10th Match (N), Dhaka, Jan 11 2019, Bangladesh Premier League
(18.4/20 ov, target 125)130/5
Victorians won by 5 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
player of the match
Shahid Afridi
Comilla Warriors
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• The Report by Shashank Kishore

Afridi rolls back the years as Smith-less Comilla triumph

Shahid Afridi starred with figures of 3 for 10 while Anamul Haque's 40 helped Comilla Victorians beat Rajshahi Kings by five wickets

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Commentator: Shashank Kishore
Scorecard summary
Rajshahi Kings124/10(18.5 overs)
Comilla Victorians130/5(18.4 overs)

First he takes wickets with ripping legbreaks, not always associated with Shahid Afridi's style of bowling. Then he comes, sees out a few deliveries and with victory all but certain, seals it with a six. While the Test team continues to struggle in South Africa, at least one Pakistani cricketer is ensuring there's much reason to celebrate.

At 38, Shahid Afridi he's proving to be far from a spent force at the franchise level. A month's inactivity for a retired cricketer can be a long time, but for Afridi, who has just made a switch from T10 to T20, it seemed merely a break to return re-energised.

Shahid Afrdi is the Man of the Match

Liam Dawson: Decent chase in the end, wicket got harder as the game went on. Batting has been hard work, but we're confident with the team we have. Winning is good, long way to go.

Mustafizur to Afridi, SIX runs

makes room and carves this over third man to seal Comilla's second victory. Who said Afridi is a spent force?

Mustafizur to Dawson, 1 run

thick edge to third man as he chases this full and wide delivery, scores level

Mustafizur to Afridi, 1 run

steered down to square third man

Mustafizur to Afridi, no run

beaten by a cutter that he looks to belt over cover

end of over 1810 runs
CW: 122/5CRR: 6.77 RRR: 1.5
Shahid Afridi2 (2)
Liam Dawson11 (8)
Isuru Udana 3-0-20-0
Mustafizur Rahman 3-0-16-1
Udana to Afridi, 1 run

fetches the pull from outside off to deep square

Udana to Dawson, 1 run

chops this wide of point for a quick single

Udana to Dawson, no run

makes room and punches straight to point

Udana to Dawson, FOUR runs

makes room and absolutely creams this through covers

Udana to Dawson, no run

makes room and bunts this on the bounce to point

Udana to Dawson, FOUR runs

short, wide and he's flayed that away to the point boundary

end of over 173 runs • 1 wicket
CW: 112/5CRR: 6.58 RRR: 4.33
Liam Dawson2 (3)
Shahid Afridi1 (1)
Mustafizur Rahman 3-0-16-1
Qais Ahmad 4-0-21-1
Mustafizur to Dawson, 1 run

chipped but just short of mid-off, risky. Suddenly this game has come alive

Mustafizur to Dawson, no run

struck on the pad but the ball pitched outside leg.

Mustafizur to Afridi, 1 run

this time does it deliberately, uses the pace to steer this between keeper and the slip fielder.

Mustafizur to Dawson, 1 run

thick edge, through the hands of Mehidy at a wide slip. Playing away from the body with an angled bat against a supremely-skilled bowler, chance missed.

Mustafizur to Imrul, OUT

stone dead, oh Mustafizur, you beauty. This is very reminiscent of Jasprit Bumrah's magic slower ball to Shaun Marsh at the MCG. Excellent change of pace. Slower, yorker length and Imrul is completely deceived as he plays all around it. Hits him flush on the boot. Not sure why he wasted a review.

Imrul Kayes lbw b Mustafizur Rahman 6 (12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Mustafizur to Imrul, no run

saved by the thinnest of inside edges. Full, straight, late movement back in. He looked to squeeze it out and just got some bat on it

end of over 164 runs • 1 wicket
CW: 109/3CRR: 6.81 RRR: 4
Imrul Kayes6 (10)
Qais Ahmad 4-0-21-1
Mustafizur Rahman 2-0-13-0
Qais to Malik, OUT

looks for a suicidal single by hitting it to midwicket, was more than halfway down when he was sent back. Had no hope in hell of getting back.

Shoaib Malik run out (Udana/†Zakir Hasan) 2 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25
Qais to Imrul, 2 wide

slips this down leg, keeper tries to stop it with his pad but they get a single.

Qais to Malik, 1 run

cut away to deep point for an easy single

Qais to Malik, no run

works this against the turn to midwicket

Match details
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur
TossComilla Victorians, elected to field first
SeriesBangladesh Premier League
Player Of The Match
Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi
Match days11 January 2019 - night (20-over match)
England Image
Alex Wharf
Bangladesh Image
Morshed Ali Khan
TV Umpire
Bangladesh Image
Masudur Rahman
Reserve Umpire
Bangladesh Image
Match Referee
Bangladesh Image
Debabrata Paul
PointsComilla Victorians 2, Rajshahi Kings 0