no result
9th Match (N), Launceston, Dec 16 2020, Big Bash League
(17/17 ov)158/6
(1.1/6 ov, target 76)10/1
No result

So, that's all from our side for tonight. See you soon.

Richard Bevan M: "So does this mean both teams get 1 and 3/4 points each??" -- Two points each - 1.5 for a no-result and 0.5 for Bash Boost.

10.10pm As Nicholas Pooran was making his way out, the rain got heavy enough for umpires to ask players to head back inside. The players are shaking hands. So that's the points shared after a frustrating delay.

Jhye Richardson to Stoinis, OUT

and he gets Stoinis with his first ball. A length ball around off, jags back in to find Stoinis stuck on the crease. Beats his bat and thuds into the pads

Marcus Stoinis lbw b Richardson 4 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

It has started raining again but we will continue for now. Richardson now

end of over 110 runs
MS: 10/0CRR: 10.00 RRR: 13.40 • Need 67 runs from 30b
Andre Fletcher6 (4)
Marcus Stoinis4 (2)
Joel Paris1-0-10-0
Paris to Fletcher, FOUR runs

fuller outside off, once again allows himself room by opening up the front leg and smashes it to the right of mid-off, along the ground, for four

Paris to Fletcher, no run

length ball outside off, clears the front leg and looks to whack it over midwicket, finds thin air

Paris to Stoinis, 1 run

fuller on the pads, flicked away over short midwicket. Only a single though

Paris to Fletcher, 1 run

misses out on a leg-stump full toss. Swipes it straight to square leglength

Paris to Stoinis, 3 runs

length ball down the leg side, goes for the flick and gets three to fine leg

Paris to Fletcher, 1 run

fuller on the stumps, Fletcher skips down but mistimes it towards short midwicket

10.00pm Alright, the players are back on the field. Fletcher and Stoinis to open for the Stars. Joel Paris has got the ball.

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