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52nd Match (N), Melbourne, January 24, 2021, Big Bash League
(20 ov, T:189) 181/8

Hurricanes won by 7 runs

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end of over 2020 runs • 1 wicket
SS: 181/8CRR: 9.05 
Ben Dwarshuis10 (9)
Benjamin Manenti0 (0)
Riley Meredith 4-0-55-1
Nathan Ellis 4-0-36-3

10.45pm That's one entertaining game to keep the Hurricanes' season alive. Jordan Silk's single-handed hitting gave them a scare at the end but they'll take four points from this, and the Hurricanes are now fifth on the table, with a game against bottom-placed Renegades coming next. Like Wade says, the win should have been much smoother for them, but Short dropped Henriques twice early in the game and that kept the Sixers alive. The Hurricanes still have a lot to work on if they have to qualify, their fielding and the way their batting crumbled after that massive opening stand. Still, great signs for them to see Wade and Short back opening, and Wade among the runs after returning from the Test series.

Matthew Wade: Wasn't great, was it? We didn't execute very well in the end, it happens in T20. A couple of sixes and all of a sudden you're in trouble. It's a long boundary so I was confident it would be taken (Silk's catch), if you keep dropping the big players you keep yourself under pressure. We were a bit sloppy in the field and we should have had a much smoother win. Apart from the last over when we bowled the slower balls it was hard to go after them. It wasn't easy to come in and hit the ball hard.

The Sixers won't be too happy either. Still second on the points table but it's their second straight loss after their three consecutive wins earlier in the tournament. Sean Abbott was their star today with the ball, and they'll be happy that they took the match to the last over despite being 116 for 6 earlier, and reduce it to only a seven-run loss. That's all from me, Vishal Dikshit, today, catch us for all the remaining action tomorrow as the Strikers take on the Thunder again at the Adelaide Oval. Ciao!

Jigar Shah: "Silk is looking ahead for the Big IPL auction."

Jeevan : "The two wicket over of Lamichhane changed the course of the game."

Meredith to Dwarshuis, 1 run

a low full toss to end the match too and he's drilled it down to long off but only for one

Meredith to Dwarshuis, FOUR runs

low full toss, smashed down the ground so hard that the bowler jumped over the ball headed for his ankle. That has gone so fast that a diving long off couldn't stop it either

Meredith to Silk, OUT

holes out to deep midwicket and the Sixers' dream comes to an end! Short ball pulled off the middle of the bat, it's a big ground so the fielder at deep midwicket stays still and lets the ball come to him. It's Short of all the people, who put down two catches earlier

Jordan Silk c Short b Meredith 78 (49b 8x4 2x6) SR: 159.18
Meredith to Silk, 2 runs

full delivery, lofted down the ground, they have to come back for the second and they do! Excellent running

Down to 15 off four now, all down to Silk

Meredith to Silk, (no ball) SIX runs

another high full toss, another six! That's one more no ball, so one more free hit coming up, because this full toss Silk dispatched over the square leg boundary for a six

Meredith to Silk, 2 runs

goes down the ground this time towards long on, Dwarshuis quickly comes back for the second quickly again

Meredith to Silk, 2 runs

pulled to leg, taken by fine leg at the boundary but it's not out because of the free hit and they get two more

Meredith to Dwarshuis, (no ball) 1 bye

that's a beamer outside off, full toss well above waist height so it's a no ball and a free hit coming up

28 needed from six now, can Silk do it?

end of over 1911 runs
SS: 161/7CRR: 8.47 RRR: 28.00
Jordan Silk66 (44)
Ben Dwarshuis5 (6)
Nathan Ellis 4-0-36-3
Nick Winter 3-0-24-0
Ellis to Silk, FOUR runs

low full toss, Silk will obviously go after it, he doesn't middle it but the thick inside edge is thick enough to run away to the fine leg boundary

Ellis to Silk, 2 runs

drives it to deep cover along the ground, and Dwarshius does very well to come back quickly for the second

Ellis to Silk, 2 runs

dropped by fine leg!

Ellis to Dwarshuis, 1 run

in the block hole on off, he digs it out to long off

Ellis to Silk, 1 run

too full outside off, Silk swings and keeps it along the ground for a single to long off

Ellis to Dwarshuis, 1 run

makes a bit of room and finds cover for a single

end of over 1811 runs
SS: 150/7CRR: 8.33 RRR: 19.50
Ben Dwarshuis3 (4)
Jordan Silk57 (40)
Nick Winter 3-0-24-0
Nathan Ellis 3-0-25-3
Winter to Dwarshuis, 1 run

closer to the stumps, he swings hard and gets the toe-end of the bat for a single to mid off

Winter to Dwarshuis, 1 wide

over the wicket to Dwarshius with an away-going legcutter, another wide in the over

Winter to Silk, 1 run

a short cutter again, outside off, and he slaps it down to long-off

Around the wicket now

Luke : "I've always felt that Silk would have been dropped on form over the last few seasons if he wasn't such a great fielder- it's nice to see him getting runs again."

Winter to Silk, 1 wide

another slower ball, and it's gone down leg again for a wide

Winter to Dwarshuis, 1 run

slow legcutter outside off, swings it against the cutter to long on

Winter to Silk, 1 run

with the angle and towards the batsman, flicked to the leg side for one more

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