caught the handle and lobbed up towards gully, easy catch for Sibanda. 123/4
44.4 to Mohammad Ashraful, What has Ashraful done here? Or should we be surprised? Short on the off and he went for the pull, didn't connect well at all, got it low on the bat and offered a simple catch to a deep midwicket running in, he was not too far back to begin with and he judged it well in the end. 124/5
50.6 to Mushfiqur Rahim, Huge appeal for lbw and Tony Hill has given him out, wow, Shingi has picked up three, that swung in and seemed to move in further from middle, Mush got across a little and missed it as he tried to defend, struck him a little high on the pad, would it have gone down? Seemed, on the first replay, that it could have hit leg, six down and Bangladesh are struggling. 134/6
54.1 to Sohag Gazi, Bangladesh are all out! What's happening? Four wickets lost for no run after lunch. Short from Shingi and he checked his pull, he had decided to go after it and then suddenly just chipped it to midwicket, the easiest of catches. 134/10
Zimbabwe 2nd Innings 
lbw b Robiul Islam1019331052.63
b Robiul Islam47111057.14
c & b Robiul Islam047000.00
not out 1021462585269.86
c Nasir Hossain b Robiul Islam410210040.00
c Jahurul Islam b Robiul Islam2742533064.28
lbw b Robiul Islam011000.00
run out (Mahmudullah/†Mushfiqur Rahim)431031033041.74
not out 3154625157.40
Extras(lb 2, nb 2, w 2)6
TOTAL64 Ov (RR: 3.54, 278 Mins)227/7d
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Vusi Sibanda, 2.3 ov), 2-9 (Hamilton Masakadza, 4.1 ov), 3-16 (Timycen Maruma, 6.2 ov), 4-27 (Malcolm Waller, 10.1 ov), 5-84 (Elton Chigumbura, 22.2 ov), 6-84 (Richmond Mutumbami, 22.3 ov), 7-163 (Graeme Cremer, 50.3 ov)
2.3 to V Sibanda, superb delivery, a bowler's dream, landed on middle and off and nipped away as Sibanda rocked forward to push that through the line, just went past the bat and took out off stump, sending it towards the keeper, well bowled, Bangladesh have struck early, kept a little low. 7/1
4.1 to H Masakadza, Bangladesh are fighting back, Robiul has taken two, short of a good length and he just punched it back, straight to the bowler, Robiul reacts well, soft dismissal. 9/2
6.2 to T Maruma, appeal for lbw and he's given him, Maruma has to go back, Bangladesh have taken three in quick time, angling in towards middle and leg and he got across to drive it through leg, was struck on the pads, in line with the stumps and it would have gone on to hit. There may have been some contact with the bat there, but it looked like pad first. 16/3
10.1 to MN Waller, Huge wicket, Robiul's on a roll here, Waller walks back, a bit of away movement there, short of a good length and Waller fished for it, got a thick edge to first slip. 27/4
22.2 to E Chigumbura, Robiul has responded by sending back Chigumbura, lovely delivery, he has picked up a five-for, short of a good length on the off and it moved away, the batsman pushed at that one and edged it straight to gully. 84/5
22.3 to R Mutumbami, Robiul's taken two in two, and six out of six! He's on a hat-trick, on leg stump, Tony Hill had to decide whether or not that was going down, he seems to think that would have struck leg stump, Angled towards leg, Mutumbani moved across to flick it, was struck on the pads and was sent on his way. A difficult call, may have been sliding down is the impression I got but Hill saw it as going on to hit leg. 84/6
Bangladesh 2nd Innings (T: 483 runs)
c †Mutumbami b SW Masakadza2248663045.83
b Jarvis1120302055.00
run out (Taylor/†Mutumbami)401051575038.09
c sub (SC Williams) b Jarvis21213540100.00
c Sibanda b Jarvis410180040.00
c Taylor b Chigumbura311110027.27
b Cremer2341662056.09
st †Mutumbami b Cremer415220026.66
not out 612281050.00
c SW Masakadza b Cremer413140030.76
c Jarvis b Cremer011000.00
Extras(b 8, nb 1)9
TOTAL49.2 Ov (RR: 2.97, 229 Mins)147
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Shahriar Nafees, 6.6 ov), 2-41 (Jahurul Islam, 14.5 ov), 3-77 (Mahmudullah, 22.4 ov), 4-81 (Shakib Al Hasan, 26.2 ov), 5-85 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 28.5 ov), 6-132 (Mohammad Ashraful, 40.6 ov), 7-136 (Nasir Hossain, 43.5 ov), 8-139 (Sohag Gazi, 45.2 ov), 9-147 (Rubel Hossain, 49.1 ov), 10-147 (Robiul Islam, 49.2 ov)
6.6 to Shahriar Nafees, gone! Jarvis has bowled Nafees comprehensively, that one swung in, he drew him into the drive again, bowled on a length once again and Nafees was looking to drive that through mid-off, was beaten through the gate as it swung back in and lost his off stump, sent cartwheeling towards the keeper. 21/1
22.4 to Mahmudullah, Mahmudullah, what have you done? There is a deep midwicket in place, Mahmudullah had played some confident shots early in his innings and backed himself to clear that man there, didn't connect well and offered a simple catch to Sean Williams, the substitute fielder there. He was pushed back, but not up to the ropes, several yards inside. Was in a perfect position to catch that.. 77/3
26.2 to Shakib Al Hasan, Shakib goes, this is a massive wicket! Short of a length outside off and Shakib was a little cramped for room there, he tried to chop that past gully, couldn't keep it down and Sibanda dived to his right to take a good catch, Jarvis strikes again. 81/4
14.5 to Jahurul Islam, appeal for caught-behind and he's given him, Jahurul isn't happy, that took off from a good length, Jahurul came forward, that moved away sharply as he tried to defend, there was a sound but it may not have been the bat. Tony Hill thought it was, but watching the replay it seemed it flicked his shirt as it went through to the keeper. 41/2
28.5 to Mushfiqur Rahim, Mush goes, outstanding catch from Taylor! Captain catches captain, short of a good length outside off, Mush played at it, got a thick edge, and then indicated that he may have wanted to leave it, it went down low towards Taylor at second slip, to his right, and he stretched to snap that one-handed inches from the ground, superb stuff. 85/5
43.5 to Nasir Hossain, Nasir has to go, he's missed a full toss! Tossed up on middle and he swung hard at that one, trying to clear midwicket and he just missed it, plain and simple. 136/7
45.2 to Sohag Gazi, stumping, came down the track to smash it over mid-on, turned away past the bat, the keeper collected and took off the bails, Gazi's bat first landed on the line of the crease but then it bounced up just as the bails came off and then dropped in again. The bat was in the air when the bails were taken off. He landed it on the line, it then bounced up, the bails were taken off as it was in the air, and it was too late by the time the bat made contact with the ground again. The third umpire took his time, it is a close call, but his bat was in the air when the bails came off and at the time it landed the first time, it did so on the line and not inside the crease.. 139/8
49.1 to Rubel Hossain, Rubel goes now, short on the off and turns away, Rubel goes for the pull, wants to smack it over midwicket, gets a top-edge and is caught comfortably by Shingi at mid-on. 147/9
49.2 to Robiul Islam, it's all over, Zimbabwe have won! Jarvis pulls off a stunner in the deep, Went for the sweep and connected well, for a moment we thought that was a boundary but Jarvis was patrolling the boundary at deep backward square leg and he ran back and timed his jump superbly to pluck that over his head there to complete an outstanding catch and seal a huge win for Zimbabwe. 147/10
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Wed, 17 Apr - day 1 - Zimbabwe 1st innings 217/4 (Brendan Taylor 105*, Elton Chigumbura 6*, 90 ov)
Thu, 18 Apr - day 2 - Bangladesh 1st innings 95/1 (Jahurul Islam 38*, Mohammad Ashraful 23*, 25 ov)
Fri, 19 Apr - day 3 - Zimbabwe 2nd innings 187/7 (Brendan Taylor 81*, Keegan Meth 13*, 56 ov)
Sat, 20 Apr - day 4 - Bangladesh 2nd innings 147 (49.2 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
  • Zimbabwe: 200 runs in 58.4 overs (353 balls), Extras 5
  • 8th Wicket: 50 runs in 71 balls (BRM Taylor 25, KO Meth 22, Ex 3)
  • BRM Taylor: 100 off 146 balls (5 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Innings Break: Zimbabwe - 227/7 in 64.0 overs (BRM Taylor 102, KO Meth 31)
  • Bangladesh 2nd innings
  • Lunch: Bangladesh - 42/2 in 16.0 overs (Mohammad Ashraful 8, Mahmudullah 0)
  • Bangladesh: 50 runs in 17.3 overs (106 balls), Extras 1
  • Drinks: Bangladesh - 85/5 in 28.5 overs (Mohammad Ashraful 19)
  • Bangladesh: 100 runs in 31.3 overs (190 balls), Extras 5
  • Tea: Bangladesh - 136/6 in 42.0 overs (Nasir Hossain 23, Sohag Gazi 3)
Harare Sports Club
TossBangladesh, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultZimbabwe led the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 2086
Hours of play (local time)10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days17,18,19,20 April 2013 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
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Match Referee
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