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6th Match (D/N), Canberra, December 21, 2019, Big Bash League
(4.2/20 ov, T:162) 40/1

No result

Full commentary

9.20pm I'll wrap things up there for this match. Not the conclusion anyone wanted, but worth remembering why this situation arose. It's an awful time for many people and cricket, really, isn't that important.

You can head over and follow the action from Perth where the Scorchers are facing the Renegades. Marsh v Marsh! I'll catch you again tomorrow. Thanks for joining us.

9.15pm The match has been called off so the points will be shared.

KT: "Andrew, what's funny is you're not even trying to understand what I sent 2-3 times. Go through the rules first before posting comments so confidently here on. Don't confuse the people. Proper nut." Sorry about that (to Luke and the others!). Yes, although it doesn't matter now, that is correct: if there had been time to bowl five overs the Thunder would already have won.

Adam: "Luke is right, because as soon as play resumes, the target is 38, the thunder are 40, so they win without another ball being bowled" Yes, that would have been correct. As it is, because there wasn't that time it's an abandoned game.

9.00pm Luke: "Your response to "Rob on Sydney" was incorrect. If conditions improve, and play is ready to recommence at 9:14, there will be no further play and the Thunder will be awarded the victory. " No, they won't. Because there haven't been five overs of the second innings to make it a match. Similar to the situation where the lights went out at the Gabba last year. (Update: yes, Luke, you are/were correct! My error. Thanks)

Chris: "If the game was reduced to 5 overs with a 9.10 start then what would the target be?" Target would be 38 for 1 from five overs. If there had been four more balls then the match stopped bang on five overs, the target would have 34 for 1.

jack h: "Everyone crying thunder were robbed without the 4 balls, how do you know no wicket was going to fall? Khan is one of the best bowlers, anything could of happened "

8.45pm Umpires have said there has been no change in conditions. There is half an hour to play with

WASEEM Akram: "It's very smoky here in Canberra. I don't think match will start again."

Rob on Sydney : "If play is ready to resume right on 9:14, does that mean there will be no further play anyway, as the Thunder already have passed the 5 over DLS target?" No, because it has to be five overs to make a match. That's why Ferguson was frustrated

8.35pm For every four minutes they are off the field they lose an over. Security staff in the middle trying to cover their faces. The umpires are out in the middle, but can't see how conditions have got any better. Talking to the groundsman, probably to ask if he knows if the breeze will pick up. Very little wind at the moment. The game has to resume by 9.14pm

8.30pm Khabi R: "I'm a Canberra local and was just at the ground...last few weeks when the smoke sets in for the night, it doesn't really clear out in any hurry. Just an early bed time for me tonight! "

Still looking pretty pad at the ground as Jason Gillespie does an interview with the broadcasters. Gillespie says the Strikers players are inside.

8.20pm The Thunder coach Shane Bonds says Ferguson is "frustrated" be Bond adds that he fully understands why the game has been suspended

Duke : "I'm in northern Canberra and it's VERY smoky. But it's been coming and going all week so there's hope yet."

Todd: "I can understand the players going off ... less so the players still sitting on the sidelines waiting around. If the smoke is an issue, shouldn't they be going inside?" Well, Jake Weatherald said it wasn't too bad. All down the umpires and other officials at the moment

8.15pm The umpires are coming together...and they are going off. Smoke stops play. Four balls short of a match at the moment. Callum Ferguson isn't happy. The Thunder have more than they would need after five overs to win. We have to remember, there are far more important things than a cricket match. Umpire Sam Nogajski says it's a mixture of "visibility and air quality" for coming off. Paul Wilson says they would not have started in these conditions and they couldn't consider that there's just four balls left to make a match.

Ashwin: "Why is there smoke on the ground? What am I missing?" Massive bushfires in New South Wales

Rashid Khan to Ferguson, 2 wide

bounces down the leg side, tough for Carey

CJ: "Is there a chance the game could stop because of the smoke? If so, could the DLS scores be provided?" I don't have the DLS to hand right now. Sorry

Rashid Khan to Ferguson, FOUR runs

dragged down very short, pulled strongly backward of square

Rashid Khan to Ferguson, no run

back of a length, straight, an appeal for lbw as he plays across the line...looked high

Rashid Khan into the attack. One over to make a match. The umpires have had a quick chat and will carry on for now

end of over 46 runs
ST: 34/1CRR: 8.50 RRR: 8.00
Callum Ferguson23 (12)
Alex Hales11 (10)
Peter Siddle 2-0-12-0
Wes Agar 1-0-14-0

The visibility has plummeted

Siddle to Ferguson, 1 run

short outside off, he pulls firmly to deep square

The smoke very clear across the ground now

Siddle to Ferguson, no run

full and straight, gets a leading edge as he aims to the leg side

Siddle to Ferguson, no run

short of a length outside off, he's back and across with a very correct defensive shot

Siddle to Hales, 1 run

now he's very full on the pads, clipped to deep square

Siddle to Hales, FOUR runs

stays leg side and slashes a length delivery outside off wide of backward point

Siddle to Hales, no run

back of a length, straight, defended to the bowler

end of over 314 runs
ST: 28/1CRR: 9.33 RRR: 7.88
Callum Ferguson22 (9)
Alex Hales6 (7)
Wes Agar 1-0-14-0
Peter Siddle 1-0-6-0
Agar to Ferguson, FOUR runs

great shot! Throws his hands into a very powerful drive, too much width from Agar. Terrifically put away. Expensive start from Agar

Agar to Ferguson, FOUR runs

gets too straight, neatly flicked off his pads through short fine leg

Agar to Hales, 1 run

drives a length ball towards mid-on, was in the air for a little while

One of the reasons the Thunder bowled was in case the smoke returned

Agar to Hales, no run

good length outside off, defended on the front foot

Agar to Ferguson, 1 run

length ball tucked off the pads to deep square

Lots of smoke rolling towards the ground

Agar to Ferguson, FOUR runs

full and straight, worked off the pads in front of square, well fielded by Weatherald...they are having a lengthy check of this, to see whether his foot is on the rope. And it's given four in the end

end of over 26 runs
ST: 14/1CRR: 7.00 RRR: 8.22
Alex Hales5 (5)
Callum Ferguson9 (5)
Peter Siddle 1-0-6-0
Billy Stanlake 1-0-8-1
Siddle to Hales, no run

full outside off, stays leg side and drives on the up to point

Siddle to Hales, FOUR runs

a strong bottom-handed clip wide of mid-on, that's one of his favoured shot, excellent placement

Siddle to Ferguson, 1 run

full and straight, worked off the pads to deep midwicket

Siddle to Hales, 1 run

worked from outside off into midwicket

Siddle to Hales, no run

beaten and goes over the stumps, Hales giving himself room to the leg side against a back-of-a-length delivery and exposed all his stumps

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