50th Match (N), Melbourne, Jan 23 2021, Big Bash League
(20 ov, target 183)171/6
Scorchers won by 11 runs
player of the match
Jason Roy
Perth Scorchers
end of over 2013 runs
MS: 171/6CRR: 8.55 
Clint Hinchliffe13 (8)
Hilton Cartwright23 (13)
Jhye Richardson4-0-39-1
Aaron Hardie4-0-41-0

Jason Roy is Man of the Match: It's been a huge couple of days. Fortunate to be Man of the Match. Everyone contributed to that win. Going further now, bigger scores are needed. After the start we had, people were a bit down, but to turn it around and come back is an incredible feeling. It's credit to the big characters in our dressing room. We've adapted very well so far. The sprinklers are coming off on us! Winning those games in Perth, with the facilities there, it's quite easy. But going around the grounds and to keep on it was very good.

Perth Scorchers are now top of the table. Early on in the tournament they were down at the other end. Now, they are absolutely purring. Jason Roy with a half-century. Colin Munro, even when he's batting down the order, is proving effective. But the key to this unit is their bowling attack, led by Jhye Richardson and Andrew Tye. They had already qualified for the knockouts and they look very very dangerous.

Jhye Richardson to Hinchliffe, 1 run

whips it to the deep midwicket fielder. And that's that.

Jhye Richardson to Cartwright, 1 leg bye

shifts his plans after four yorkers go completely awry and targets the batsman's head with a bouncer. And it's a quick one too. Cartwright tries to pull, but it's on him too soon, hits the glove, then his helmet and results in a single somewhere behind square leg. Quick concussion check and he's okay

Jhye Richardson to Cartwright, SIX runs

smashes it over long-on. That's the power the Stars have been looking for at the back end. It's coming all too late though

Jhye Richardson to Hinchliffe, 1 run

carves it but straight to the sweeper. Three attempted yorkers, three not quite hitting the mark, still Scorchers ahead

Jhye Richardson to Hinchliffe, 2 runs

tries to correct his mistake and goes over cover this time as Richardson misses the blockhole again, but there's not enough power in the shot.

Jhye Richardson to Hinchliffe, 2 runs

slices the almost wide yorker away but there's a sweeper protecting the square boundary on the off side.

end of over 1915 runs
MS: 158/6CRR: 8.31 RRR: 25.00 • Need 25 runs from 6b
Hilton Cartwright17 (11)
Clint Hinchliffe7 (4)
Aaron Hardie4-0-41-0
Andrew Tye4-0-28-2
Hardie to Cartwright, 2 runs

low full toss outside off, he swings it to long-off

Hardie to Hinchliffe, 1 run

short again - but this time it's to his field. There's a man at the sweeper and that's who Hinchliffe finds.

Hardie to Hinchliffe, FOUR runs

hammers it down the ground - too short, too easy, one-bounce four

Hardie to Cartwright, 1 run

low full toss, slogs it away to deep midwicket

Hardie to Cartwright, SIX runs

attempted yorker goes slightly wrong outside off stump, and he just carves it over the left of long-off. Deep in his crease, full bottom hand power. Outstanding shot.

Hardie to Hinchliffe, 1 run

inside edge onto body and they pinch a quick single before the bowler can run up the pitch and fling a throw at the strikers' end