38th Match (N), Sydney, Jan 22 2019, Big Bash League
(20 ov, target 153)140/5
Renegades won by 12 runs
player of the match
Harry Gurney
Melbourne Renegades
end of over 2010 runs
ST: 140/5CRR: 7.00 
Jason Sangha54 (49)
Jay Lenton20 (15)
Harry Gurney4-0-27-2
Daniel Christian4-0-29-0

The Renegades win by 12 runs. They defend 153 easily in the end. Shane Watson may regret opting to bowl first at the toss. The team batting first at Spotless Stadium has won 8 of the last 8. The Renegades choked the life out of the Thunder chase after Ferguson fell for an outstanding 52. The chase fell on the shoulders of Jason Sangha and he just couldn't find the rope when he needed to. Christian, Richardson and Gurney closed it out for the Renegades. They move to second on the BBL table. Harry Gurney is named Player of the Match for his 2 for 27. It could have been five without three dropped catches but he can only blame himself for two of them. That's it from Spotless. There is a double header tomorrow in the BBL. The Stars host the Strikers in Moe in country Victoria while the Sixers host the Hurricanes in Sydney. Join us then. Thanks for your company tonight.

Gurney to Sangha, no run

full wide yorker, he misses! Great bowling display from the Renegades!

Gurney to Sangha, FOUR runs

he flicks this up and over backward square for four! Too little too late but a great shot from outside off to whip this behind square over the man in the circle

Gurney to Lenton, 1 leg bye

107kph, slower ball on leg, he tries to whip over square leg, misses, it comes off pad and rolls away

James: "Where's Carlos Brathwaite when you need him?" Remember the name

Gurney to Lenton, 2 runs

126kph, full yorker at leg, he jams this out through mid on, again they run well to get back for two

Gurney to Lenton, 2 runs

135kph, yorker, speared at leg, he squeezes this out through midwicket, they run well for two but they need more

Gurney to Sangha, 1 run

another sky ball dropped by Gurney! Sangha gets to 50! Slower ball, gets a top edge straight up, Gurney camps under it and spills it! Two on the night.

Gurney to finish. 23 to win

end of over 198 runs
ST: 130/5CRR: 6.84 • RRR: 23.00 • Need 23 runs from 6b
Jay Lenton16 (12)
Jason Sangha49 (46)
Daniel Christian4-0-29-0
Harry Gurney3-0-18-2
Christian to Lenton, 2 runs

short slower ball, he pulls hard and flat to the long boundary at midwicket, Richardson is way back on the rope and they are able to run two

Christian to Sangha, 1 run

12kph, back of a length, he advances and just bunts this to the gap at point for a single

Christian to Lenton, 1 run

120kph, back of a length, he pulls hard but doesn't nail it to deep midwicket, they only get one despite Richardson coming from right back on the rope at the long boundary

Must clear the rope here

Christian to Lenton, 2 runs

120kph full outside off, he clears the right leg and slices this high and just out of reach of Finch running back from cover, they get two

Christian to Lenton, no run

117kph, back of a length slower ball, he tries to pull but gets it off the gloves and it drops down

Christian to Lenton, 2 runs

117kph. slower ball, wide of off, he cuts hard to deep point, they hesitate for two but go eventually, the throw is wide and Lenton gets there with a dive

Christian on