19th Match (D/N), Bridgetown, Sep 22 2019, Caribbean Premier League
(11/11 ov, target 70)81/2
Amazon won by 12 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
4/14 & 2 catches
end of over 114 runs
GAW: 81/2CRR: 7.36 
Brandon King51 (34)
Shoaib Malik4 (5)
Jean-Paul Duminy 3-0-16-1
Sandeep Lamichhane 3-0-21-1

So that's all from our side for tonight. See you soon.

10.06pm The Warriors players are congratulating each other. So that's six in six for them, and with that Guyana Amazon Warriors become the first team to qualify for the playoffs of CPL 2019. First their spinners dismissed Tridents for 138 and then a breezy unbeaten fifty Brandon King ensured they were 12 ahead of the par score when rain returned for good for the second time during Warriors chase.

10.00pm The drizzle has got heavier. The groundstaff are bringing the covers on once again and you'd think that's it. But we are still awaiting an official confirmation. The two batsmen are already back in the dressing room. The Trident players are still in the middle though. The par score is 69 for 2.

Duminy to King, 1 run

fuller on the stumps, driven towards long-on

Duminy to Malik, 1 run

fuller on the stumps, pushed gently towards long-on for one more

Duminy to King, 1 run

length ball on the stumps, forces towards long-on off the back foot and gets to his fifty

Allister: "it's a durag, not a bandana." -- Ah right!

Duminy to King, no run

fuller around off, pushed towards short extra cover

Duminy to King, no run

length ball down the leg side, taps it on its head towards short fine leg

Duminy to Malik, 1 run

fuller around off, turns it towards short midwicket, Nurse fumbles there

9.55pm Malik in a black bandana durag. No helmet. Duminy to bowl around the wicket.

9.50pm It's still drizzling a bit but four more overs will be played. The new target is 97. So as per the new equation, Warriors require 20 off 24 balls.

9.45pm The covers are off. The umpires are having a chat with two captains.

Allister: "nah, the rain gods are just bored because they know the warriors were going to win anyway, why waste a whole ten overs of time."

Naveen: "May be the rain gods also wants GAW to win 6 matches on trot"

mas: "less than a km from the oval absolutely pouring. GAW extend their superb form and remain undefeated (should be)"

9.40pm Morvin: "Has the rain stopped?" -- Apparently not.

Par score at this stage: 61 for 2. Warriors are well ahead. Meanwhile, rain has got heavier.

Anjalie: "Being a fan of the GAW, I'll be happy for another win "

8.39pm A little bit of drizzle coming down. Players are off the field. Covers coming on.

end of over 109 runs
GAW: 77/2CRR: 7.70 RRR: 5.00
Brandon King49 (30)
Shoaib Malik2 (3)
Sandeep Lamichhane 3-0-21-1
Jean-Paul Duminy 2-0-12-1

That will be the strategic break.

Lamichhane to King, FOUR runs

googly, short of a length and coming into him. Jumps back onto the back foot and pulls this to the square leg boundary

Lamichhane to King, FOUR runs

late chop past slip. A slider at a length outside off and he stays on the back foot and hits this after it passes him. Short third man makes the ground and puts in a slide, but it gets tangled into his body and he carries it over the line

Lamichhane to King, no run

yorker at an off stump line. Jammed back down the pitch

Lamichhane to King, no run

googly, short of a length into the corridor. Checks the back foot punch

Lamichhane to Malik, 1 run

short of a length on off stump, punched to long-on off the back foot

Lamichhane to Malik, no run

length outside off, blocked into the covers

Slip and short leg

end of over 93 runs • 1 wicket
GAW: 68/2CRR: 7.55 RRR: 6.45
Shoaib Malik1 (1)
Brandon King41 (26)
Jean-Paul Duminy 2-0-12-1
Sandeep Lamichhane 2-0-12-1
Duminy to Malik, 1 run

length on middle stump, nudged through square leg off the back foot

Duminy to King, 1 run

full on middle stump, driven aerially to long-on

Duminy to King, no run

length outside off, pushed to short third man

Duminy to Hetmyer, OUT

nicely taken by Duminy. Full on off stump, looks for the slog sweep and gets a top edge. That hangs high and to Duminy's right. He has to go backwards and it keeps curving away from him. Stretches a long way out to take it

Shimron Hetmyer c & b Duminy 2 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40
Duminy to Hetmyer, no run

length and in at leg stump. Cops it on the pad as he looks to sweep

Duminy to King, 1 run

length on off stump, pushed into the covers on the front foot