21st Match (D/N), Gros Islet, Sep 24 2019, Caribbean Premier League
(20 ov, target 166)145/9
Zouks won by 20 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 2013 runs • 1 wicket
STKNP: 145/9CRR: 7.25 
Keron Cottoy19 (14)
Jeremiah Louis0 (0)
Kesrick Williams 4-0-48-3
Hardus Viljoen 4-1-14-3

That's it from us tonight. Come back tomorrow when the Zouks take on the first-place Guyana Amazon Warriors. For Hemant Brar and the scoring team, I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

Carlos Brathwaite: "With the showers around, we thought Fabian with the form he was in would get us closer on Duckworth-Lewis. We didn't want it to wait until it gets to 17-18 an over for Fabian to come in so that's why we sent him in early. We had to take a few more chances in the middle rather than wait for Hardus to come back."

Darren Sammy: "I thought we should have got 180 with the start we had but it was difficult to go out and start on the wicket. [Hardus] is someone I have a lot of respect for. I first saw him the the T10 tournament where he went for just six an over."

Hardus Viljoen is Player of the Match for his 3 for 14: "It's a great team effort out there. We knew it was a do or die game so for everybody to have stuck to the team plans gives us great joy. If I could bowl a lot of slower balls, it got a bit tacky after the rain. You just had to have clear plans. Tonight was my night and I'm just glad to come out on top. I think we got a lot out of this performance and let's hope we can keep going."

9:41 pm The Zouks have clawed out of last place and have leapfrogged both the Tallawahs and the Tridents into fourth place with this 20-run win. The Patriots have to beat the Tridents in four days time in their last league match to clinch a playoff spot. If they lose that match, they'll need to sweat out the rest of the round-robin stage to hope the Tridents, Tallawahs or Zouks continue to falter.

Williams to Cottoy, SIX runs

slower ball lands full on off, slogged 25 yards over the rope at long-on. But it's cosmetic to the scorecard as the Zouks have won.

Williams to Cottoy, 2 runs

slower ball pitching well outside leg stump on a full length, backs away to flick this through to deep square leg.

Williams to Joseph, OUT

another slower ball wicket! Skies this length ball on the stumps high over mid-on. de Grandhomme charges in from the boundary at long-on and juggles this initially before taking the catch on his knees right on the 30-yard ring.

Alzarri Joseph c de Grandhomme b Williams 4 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80
Williams to Joseph, 2 runs

slower ball on the legs, flicks it high over midwicket, Hodge is fooled by the backspin after it lands short of the boundary and overruns it briefly to allow a second.

Williams to Cottoy, 1 run

slower ball full on fourth stump, flicked behind square after shuffling across.

Williams to Joseph, 1 run

short of a length on the body, checks a flick and it lobs in the air into short midwicket.

Williams to Joseph, 1 wide

short and way outside off, goes to cut but it's out of reach and wide called.

end of over 193 runs • 1 wicket
STKNP: 132/8CRR: 6.94 RRR: 34.00
Alzarri Joseph1 (2)
Keron Cottoy10 (11)
Hardus Viljoen 4-1-14-3
Fawad Ahmed 4-0-19-2
Viljoen to Joseph, 1 run

good length ball angled into the body backing away from leg stump, flicks this behind square.

Viljoen to Joseph, no run

full and wide on fifth stump, noise as it passed the bat missing a slog but no appeal for caught behind from bowler nor keeper.

Viljoen to Cottoy, 1 run

backs well away from leg stump to drive flat to mid-off. Williams slides on the ring to take this off the thigh.

Viljoen to Emrit, OUT

slogged to long-on. Short of a length on off stump, flat bats this to Williams who takes this five yards in from the rope before commencing another game of solo football with the cricket ball.

Rayad Emrit c Williams b Viljoen 18 (10b 0x4 2x6) SR: 180
Viljoen to Cottoy, 1 run

shuffles across his stumps, then backtracks flicking this shin high leg stump full toss to deep fine leg.

Viljoen to Cottoy, no run

shuffles well outside off stump to flick over fine leg but can't connect properly on a fullish length ball.

Replays show Fletcher had a genuine case for caught behind on the first ball bowled by Fawad in the last over. Emrit looked to have gloved the ball through to Fletcher after being beaten charging and that's why he took the ball so high over the stumps. But was given not out.