9th Match (N), Launceston, December 16, 2020, Big Bash League
(17/17 ov) 158/6
(1.1/6 ov, T:76) 10/1

No result

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So, that's all from our side for tonight. See you soon.

Richard Bevan M: "So does this mean both teams get 1 and 3/4 points each??" -- Two points each - 1.5 for a no-result and 0.5 for Bash Boost.

10.10pm As Nicholas Pooran was making his way out, the rain got heavy enough for umpires to ask players to head back inside. The players are shaking hands. So that's the points shared after a frustrating delay.

Jhye Richardson to Stoinis, OUT

and he gets Stoinis with his first ball. A length ball around off, jags back in to find Stoinis stuck on the crease. Beats his bat and thuds into the pads

Marcus Stoinis lbw b Richardson 4 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

It has started raining again but we will continue for now. Richardson now

end of over 110 runs
MS: 10/0CRR: 10.00 RRR: 13.40
Andre Fletcher6 (4)
Marcus Stoinis4 (2)
Joel Paris 1-0-10-0
Paris to Fletcher, FOUR runs

fuller outside off, once again allows himself room by opening up the front leg and smashes it to the right of mid-off, along the ground, for four

Paris to Fletcher, no run

length ball outside off, clears the front leg and looks to whack it over midwicket, finds thin air

Paris to Stoinis, 1 run

fuller on the pads, flicked away over short midwicket. Only a single though

Paris to Fletcher, 1 run

misses out on a leg-stump full toss. Swipes it straight to square leglength

Paris to Stoinis, 3 runs

length ball down the leg side, goes for the flick and gets three to fine leg

Paris to Fletcher, 1 run

fuller on the stumps, Fletcher skips down but mistimes it towards short midwicket

10.00pm Alright, the players are back on the field. Fletcher and Stoinis to open for the Stars. Joel Paris has got the ball.

end of over 179 runs • 1 wicket
PS: 158/6CRR: 9.29 
Jhye Richardson1 (2)
Cameron Bancroft15 (12)
Billy Stanlake 4-0-28-2
Liam Hatcher 3-0-17-2

Liam McLean: "Hemant you are keeping me amused with the comments you are publishing throughout the break. however can we acknowledge they might be trolling you? Sasha Banks, Finn Balor and now Seth Rollins. Is this BBL or WWE? LOL" -- I guess my colleague Deiva Muthu will appreciate me publishing all those comments.

Richard Bevan M: "I think its actually one bowler can bowl 2 overs and four bowlers can bowl 1 over?" -- That got changed a couple of years ago, at least for T20Is.

Seth Rollins: "Scrolling through your feed I agree with Sasha Banks comment, not because it's sasha banks but because we havent let the dust settle on the new rules. It was only last night the Xfactor player got used for the 1st time."

Ashley: "Each bowler to bowl a maximum of two overs I'm assuming?" -- Yup, that's right. And from what I am hearing, it's a two-over powerplay.

Finn Balor: "Not sure what I am more excited about - the covers coming off or a sasha banks published comment lol"

9.50pm Play to resume at 10.05pm. It's a six-over chase. The target is 76.

9.45pm I won't be surprised if the match is called off without further play. Wait, scratch that. The covers are coming off.

Michael: "@Goughy - It feels to me like each of the major Australian sporting codes has a paranoia about losing viewership, that they react to even the slightest downturn in conversion by trying to change rules to make the sport more marketable - rugby league with the Six Again rules, Aussie Rules changing something every year, even Super Rugby trialling variations in its Australian offshoot. I thought maybe the sports that are more "international" might be more resistant to that thinking, but I guess T20 is an experimental sport in its own right..."

Sasha Banks: "@Goughy I like the changes. I just think the teams haven't used them well yet. Let's judge it at the end of the tournament after teams work out how to use the changes"

Kaig: "I'm with you @Goughy! These rule changes are ridiculous! There was no point of a "time out" and they don't want DRS!"

Rian: "I think the biggest issue is that Cricket Australia got too excited with the popularity of the competition in the early years and decided to milk as much money as they could from it by extending it for another month. This has completely destroyed the competition as now there's less top overseas stars willing to play a similar length tournament to the ipl for less money and the crowds themselves have just become fatigued as there's just too many matches now, with not enough international quality players playing. Even in the early tournaments you had the likes of Warne and Lee playing, while now there isn't enough star players"

Blake: "Personally, I dont see what the fuss is all about, we are already being put through millions of t20 leagues, and the bbl is actually trying to spice it up with addition of a few funky stuff, and once the coaches get a hold of it, it will be something that will catch on"

9.25pm Goughy: "I'm sure this has already been mentioned to death (as it has 'on the ground') here in Australia, but they need to stop tinkering with the BBL. There are far too many gimmicks and rule changes, which is having a detrimental effect on the tournament itself. In it's essence, the BBL would be be probably the second best T20 tournament in the world, but the product is being diluted with all the gimmicky changes. Actually going to a game, it's more of a pop concert than a cricket match, as that seems to be where the emphasis is being placed. Over the past few years, domestic viewership is well down on years gone by, and I personally think it comes down to a few things.

1) "Joe Viewer" doesn't want to watch a Sydney team play a Melbourne team several times in a fortnight.

2) The focus seems more on the entertainment at the ground, flashy sound effects, deafening music (after every ball) and flame throwers whenever a boundary is hit, than the cricket itself

3) The constant tinkering with the product. I understand that T20 has been great overall in that it has introduced a bunch of people who wouldn't otherwise watch cricket to watch the game - but at what cost to the product itself?

This probably sounds really old fashioned and 'not with the times', but I think the phrase "if it aint broke, don't fix it" is particularly apt here. Thoughts?"

Michael: "My read of 16.10.4 of the Playing Conditions suggests that the Bash Boost will actually be split: "If the Bash Boost point has not been awarded by the first delay or interruption, due to Ground Weather or Light, in the innings of the side batting second, then the Bash Boost point shall no longer be available, and the Bash Boost point shall be shared between the competing teams. For clarity: each team shall receive 0.5 points"" -- Edit: "in the innings of the side batting second" are the key words here. So the Boost point is still available.

Dezz: "Doesn't look like you posted all my comment - I was asking what happens about the power surge being partly taken" -- There is an adjustment to take care of that as well.

Bhaskar: "I don't follow the BBL much but just had a look and what a top order the stars have - Fletcher, Stoinis, Pooran and Maxwell. That is some power-line up!!"

9.05pm Kaig: "What happens to mid way-point if game is shortened?" -- Here's something from the Playing Conditions:

Example: First innings shortened to 16 overs. Total score for innings 100. At mid-way point of innings (8 overs) team batting first had made 60 runs Equates to a proportion of 60% (60runs/100 runs) Team batting second has DLS revised target of 110 in 16 overs. At mid-way point of their innings (8 overs) the score to achieve bonus point is 66 (60% x 110)

Garv Asnani: "Bancroft hasn't found his good form since his ball-tempering ban otherwise he was looking a permanant test player as he opened with Warner but now Labuschagne passed him"

Mustafa Moudi: "Yet another example of how to Waste their Power Surge Option. They missed the trick by not having it during Munro-Turner Partnership !!"

Dezz: "Interesting conundrum - if Scorchers don't bat again "

8.42pm NCN is back for his fourth. Meanwhile, the rain has picked up a bit. The umpires are having a talk. And the covers are coming on

Stanlake to Jhye Richardson, 1 run

a yorker on the leg stump, backs away and drills it towards midwicket

Stanlake to Jhye Richardson, no run

length ball on the leg stump, Richardson moved across to pull it fine, misses

Stanlake to Jhye Richardson, 1 wide

short but way down the leg side

Stanlake to Bancroft, 3 runs

slower one, fuller on the stumps. Bancroft fails to pick it up. Gets a thick outside edge over short third man. Hatcher with the chase this time to flick it inside

Stanlake to Hardie, OUT

short of length around off, goes for the pull but end up top-edging it towards backward point. An easy catch for NCN

Aaron Hardie c Coulter-Nile b Stanlake 2 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25
Stanlake to Bancroft, 3 runs

fuller outside off, and driven through extra cover. Maxwell puts in the sprint and flicks it just inside. They come back for the third

Stanlake to Hardie, 1 leg bye

fuller down the leg side, goes for the flick but misses. Sets off none the less for a leg bye. Pooran misses the stumps and the chance to run out Bancroft

The Power Surge has been taken

end of over 164 runs
PS: 149/5CRR: 9.31 
Cameron Bancroft9 (10)
Aaron Hardie2 (6)
Liam Hatcher 3-0-17-2
Nic Maddinson 2-0-8-2
Hatcher to Bancroft, no run

fuller on the stumps, looks to move across and scoops but fails to execute it. Sort of a bottom edge that rolls towards Pooran

Hatcher to Hardie, 1 leg bye

length ball angling, looks to flick it on the leg side, misses and gets hit on the thigh

Hatcher to Hardie, no run

a low full toss outside off, punched into the ground, and off to backward point

Hatcher to Bancroft, 1 run

uses his feet but it's full on the leg side, a only a single to the right of mid-off

Hatcher to Hardie, 1 run

short one outside off, pulled towards deep square leg

A bit of a rain in the air but nothing to worry about at the moment

Hatcher to Bancroft, 1 run

short of length around off, goes for the pull but the ball hurries on to him, a single to long-on

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