43rd Match (N), Canberra, Jan 18 2021, Big Bash League
(18/20 ov, target 178)181/4
Hurricanes won by 6 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
player of the match
Ben McDermott
Hobart Hurricanes
end of over 188 runs
HH: 181/4CRR: 10.05 
Peter Handscomb21 (16)
Tim David7 (2)
Adam Milne4-0-36-1
Tanveer Sangha4-0-45-2

The Hurricanes claim all four points and climb to fourth on the BBL table. The Thunder remain in second but the table has tightened up significantly.

The Heat face the Scorchers in Melbourne. Hope you can join us then.

Ben McDermott is Player of the Match for his 96 from 56 balls: "The pitch was a bit slower in the day but it was beautiful to bat on under lights. It slid on perfectly. That's a huge win for us."

Crucial win for the Hurricanes. They get home by six wickets with two overs to spare thanks to a masterclass from Ben McDermott. That was one of the best innings of the tournament. He and Dawid Malan were superb to control that chase after a horror start.

Milne to Handscomb, FOUR runs

lifted up and over point! Short and wide, he lifted a cut up and over point to ice the game!

John: "Terrible camerawork on that potential run out. Good job the game didn't hinge on that decision." Not having another angle didn't help. Hence he couldn't definitely say it wasn't grounded.

Milne to Handscomb, FOUR runs

driven straight of mid on! 151kph, full outside off, he drives firmly and beats mid on

Milne to Handscomb, no run

full outside off, 143kph, he mistimes a drive back to the bowler

Milne to Handscomb, no run

good length, fifth stump line, he is back and across and defending to point

Milne to Handscomb, no run

short ball, chest high, he mistimes a pull to midwicket

Vivaan: "McDermott has 2 nineties in BBL 10 alone, the Sachin Tendulkar of BBL"

Milne to Handscomb, no run

shorter length, 150kph, he tries to pull and gets a bottom edge onto pad

Milne is back

end of over 1716 runs • 1 wicket
HH: 173/4CRR: 10.17 RRR: 1.67 • Need 5 runs from 18b
Tim David7 (2)
Peter Handscomb13 (10)
Tanveer Sangha4-0-45-2
Chris Green2-0-22-0

Trent : "No no no no no. This bbl has missed a 100, McDermott could have easily knocked singles around needing less than a run a ball!!!! Great Innings still."

Sangha to David, SIX runs

slog sweep flat over square midwicket! This was hit with tremendous power. Brave shot and rewarded with six runs

Sangha to Handscomb, 1 run

shorter length, he stands up and punches to long on

Sangha to David, 1 run

Has David run himself out? He sweeps off a bottom edge onto pad, it rolls to midwicket, Milne runs to his right, gathers and shies to the non-striker's and hits the stumps! It's sent upstairs. He was casual. Did he ground his bat? He was home but the third umpire had to take a good look. He's given not out

McDermott gets a standing ovation from the fans

Sangha to McDermott, OUT

top edge balloons to backward point! He didn't make the most of his luck previous ball. Looped leg break wide of off, he tried to loft over cover, got a thick top edge and it floated to Davies at backward point

Ben McDermott c Davies b Sangha 96 (56b 8x4 5x6) SR: 171.42
Sangha to McDermott, 2 runs

dropped by Milne at deep square leg! A slog sweep gone wrong. He mis hit it high to forward square, Milne running around to his left, dives and spills it

Sangha to McDermott, SIX runs

towering pull shot over midwicket! A drag down short ball, he's back in a flash and crushing this way over midwicket. Again onto the concourse. This is extraordinary striking