11th Match, Basseterre, September 01, 2021, Caribbean Premier League

Match tied (Amazon won the one-over eliminator)

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Super Over
SUPER OVER - END OF OVER4 runs • 1 wicket
TKR: 4/1CRR: 4.00 

2.20pm: Well that brings us to the end of the most action-packed game of CPL 2021 so far. We're not done for today though, there'll be Jamaica Tallawahs taking on table toppers St Kitts & Nevis Patriots in a few hours. But for now, just soak in this fantastic game. So many heroes. Udana with a valuable cameo at the end. Hafeez with crucial wickets. Then Narine turning on the magic, first in regular time then in Super Over time. Pooran, coming and middling the ball from the start after a Narine double-wicket over. Akeal Hosein. What a catch. What a nerveless show in the last over. What a wonderful talent. And Romario Shepherd. He had mis-fields and dropped catches off him but still took 3 wickets. He came in when King and Pooran had fallen off successive balls but blithely blasted the bowling for sixes. And then bowled the Super Over to defend 7. Each of them, and several others besides, were heroes. That's as good a closing thought as any, so it's goodbye from Saurabh Somani, on behalf of Sreshth and Chandan too.

Nicholas Pooran: We fought really hard as a franchise and a cricket team. We bowled extremely well today. When we batted, we kind of batted ourselves in a hole today, we didn't have enough intent in the middle overs. We came out on the right side today but it's something to think on. First thing I told Romario before the CPL started was that this is his year. The way he was batting, bowling, fielding. His ethics, his body language, he wants to win games for the teams. He proved he was a match-winner again today and I'm very happy for him. Definitely last over of Sunil, those batsmen at the end, I expect them to finish it. Polly bowled an over and I felt we didn't read the situation (should have gone after Pollard rather than Narine). We're bonding as a family off the cricket field as well. We have started our journey now, so we just want to build on this confidence wise.

Kieron Pollard: I take full responsibility for that (the Super Over defeat). It has been challenging (to score). You have seen all teams struggling but having said that, we need to play with smarts. I thought we were short, but we bowled well. After the wicket of Nicholas we should have been tighter, instead of giving freebies to Romario, but these things happen. (Hosein's catch) That was fantastic. The way he has been going throughout the tournament was fantastic. And the way he came and bowled the last over, defended 8 and took us to the last over, showed his talent.

Romario Shepherd is the Player of the Match: The coach told me before I went out to bat that I would bowl the over. I was confident. The wicket on the first ball was important, it put them on the backfoot. I'm pleased, I'm developing with the bat also. I'm going out there and finishing games for us also. Every victory for us is important. We didn't want to go three down.

2.05pm: Have you caught your breath? We're still holding ours in.

Shepherd to Seifert, 1 run

Guyana Amazon Warriors have pulled off a remarkable heist. Kept it full and angling across him outside off, Seifert moved well across and tried to blast it straight, but no timing on it. Long off can field it easily and the Warriors break out into celebratory hugs all around. What a game. What win.

Shepherd to Seifert, no run

keeps it well wide of off and Seifert falls over while trying to carve it through the offside. Can't connect! Four needed from the last ball

Shepherd to Seifert, 2 runs

moves across a bit to low full toss on off, and lashes it hard through cover. Hetmyer at deep cover fumbles, it was hit very hard. That means the batsmen have time to sprint back for the second

Shepherd to Munro, 1 run

superb bowling, yorker speared into him, he manages to squeeze it out to cover and scamper a single

Shepherd to Munro, no run

down the track, but Shepherd keeps it wide and almost out of his reach. Gets the toe-end to it and it rolls back down the pitch

Shepherd to Pollard, OUT

wicket first ball. What a start, and it's Pollard too. Full ball on off from around the stumps, Pollard went for one of his powerful, no follow-through sixes, but didn't get the elevation needed and only picked out long-off.

Kieron Pollard and Colin Munro will be the Knight Riders' batsmen for the Super Over to start.

So it's going to be Tahir to bowl the Super Over for Warriors. Two spinners bowling the Super Over, that's got to be quite rare. Oh it's not Tahir, though he was turning his arm over. It'll be Romario Shepherd.

SUPER OVER - END OF OVER6 runs • 2 wickets
GAW: 6/2CRR: 6.00 

So only 6 runs for Warriors in the Super Over and they didn't even last all six balls. Narine carried on his form from the game into the Super Over. Can Knight Riders get victory? They'll surely be favourites

Narine to Hetmyer, OUT

and it's all over with a top-edged sweep being caught by Ramdin. Just like he had in the game, Hetmyer can't connect cleanly with a sweep off Narine. Gets a top edge that goes steepling high but straight up. Ramdin steps forward, waits a long time and calmly catches it

Narine to Hetmyer, FOUR runs

finally gets some meat on the ball, Narine slides down leg and Hetmyer swipes him through backward square leg to find the boundary

Narine to Pooran, OUT

Pooran has been caught by Pollard on the boundary. Unfurls the reverse sweep but he hasn't connected pristinely enough, and can only pick out Pollard at deep cover. Key wicket.

Narine to Hetmyer, 1 leg bye

Goes down leg again but Hetmyer didn't move much. Still can't get hold of it, trying to sweep, goes over the keeper and lands safe

Narine to Pooran, 1 run

Gives himself a lot of room but Narine follows and Pooran can't get the timing on the thump to deep midwicket

Pooran and Hetmyer the two Warriors batsmen to come out for the Super Over. I'd have Romario Shepherd as the third man if needed. And it indeed is Sunil Narine to bowl.

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