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39th Match (D/N), Sydney, Jan 16 2020, Big Bash League
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9:27 pm It's official. Match has been called off so the teams will split points. Frustrating news for cricket fans, but hardly anyone in the eastern states will be complaining about desperately needed rain coming down in the context of recent events. Come back tomorrow for more BBL coverage. For Andrew McGlashan at the SCG, I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

9:15 pm Gnasher says in order for there to be a five-over chase, play must restart by 9:49 pm local time. That's just over 30 minutes away and it may take that long to get the ground cleared and ready. So an abandonment feels imminent.

9:00 pm Update from the SCG: "Still very wet," says Gnasher. Restart looking very outlandish at the moment.

8:05 pm Our fearless leader at the SCG, Andrew McGlashan, has spoken: "Pretty steady rain here and though the radar suggests the band is narrowing a little it will take a while to cross. We have though had enough overs in the first innings where we need just five in the second for a match."

Santosh Badal: "Why is there no updates on Rain after stoppage?" Because it's still raining!

7:40 pm And the rain has finally gotten thick enough to force the players off. Covers being rushed on now.

Ellis to Hughes, no run

good length ball on off, defended.

Ellis to Henriques, 1 leg bye

missed runout! Full into the legs, misses a flick, ball goes to point where George Bailey has a free shot with Henriques wandering out for a non-existent leg bye. Throw misses badly from 12 yards away and one stump to aim at with Henriques five yards out having given up, but they take an overthrow for the leg bye after all due to lack of backup fielder on the leg side.

Ellis to Henriques, FOUR runs

low full toss swinging away from fourth stump, thick edge goes wide of the diving keeper and races away.

Ellis to Hughes, 1 run

full on off, tapped gently into the off side for an easy run.

end of over 65 runs
SS: 39/2CRR: 6.50 
Moises Henriques6 (6)
Daniel Hughes25 (20)
Scott Boland 2-0-11-1
Nathan Ellis 1-0-7-0
Boland to Henriques, no run

good length ball on middle stump, defended back to Boland.

Boland to Hughes, 1 run

good length ball angled across off, guided wide enough of short third man for a tight run.

Boland to Henriques, 1 run

good length ball on off, guided with soft hands down to third man.

Boland to Hughes, 1 run

back of a length on fourth stump, goes back and across to flick through midwicket.

Boland to Hughes, no run

good length ball on off, driven straight to mid-off.

Boland to Hughes, 2 runs

short of a length on the stumps, punched off the back foot through midwicket.

Andrew Schulz: "There is absolutely no reason why there could not be one (second slip) there in a 20/20, especially when 2 wickets (and nearly 4) have fallen in the previous 5 balls." Don't disagree Andrew. Captaincy is sometimes too mechanical in these leagues.

end of over 57 runs
SS: 34/2CRR: 6.80 
Moises Henriques5 (4)
Daniel Hughes21 (16)
Nathan Ellis 1-0-7-0
Scott Boland 1-0-6-1
Ellis to Henriques, no run

yorker length ball on middle stump, thick edge along the ground evades off stump, diving stop moving right by the keeper.

Ellis to Hughes, 1 run

good length ball on the hips tucked behind square.

Ellis to Henriques, 3 runs

fullish length on fifth stump, guides this through the gap between backward point and short third man.

Rain starting to fall midway through the over.

Ellis to Hughes, 1 run

full on off stump, driven down the pitch, diving stop at mid-off by Qais.

Ellis to Henriques, 1 run

full on middle stump, driven along the ground wide of mid-on for a run.

Ellis to Hughes, 1 run

good length ball on fourth stump, goes back to guide this behind point.