38th Match (N), Canberra, Jan 13 2021, Big Bash League
(12.4/14 ov, target 129)132/5
Sixers won by 5 wickets (with 8 balls remaining) (D/L method)
Player Of The Match

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Stephen O'Keefe is the Player of the Match: "We first assessed it and thought it was flat but when we got out there it was a bit two-paced so I slowed it up a bit and got the rewards. They're so dangerous at the top. The thing we have going for us is we're taking wickets in the middle to slow things down. We don't have any set format with bat or ball. It's been a really big group effort. Flipper [Philippe] is a superstar. He plays with such freedom and plays shots you wouldn't dream about. There's no excuse to take our foot off the pedal and get into the finals in good shape."

10.30 pm Thunder dominated the first nine overs of play before Stephen O'Keefe's double-strike in the 10th over of the first innings flipped the script. Philippe then bullied the Thunder bowling unit in the chase to clinch a fairly simple win.

Sams to Brathwaite, FOUR runs

slower ball lands short on off stump, Brathwaite punches this through the covers to end the match.

Sams to Philippe, OUT

Philippe misses out on a red inker! His eyes lit up with a juicy slower ball landing fuller on leg stump, tries to heave this over midwicket out of the ground but is through the shot too soon and misses, leg stump is knocked back. Philippe stays on his knees in frustration for a few moments before walking off.

Josh Philippe b Sams 64 (36b 7x4 2x6) SR: 177.77
Sams to Philippe, 1 wide

bouncer over the stumps, way too high to play, wide signaled to level the scores.

Sams to Philippe, 2 runs

short and wide, slaps this past extra cover on the ring and Ross at cover sweeper relays in for a pair.

Sams to Philippe, 2 runs

yorker on middle, dug out to midwicket and they run a tight pair.

end of over 1216 runs
SS: 123/4CRR: 10.25 RRR: 3.50
Dan Christian15 (5)
Josh Philippe60 (33)
Nathan McAndrew 3-0-35-1
Daniel Sams 2-0-16-1

Christian dropped first ball by Ross off the bowling of Sams and he's shown no mercy since.

McAndrew to Christian, no run

bouncer over leg stump, misses a hook.

McAndrew to Christian, SIX runs

shot of the day! Slower ball in the slot on sixth stump, Christian keeps the hands back to hammer a drive inside out over extra cover and it sails all the way into the stands.

McAndrew to Christian, 1 wide

back of a length tailing down leg, Christian shuffles way across and misses a flick. Umpire calls it a wide down the leg side, perhaps a touch harshly.

McAndrew to Philippe, 1 run

full and wide, slogs this along the ground for one.

McAndrew to Christian, 1 bye

slower ball on fourth stump that Christian is way out in front of. Billings is also fooled as he fumbles a take on a short hop and they pinch a bye.

McAndrew to Christian, SIX runs

overpitched on the stumps, barely misses the length on the attempted yorker and Christian clocks a clean straight drive that just barely clears the ropes at long-on.

McAndrew to Philippe, 1 run

length ball clipped through the ring for one.

end of over 119 runs • 1 wicket
SS: 107/4CRR: 9.72 RRR: 7.66
Josh Philippe58 (31)
Dan Christian3 (1)
Daniel Sams 2-0-16-1
Ben Cutting 2-0-17-1

9 runs and a wicket in the Power Surge. Could have been two wickets and fewer runs had Ross held onto the chance off Christian.

Sams to Philippe, 1 run

another mistimed hack comes off the pads for an extra.

Sams to Philippe, no run

slower ball outside off that Philippe is way out in front of, misses a leg side heave.

Sams to Philippe, FOUR runs

and Philippe rubs salt into the wound next ball. Length delivery hammered through wide mid-on.

Sams to Christian, 3 runs

dropped! Ross backpedaling at cover. Another slower ball lands full on off, Christian goes to heave straight down the ground and skies this over the off side ring. Ross tries to take this going over the shoulder and gets into good position but shells it tumbling forward at the last moment. 8/10 on difficulty but he got two hands to it in an extended comfortable position not cramped into his body. Had to be taken if the Thunder are going to win.

Sams to Philippe, 1 run

another slower ball lands full on the legs, bottom edged swipe goes to short fine leg and they scamper one.

Christian enters off strike.

Sams to Silk, OUT

slower ball lands full on the stumps, skies a slog for midwicket and with the timing thrown off it swirls over square leg. Billings runs out from behind the stumps and takes the catch a few yards away from the umpire.

Jordan Silk c †Billings b Sams 13 (13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100

Power Surge called for immediately. It's only one over for the reduced chase. Sams is bowling the over.