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Thunder vs Scorchers, 30th Match at Sydney, BBL 2023, Jan 08 2024 - Ball by Ball Commentary

30th Match (N), Sydney, January 08, 2024, Big Bash League
(19.1/20 ov, T:138) 140/3

Scorchers won by 7 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)

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Dan : "No one can accuse Perth of leaking too early. Clearly not playing at their best but still getting the job done. Next games against Sixers and Heat will be huge, especially if they can find that ruthless edge again " Yeah, away and then at home against Heat. Should be cracking, like with tomorrow's game, where Alex Carey returns for Adelaide Strikers' home game against Hobart Hurricanes. Catch you then.

Ashton Agar, POTM I realised second ball that it was a spinner's pitch. I bowled that ball to Bancroft, it looked like it'll turn to be honest, but then you bowl a fast side-spinner and that gives you a prediction. As soon as that happens, you know it's the hardest ball to hit and you look to stick to that. (On his Surge over) Bowling left-arm around, spinning away from the bat, was the toughest to hit. Didn't have to do too much, just hit the right length and knew I couldn't get step-hit over the head. Quicks adjusted well at the back end too. They kill you the run outs, don't they? They're so good to get. It was a beautiful thing. We lost the last game, Strikers are a good outfit at home. We've felt the same the whole time. That's our strength. We plan well, try to play our best game and move on quickly and go again next game. We don't get too caught up with the wins and losses, just try to stack up good days.

10:38pm Crawley and Inglis run a clinic to chase down a small target on a tricky pitch. They knew the target in hand and that as long as they don't have a big dip, like Thunder did, they should be able to get through. Wasn't easy as the pitch was slow, offering sharp turn to spinners and grip for the quicks bowling cutters. They rotated strike well, built a couple of forty-odd-run stands and had Inglis clear things off. Green came on early but didn't bowl all of his overs. Davies was brought on very late too. Sangha used the pitch brilliantly but couldn't make breakthroughs. Maybe Thunder missed another spinner, who could've cashed in on the excellence of Sangha and McAndrew but it wasn't to be.

Green to Evans, FOUR runs

Does it first ball to close the game. Green dragged it down but it was spinning in sharply, Evans was on the move and didn't nail the pull but got it over midwicket and that was good enough.

Green to close the game. Ring field, loads of em a few metres inside the ring. All Evans needs is clear the infield

end of over 1911 runs
PS: 136/3CRR: 7.15 RRR: 2.00 • Need 2 runs from 6b
Josh Inglis26 (19b 1x4 2x6)
Laurie Evans1 (4b)
Nathan McAndrew 4-0-27-2
Daniel Sams 3-0-29-0

Sujatha : "Ashton Agar is my MOM. He just squeezed the momentum out of the thunder innings when they were all set at 86/1 "

McAndrew to Inglis, no run

Inglis is beaten on the lofted straight smash. Tried to pick the slower one off a fullish length, it landed outside off and cut back. Looked to have gone under bat

McAndrew to Inglis, no run

Extra bounce and sharp spin. Cutter on a shortish length outside off, Inglis shaped for the cut but was taken aback and had to pull out

McAndrew to Inglis, no run

Yorker on off, worked straight to midwicket

McAndrew to Inglis, 1 wide

Another down-leg wide. Similar to two balls ago. Tad fuller than that, still beats the swivel pull and goes to the keeper on the bounce

Sujatha : "Inglis was waiting like an ambushing komodo dragon"

McAndrew to Inglis, SIX runs

Pumped over the sight-screen, might as well call it a day now. McAndrew went full, slot at this stage, outside off. The slowness didn't matter, he stepped hit it to perfection. It was a measured swing finished by holding his shape. Inglis looks ice cool.

McAndrew to Inglis, 1 wide

Inglis misses out but gets wide. Back of length, angling down leg, he swivelled for a hard pull but it went past him

McAndrew to Inglis, 2 runs

Pitched up on fourth, 118ks, driven firmly to the right of sweeper cover. Wonder if he could've gone big there but Inglis still doing it cleanly

McAndrew to Evans, 1 leg bye

Slow and into the pitch following the batter as he makes room, beats the pull and goes off the body towards square leg

McAndrew and Sams likely to finish, if this goes to the final over that is. The former to go first

end of over 1812 runs
PS: 125/3CRR: 6.94 RRR: 6.50 • Need 13 runs from 12b
Josh Inglis18 (14b 1x4 1x6)
Laurie Evans1 (3b)
Daniel Sams 3-0-29-0
Nathan McAndrew 3-0-17-2
Sams to Inglis, no run

Tries to deal with the ball that way but can't get it away. He made loads of room and got followed by a slower fuller one. Tried to lift it over cover, outside edged it to short third on the bounce. Sams has hands on head.

Run a ball needed. Final Surge ball. Is it a free hit for Inglis?

Sams to Evans, 1 run

Wide on a length, slower one, slashed to deep point

Sams to Inglis, 1 leg bye

Yorker on leg, pace on, beats the flick but it goes off the boot to the leg side for a single

Sowmya : "17.2 and 17.3 have pretty much sealed the deal for the PS"

Sams to Inglis, FOUR runs

Inglis feasting on the width again. This one's on a length and he belts it over the cover infield. He's cashing in on the Surge

Sams to Inglis, SIX runs

Flat-bat pancake over extra cover. Shortish ball landed outside off and spun away, Inglis held a stable base, reached out and was able to account for the sideways stuff. Among the best shots of the day

Sams to Inglis, no run

Absolutely no pace to work with. Inglis tries to leather it over point but the back of lengther jumps over the bat.

end of over 176 runs • 1 wicket
PS: 113/3CRR: 6.64 RRR: 8.33 • Need 25 runs from 18b
Laurie Evans0 (2b)
Josh Inglis8 (9b)
Nathan McAndrew 3-0-17-2
Gurinder Sandhu 4-0-34-0

DaWolf from a little while ago, "A lot of teams bat low targets as if they are low. Aiming to win in the 19th over. But then if anything goes wrong, suddenly that low run rate jumps. Perth should win this, but they'd be better placed at 120/4 rather than 106/2."

McAndrew to Evans, no run

Back of length on fourth, worked to forward square leg

McAndrew to Evans, no run

Slow on a length, 124ks though, lands around off and cuts back in to beat the full-faced block on the inside edge

Sinclair: "have an odd feeling that Perth will choke"

McAndrew to Crawley, OUT

Scooped high, Sangha runs back from short fine and takes it. Crawley premeditated with a lunge outside off, got a full ball at 121ks, couldn't get under it as he had no angle to work with. Ball skied right up, good catch too. McAndrew's chuffed but Scorchers still ahead with 25 needed off 20.

Zak Crawley c Sangha b McAndrew 58 (56b 8x4 0x6 76m) SR: 103.57
McAndrew to Crawley, FOUR runs

Pulled wide to the right of deep square leg! 118ks, back of length over middle, Crawley stood still and waited till it came under the eye and nailed the placement

McAndrew to Inglis, 1 run

Slow on a length, top of off, worked gently to midwicket. Sedate start to the Surge

McAndrew to Crawley, 1 run

Both fielders out are on the off side, so Nathan goes length on leg, clipped to fine leg

Scorchers take the Surge. They have the target in sight, just 31 needed off 24. McAndrew will bowl from over the wicket

Win Probability
PS 100%
100%50%100%ST InningsPS Innings

Over 20 • PS 140/3

Scorchers won by 7 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
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