19th Match, Port of Spain, Aug 30 2020, Caribbean Premier League
(20 ov, target 93)89/7
Zouks won by 3 runs
player of the match
Javelle Glen
St Lucia Zouks
end of over 205 runs • 1 wicket
BT: 89/7CRR: 4.45 
Nyeem Young2 (1)
Raymon Reifer2 (3)
Roston Chase4-0-14-1
Javelle Glen3-0-11-2

1.28 pm: Well this game moved at turgid pace for a lot of the time and then burst into life like a volcano in the last couple of overs. Still not quite sure how Tridents failed to chase that. Jason Holder has asked him men to look in the mirror. At the other end of the spectrum, Darren Sammy couldn't contain his joy. This is a double header day, so hop on over to the next match, which is Guyana Amazon Warriors vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots coming up shortly. From myself, Al, Thilak and Chandan, it's goodbye from this game.

Jason Holder: "Just poor batting. You've got to be able to chase 92 runs. I don't think you can complain about the bowlers. (On the bowlers) It was really good. All the boys put up their hands and did their jobs. But again, we have to be able to chase 92 and there are no excuses. I don't think we showed intent upfront especially in the powerplay. Credit to their bowlers but I still think it was not a pitch on which we should have batted like this. We really have to look at ourselves in the mirror tonight for sure. Got a day off and then back day after. Have to take it game after game."

Darren Sammy: From the beginning we've been saying we love the vibe in the team. At the halfway stage myself and the coach just said 'make them work hard for it'. And every single bowler I called on did that. Javelle has been bowling in practice and on a wicket where the spinners were causing problems for the batsmen, there was nothing to lose. And he's a very confident guy. I was tempted to pull him off, but he came through for us. At the stage I am in my career, everytime I play cricket it's not about me. If I can nurture these guys in the dressing room, that's been my role in all the teams I've played. If you see I've not contributed with bat and ball, but my brain is as sharp as ever. You've got to be satisfied with that. Any format you need to make the right decisions. And experience always counts. And in a small chase, you need everything to work for you. And today it worked for us. We were at the receiving end last year when Barbados took 5 wickets for 12 runs and knocked us out."

1.18 pm: One more stat for you, courtesy our resident stats genius Gaurav Sundararaman - "Only twice has a team not chased 93 or less after batting 20 overs."

Javelle Glen is Man of the Match: "I just want to say thanks to Chris Gayle," he says. "I'm a soldier and I'm going to fight for my team and fight for myself (about the defence). This win was very crucial for the team. It's a really good team." - he took his first T20 wicket today, and ended up with figures of 2 for 11 in three overs. Ripped some leggies a fair way too.

Just to reiterate, this is the lowest total successfully defended in CPL history

Sarah : "In complete shock as to how tridents managed to lose this?? Maybe the pitches are slow this cpl and it's low scoring but there have been some very tight intense games "

Abhishek: "Tridents have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory"

Milan Panth: "Nail bitting thriller here! Feel so proud to witness such a match!!"

1.09 pm: A thrilling finish of a different kind this. Zouks are in delight and who can blame them. The Tridents dressing room will be a dark, sombre, funeral place. Just how did they mess up a chase of 93 after being in control of it for so long? But take nothing from Zouks. They kept fighting, and kept bowling with the intent to defend rather than going through the motions and giving up. Brilliant move by Sammy to give Glen and Chase the last two overs, they denied batsmen pace totally and the slowness of the pitch plus their control meant the Tridents batsmen just couldn't find the middle of the bat. I'm still dazed that you can end on 89 for 7 while chasing 93 to win in a T20 game. The pitch was not easy to bat on, but it wasn't one that converted innocuous balls into hissing cobras. The Tridents batsmen just couldn't seem to work the ball into gaps, forget about finding the fence. The Zouks strengthen their hold on the second place in the CPL points table. Tridents have wounds to lick. They were outplayed by Pollard yesterday and lost a match they looked to be in control of. They couldn't have imagined this happening 24 hours later.

Chase to Young, 2 runs

full toss outside off, carves it over cover and there is a sweeper there, which means Zouks have defended 92. What a win!

Tridents need a six off the last ball to win. Chasing 93 to win. Unbelievable.

this will be the lowest total defended in CPL history.

Chase to Reifer, 1 bye

full ball, yorker length wide of off - wonderfully bowled. All he can do is get an under-edge that rolls past the keeper. In fact he didn't get a touch on it. Went past keeper so they take 1

Mind games by Chase? Pulls out of his run-up

7 off 2. Oh my word

Chase to Reifer, 2 runs

another full toss outside off, another thrash at it, runs to third man where Glen cuts it off

Chase to Reifer, no run

full toss outside off and he misses it. Typical of Tridents innings. Big swipe connects with air

9 needed off 4 and Zouks are favourites now!

Chase to Nurse, OUT

caught at midwicket ho ho ho, this is some defence and a half by Zouks. Nurse has not connected with a single swipe, walks across his stumps to try to hit one out of the ground. Can only hit as far as deep midwicket, where the man tumbles forward and holds

Ashley Nurse c Najibullah Zadran b Chase 12 (21b 0x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
Chase to Nurse, no run

bowls it well across him, wide outside off. Nurse wants to sweep, doesn't reach it. Wants the umpire to give it a wide but not given

Williams Chase will defend 9 runs in the last over. A sentence I never thought I would type at the halfway stage. Interesting move to give the ball to Chase.

end of over 194 runs • 1 wicket
BT: 84/6CRR: 4.42 RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
Ashley Nurse12 (19)
Raymon Reifer0 (0)
Javelle Glen3-0-11-2
Mohammad Nabi4-0-18-1
Glen to Nurse, 1 run

moves way across and tries to pull really hard. No timing on that, it runs to deep midwicket

Glen to Rashid Khan, OUT

caught at long-on Oh my, the Tridents are really making a hash of this. Not Rashid's fault, he's facing run-rate pressure where none should have been there. Goes back to a length all to pull, it's not short enough, and he can only top-edge it to long-on. Glen has a second T20 wicket.

Rashid Khan c Mohammad Nabi b Glen 2 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40
Glen to Nurse, 1 run

top edge. tired a mow over cow corner but gets a top edge that just clear Sammy at mid-off

Glen to Rashid Khan, 1 run

down the track and clipped to long-on

Glen to Rashid Khan, no run

length outside off, cuts to point

Cricfanalways: "Just see the contrast between the 2 T20s that were 30 minutes apart, the ball striking in the Eng Pak T20 was a different level. How pitches make a difference in cricket "

- they do, but it has been fairly turgid batting from Tridents so far

Glen to Nurse, 1 run

quicker on the stumps, flat-bats a pull to long-on

How do you get to needing more than a run a ball while chasing 93 in a T20? Tridents have done it. 13 needed off 12. Glen to bowl the penultimate over.