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42nd Match, Geelong, January 11, 2022, Big Bash League
(20 ov, T:197) 149/9

Scorchers won by 47 runs

Perth Scorchers INNINGS (20 overs maximum)
Kurtis Patterson c †Clarke b Haris Rauf851010160.00
Nick Hobson c Haris Rauf b Zampa46365560127.77
Laurie Evans lbw b Haris Rauf69467225150.00
Ashton Turner (c)not out 47263733180.76
Aaron Hardie not out 157902214.28
Extras(b 2, lb 2, w 7)11
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 9.80)196/3
Fall of wickets: 1-22 (Kurtis Patterson, 2.2 ov), 2-105 (Nick Hobson, 11.3 ov), 3-176 (Laurie Evans, 18.1 ov)
Sam Rainbird403308.2550200
Beau Webster1013013.0023000
Haris Rauf403829.5061300
2.2 to KR Patterson, OUT! A beauty from Rauf, who tempts Patterson into swinging at a ball outside off, a gentle nick and the wicketkeeper takes the catch! Rauf brings out his mask in celebration!. 22/1
18.1 to LJ Evans, trapped in front! And Rauf strikes once more. This time the celebration is more conventional. Aims for the yorker, Evans walks across to the leg side to play a reverse-ramp over third man. But misses, and it hits his boot. Evans not happy, maybe he thinks that the ball would've missed leg stump. Perhaps he is right but for now he has to walk back. Out for 69, another nice innings.. 176/3
Brody Couch10707.0031010
Qais Ahmad4040010.0071320
Adam Zampa403418.5095020
11.3 to NR Hobson, OUT! Zampa deceives Hobson with a wrong un outside off, and his attempted slog is miscued towards backward point for an easy catch. 105/2
Clint Hinchliffe2027013.5011200
Melbourne Stars INNINGS (Target: 197 runs from 20 overs)
Nick Larkin  b Kelly1350033.33
Beau Webster c Patterson b Tye63476772134.04
Joe Burns c & b Kelly20173002117.64
Glenn Maxwell (c)c Hobson b Hatzoglou5880062.50
Hilton Cartwright  b Kelly1081810125.00
Joe Clarke c Turner b Behrendorff17111911154.54
Clint Hinchliffe st †Evans b Agar1340033.33
Qais Ahmad c Agar b Kelly981101112.50
Sam Rainbird not out 10101500100.00
Adam Zampa run out (Sabburg/Hardie)3460075.00
Haris Rauf not out 11400100.00
Extras(lb 3, w 6)9
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 7.45)149/9
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Nick Larkin, 1.1 ov), 2-59 (Joe Burns, 8.1 ov), 3-68 (Glenn Maxwell, 9.5 ov), 4-103 (Hilton Cartwright, 13.1 ov), 5-121 (Beau Webster, 14.6 ov), 6-124 (Clint Hinchliffe, 15.5 ov), 7-128 (Joe Clarke, 16.4 ov), 8-139 (Qais Ahmad, 17.6 ov), 9-146 (Adam Zampa, 19.2 ov)
Jason Behrendorff402616.50111200
16.4 to JM Clarke, full toss, quite wide outside off. But he tries to smack it over the off side. Slices it, and cover gets under it for a simple catch. Is that waist-high? Probably okay, but they're checking as it should be.. 128/7
Matthew Kelly402546.25111100
1.1 to NCR Larkin, OUT! Kelly pitches it full and it swings away towards the off stump. Larkin charges and is done by the swing - clean bowled!. 1/1
8.1 to JA Burns, OUT! Short and straight, but Burns' attempt at pulling it towards leg goes wrong, as he top-edges the ball straight into the air. Kelly follows the flight of the ball and takes a regulation catch.. 59/2
13.1 to HWR Cartwright, OUT! Kelly once more! Straight, drifting towards leg, and Cartwright misses the ball, which ricochets off his boot right into the stumps!. 103/4
17.6 to Qais Ahmad, mowed! But this time Kelly takes his fourth off his last ball of the spell. Another wide slower ball outside off. Qais tried to clear deep midwicket but it's too much to do when you're trying to drag it from that wide of off. Agar under it near the boundary. 139/8
Peter Hatzoglou403518.7571210
9.5 to GJ Maxwell, OUT! The Show finishes early! Full, pitched outside off and Maxwell goes big, while attempting to cut the ball towards deep point, but only succeeds in finding the fielder.. 68/3
Andrew Tye3030110.0074120
14.6 to BJ Webster, A wide full toss on the off and Webster slices the ball towards deep point with Patterson taking a stunning diving catch.. 121/5
Ashton Agar402516.2582000
15.5 to CD Hinchliffe, howzzzat says Agar, as he appeals for the caught behind. But the side-on umpire has instead gone up for the stumping. Hinchliffe is definitely stumped, and Agar gets a wicket anyway, but it won't be a caught-behind. Pushes it wiiide outside off, and the ball turns in. Hinchliffe dances down the track but then can't connect. Can't get back either. 124/6
Aaron Hardie10505.0010000
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GMHBA Stadium, South Geelong, Victoria
TossPerth Scorchers, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Laurie Evans
Match days11 January 2022 - day (20-over match)
Player Replacement
Clint Hinchliffe for Brody Couch (Perth Scorchers 1st innings, 10.1 ov)
Phillip Gillespie
Simon Lightbody
TV Umpire
Donovan Koch
Reserve Umpire
Nathan Johnstone
Match Referee
Steve Davis
PointsPerth Scorchers 4, Melbourne Stars 0
  • Perth Scorchers innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 4.0 (Mandatory - 33 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Perth Scorchers X-factor Subs: LR Morris, DJM Moody
  • Melbourne Stars X-factor Subs: CD Hinchliffe, TL O Connell
  • Perth Scorchers: 50 runs in 5.4 overs (34 balls), Extras 5
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 38 balls (NR Hobson 20, LJ Evans 25, Ex 5)
  • Drinks: Perth Scorchers - 79/1 in 10.0 overs (NR Hobson 37, LJ Evans 28)
  • Powerplay 2: Overs 10.1 - 12.0 (Batting side - 36 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Melbourne Stars X-factor Sub: CD Hinchliffe in for BL Couch
  • Perth Scorchers: 100 runs in 11.1 overs (67 balls), Extras 6
  • LJ Evans: 50 off 33 balls (1 x 4, 4 x 6)
  • Perth Scorchers: 150 runs in 14.5 overs (89 balls), Extras 8
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 24 balls (LJ Evans 16, AJ Turner 33, Ex 2)
  • Innings Break: Perth Scorchers - 196/3 in 20.0 overs (AJ Turner 47, AM Hardie 15)
  • Melbourne Stars innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 4.0 (Mandatory - 21 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Melbourne Stars: 50 runs in 6.4 overs (40 balls), Extras 4
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 34 balls (BJ Webster 32, JA Burns 19, Ex 4)
  • Drinks: Melbourne Stars - 69/3 in 10.0 overs (BJ Webster 37, HWR Cartwright 0)
  • BJ Webster: 50 off 38 balls (6 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Melbourne Stars: 100 runs in 12.2 overs (74 balls), Extras 6
  • Powerplay 2: Overs 13.1 - 15.0 (Batting side - 18 runs, 2 wickets)
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