46th Match (N), Adelaide, January 21, 2021, Big Bash League
(17.3/20 ov, T:198) 115

Strikers won by 82 runs

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So the Heat are teetering on the edge of elimination from playoff contention. They have two games remaining and one of them is against the last place and already eliminated Renegades. If they can claim full points there, they'll be in with a remote chance of making the playoffs taking on the red hot Scorchers in their season finale. The Strikers play back-to-back games against the Sydney Thunder and will have a handy home field advantage in both. A sweep of those and they're guaranteed to be in the playoffs. That's all from us today. Come back tomorrow for a BBL doubleheader. Take care!

Alex Carey is Player of the Match: "Very happy with the result. We knew it was a big game and every game down the stretch is a big game. Hopefully we can get some momentum going into the last few games. Jake again tonight was outstanding at the top. We went back to that [combo] and it worked out. It's great to have [Neser] as well. It's good to have him in the group and he's a great fielder so no surprise what he did there. Heady has done such a great job with this BBL team so it was nice to just go out there and take the gloves. It was a really good opportunity to go to the IPL in the first place so we'll see if I can get back there."

9.50 pm An absolute thumping from the Strikers. Heat's playoff chances have effectively been dashed. Meanwhile the Strikers not only collect full points to move up into a tie for second on 24 points with the Stars and Scorchers, but get a desperately needed boost to their net run rate when tournament tiebreak calculations come into play.

Siddle to Swepson, OUT

stupendous catch ends the match by Neser lunging one-handed on the ring at wide mid-off! Length ball and tried to carve this away over the off side, miscues this and it flutters in the air wide of Neser, who tracks 15 yards and slides reaching out left-handed to pluck the ball and sticks the landing. A tidy bow-tie on a ruthless team performance.

Mitchell Swepson c Neser b Siddle 4 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Siddle to Bartlett, 1 run

good length ball tapped out for a single.

Witness: "Bryant out for 25 - was that really worth it? Should've just kept Morne " He's second high score in this innings. Where was the rest of the batting? If they keep Morkel in, they hold them to 185 or 190 instead of 197. They'd lose the game by 50 runs instead of 70. The top and middle order lost the game for the Heat, not the Morkel for Bryant swap.

Siddle to Bartlett, no run

yorker dug out through the off side.

end of over 179 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 114/9CRR: 6.70 RRR: 28.00
Mitchell Swepson4 (5)
Wes Agar 4-0-27-4
Danny Briggs 4-0-28-1
Agar to Bryant, OUT

full on the legs, tries to whip this over deep midwicket, middles this but gets it too flat and a simple catch a yard in from the rope by Salt taken at head height. A fraction more elevation and that sails 10 rows back for six.

Max Bryant c Salt b Agar 25 (16b 0x4 2x6) SR: 156.25
Agar to Swepson, 1 run

ankle high full toss on middle, doesn't get the yorker right and slaps it out toward extra cover, misfield allows the single.

Agar to Bryant, 1 run

knee high full toss tailing down leg, flicked away along the ground to deep backward square for one.

Dane Dehaan: "@RobJ I think Marnus is in the team purely because he's a skilled batsman and not because he's a "t20 batsman", and he brings in bowling too. They're expecting him to do something special any day now. Don't mind his inclusion as long as he's not sent to bat with the likes of Denly and Burns at the same time. Look at the scorecard, makes it pretty obvious."

Agar to Bryant, SIX runs

short on the legs, pulls this clean over deep midwicket, lands 18 rows back.

Agar to Swepson, 1 run

yorker jammed into the legs, dug out through midwicket.

Agar to Swepson, no run

wide yorker on fifth stump, jammed out back to Agar.

end of over 166 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 105/8CRR: 6.56 RRR: 23.25
Max Bryant18 (13)
Mitchell Swepson2 (2)
Danny Briggs 4-0-28-1
Michael Neser 3-0-22-1
Briggs to Bryant, 2 runs

full on the stumps, swept to deep backward square, diving stop on the rope.

Briggs to Swepson, 1 run

short and cut away to the sweeper.

Briggs to Bryant, 1 run

short and wide, slapped to the sweeper.

ayaz khan: "So to those who were saying they would prefer Bryant chasing 200 than Morne 4 overs for 35." The lineup wet the proverbial bed long before Bryant arrived. The issue was not bringing Bryant in earlier. He's not done much wrong since coming to the middle.

Briggs to Swepson, 1 run

full and driven down the ground.

Briggs to Bryant, 1 leg bye

full and flicked through fine leg.

RobJ: "Bryant should have opened. Crazy from the Heat. Everyone seems to be forgetting Marcus has never done anything in T20. Lucky to be in the team."

Briggs to Steketee, OUT

short and skiddy from the left-arm spinner, hacks this toward cow corner but picks out the man stationed there, Salt, who takes this seven yards in from the rope.

Mark Steketee c Salt b Briggs 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
end of over 159 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 99/7CRR: 6.60 RRR: 19.80
Max Bryant15 (10)
Mark Steketee1 (1)
Michael Neser 3-0-22-1
Liam O'Connor 4-0-20-1
Neser to Bryant, no run

back of a length on off, tries to cut this away but beaten.

Neser to Bryant, SIX runs

full on the legs, Bryant ships this high over wide long-on. Only second six of the innings, first since Lynn was at the crease in the Powerplay.

Neser to Steketee, 1 run

short on middle, pulls this through midwicket.

Neser to Wildermuth, OUT

bounced out again. Short ball has been effective from the Strikers. Neser banged it in and he went for the hook, didn't really sound like a noise but Neser belts out for an appeal and it's upheld regardless.

Jack Wildermuth c †Carey b Neser 2 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Neser to Bryant, 1 run

short on the legs, pulled behind square.

Neser to Wildermuth, 1 run

good length ball on off stump, prodded away.

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