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Final (N), Mirpur, January 17, 2020, Bangladesh Premier League
(20 ov, T:171) 149/8

Royals won by 21 runs

Player Of The Match
27* (16) & 2/32
Player Of The Series
225 runs • 14 wkts
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end of over 208 runs • 1 wicket
KT: 149/8CRR: 7.45 
Shafiul Islam7 (4)
Mohammad Amir1 (1)
Andre Russell 4-0-32-2
Mohammad Irfan 4-1-18-2

11.15 pm: Well that's that. We have come to the end of the BPL. A bit surprising to see Russell get the Man of the Match and Man of the Tournament, but you can't say he didn't deserve it. Contributed with bat, ball and leadership. On that note, this is Saurabh Somani, signing off.

And Andre Russell of course, is also the winning skipper. "I just want to thank this bunch of guys. We stuck together through our good times and bad times. Tonight we really got a challenge in the first ten overs. But in T20 cricket, the game is not away till the last ball is bowled. Everyone chipped in with runs tonight. I'm a confident captain. It was a bit rocky at the start of the tournament, getting to understand the guys. Not everyone speaks English where I can have a one on one chat with them, but these guys are real professionals. I've played with them and against them in the BPL. (Tigers) gave us a very good challenge. They beat us twice and we beat them twice. As I said before, once we get to 170-180 - runs on the board in the final will bring pressure. I just want to give everyone the credit. Even the guys who didn't play. And a big thanks to our fans."

Andre Russell is also the Man of the Tournament.

Andre Russell is the Man of the Match.

Mushfiqur Rahim: I'd like to say a very big thank you to all my teammates, and also to the coaching staff. They put in a lot over the tournament. I thought we have given 15 runs more than we should have, but the last four overs cost us a lot of runs and a few dropped catches. That cost us the game. There are 7 local players in the XI so they need to put up their hand and they did. We just weren't good enough in the final. If I get the chance to play again in the final, I want to give a good performance. I thought this BPL was excellent because all the local players performed well, and the overseas ones too. We have some good memories of this BPL.

11.08 pm: We're finally ready for the presentations.

Rizwan Zafar: "Russell Irfan and Malik all contributed but I think Nawaz played a decisive role in this match both with the bat and ball. He is my MOM." - think most people would agree with that.

11.00 pm: We'll have the presentations for you shortly.

Liton Das: Absolutely brilliant effort from all the guys. We're very happy with this feeling. I'm enjoying batting with Afif. We thought we will hit out after the first few overs and settle in.

10.50 pm: Fine all-round performance by Rajashahi, reflected in the 21-run margin at the end. Khulna Tigers were in with a shout for 75% of the chase, but crumbled at the death. Rajshahi Royals have lifted their first ever BPL trophy, and Andre Russell is a proud man, as he should be. Smiles and hugs all around in the Rajshahi camp. They're enjoying their moment. They put on their best for the final stages. Mushfiqur Rahim, the losing skipper, also congratulates the players from the edge of the boundary.

Russell to Shafiul, FOUR runs

fuller on the stumps, drives it past mid-off to finish with a boundary, but Rajshahi Royals have won the BPL.

Russell to Shafiul, 2 runs

fuller and a crisp cover drive unleashed. Great fielding by the man on the cover fence who sprints and dives to his right to save the boundary

Russell to Shafiul, no run

back of a length outside off, he tries to slash but can't connect

Russell to Amir, 1 run

backs away but Russell follows him

Russell to Shohidul Islam, OUT

fuller length on middle and leg, he tries to hoick it to cow corner, but inside edges onto pad, from where it crashes into the stumps. This is ending tamely

Shohidul Islam b Russell 0 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Russell to Shafiul, 1 run

fuller on leg stump, he's making room but can only drive it to long-on

end of over 19Wicket maiden
KT: 141/7CRR: 7.42 RRR: 30.00
Shohidul Islam0 (5)
Shafiul Islam0 (0)
Mohammad Irfan 4-1-18-2
Andre Russell 3-0-24-1
Irfan to Shohidul Islam, no run

goes way across to scoop it this length ball, and can't connect. It goes to the keeper who appeals immediately and the batsman is given out caught behind. The umpire thought there was some bat on it, but the batsman doesn't think so, because he's gone up to review immediately. And replays show why, because the ball didn't touch anything of bat or glove. No wicket, but it's still a maiden.

Irfan to Shohidul Islam, no run

backs away to have a thrash at it but can only connect with air. Length ball zips through over the stumps

It looks like it's gone beyond the Tigers now.

Irfan to Frylinck, OUT

back of a length outside off, he rocks back to pull. Gets more height than distance and he can only pick out deep midwicket

Robbie Frylinck c Shoaib Malik b Mohammad Irfan 12 (15b 1x4 0x6) SR: 80

19th over and no runs off the bat still...

Irfan to Frylinck, no run

back of a length outside off, he wanted to pull it square but can't connect

Irfan to Shohidul Islam, 1 leg bye

another bouncer, he can't get into position to pull in time and wears the blow on his shoulder

Irfan to Shohidul Islam, no run

vicious bouncer. Pitched back of a length on off and took off, whistling past the batsman's shoulder

ZMZahid : "If Royals going to my candidate for MOM is Nawaz. 41 (20) balls and a key wicket of Roussow with good economy 1/28 (4)"

end of over 189 runs • 1 wicket
KT: 140/6CRR: 7.77 RRR: 15.50
Shohidul Islam0 (1)
Robbie Frylinck12 (13)
Andre Russell 3-0-24-1
Mohammad Irfan 3-0-18-1
Russell to Shohidul Islam, 1 leg bye

fuller on the pads, tries to flick it, takes the pad and goes fine but the keeper is moving to his left and manages to stop the ball with a dive

Russell to Shohidul Islam, 5 wide

digs it in short but way down the legside and it takes off. Even the keeper can't get to it. Five wides

Russell to Mushfiqur, OUT

yorked him. Skipper gets skipper at a key moment with a superb ball. Yorker swinging into him on middle stump, Mushfiqur was trying to give himself room and go inside out. He doesn't connect, the ball does - with the stumps.

Mushfiqur Rahim b Russell 21 (15b 2x4 1x6) SR: 140
Russell to Mushfiqur, no run

yorker outside off, tries to drive but can't connect. Dot ball

Russell to Frylinck, 1 run

short ball outside off, he goes to pull, inside edges onto his body. The ball rolls towards the bowler but they take a quick single

Russell to Mushfiqur, 1 run

full toss on the pads, flicked to deep square leg

Russell to Frylinck, 1 run

full on the stumps, punched down the ground

end of over 1711 runs
KT: 131/5CRR: 7.70 RRR: 13.33
Mushfiqur Rahim20 (12)
Robbie Frylinck10 (11)
Mohammad Irfan 3-0-18-1
Kamrul Islam 4-0-29-2
Irfan to Mushfiqur, FOUR runs

short ball outside off, he cuts it over backward point. Third man can't cut it off in time

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