17th Match, Group B (N), Ahmedabad, Sep 30 2013, Champions League Twenty20
Match abandoned without a ball bowled

For those who are interested, the correct answer to the last question was AB de Villiers, with a strike rate of 177.02 in matches his team has lost. I will have more for you in my next stint, if the rain plays a hand again. Hopefully though, that won't be the case. For now, this is Rohan Sharma, hoping that the weather is a little better wherever you are!

9.05pm And the bad news for those who had their hopes vested in Sunrisers, the match has been abandoned. This means that the Sunrisers are hereby eliminated, and Trinidad & Tobago must not lose by a great margin in their next match to Chennai Super Kings in order to go through by basis of better net run rate.

The covers are still on and there are still some puddles on the ground. Officials did come out to have to conference.

9.00pm The official pitch inspection should be held just about now, but nothing yet confirmed. Will update you in a little while.

rv: "David Warner" rashid: "M. Lumb!!!" ankush wadhwa: "M.S.DHoni"

Adam A: "Dinesh Khartik???" Jatin Rana: "Ross Taylor"

Amit Agarwal: "Has to be raina.." Rags: "Easy...Duminy........"

Ghulam Murtaza: "Dhawan" Jesse: "Kieron Pollard"

Treser: "Faf!" Prashanth: "Quinton de Kock i guess..."

Radhakrishna: "Was that Viru?" Manish: "Definitely Misabh-ul-Haq"

Rags: "Has to be Chris Gayle.....or Gilchrist...." Senthan: "Sachin"

Saad M: "Virat Kohli ?" topu: "Ashwin super king"

Hmmm, hopefully this one can stump most of you: Which batsman has the highest strike rate in lost causes in the Champions League, with a minimum of 100 runs scored

And the correct answer is: Aneketh: "Josh Hazlewood Econ Rate 4.70. Played 6 matches in 2012 CL in SA."

NEERAJ : "dougie bollinger"

Rags: "I will die if it is Vinay Kumar" Siddhesh: "Rangana Herath. 4.92"

swikar: "Aaron Phangiso n Econ 5.36"

arun: "narine- 4.60 thanks to statsguru cricinfo"

Jatin Rana: "I think it is Brett Lee" Archit: "Harbhajan"

OMPRAKASH KHOJA: "munaf patel 4.25... 4 over 17 run 2 wickets"

Sadish: "Should be Sunil Narine." Ramesh Gadhari : "Ashwin"

raghu: "Muttiah Muralitharan" Gurpreet Singh: "Rohit Sharma"

veeresh: "malinga" Gaurav: "It is L Balaji I guess.." Ashish: "RP Singh..."

Time for another one, and I think this might be a tad tougher: Bowling at least five innings, which bowler has the best economy rate in Champions Leagues held in South Africa? and for a bonus, can you identify his economy rate exactly?

And the correct answer, which I will let Sanket Shah take it away: sanket shah: "David Warner it is........"

MJ: ""MS Dhoni""

Abir Utsha: "It is definitely me. I scored a few double hundreds when I played, yeah obviously on a console."

Himanish: "I have an exam tomorrow and I'm waiting for the rain to get over..."

Anmol Sharma: "Suresh Raina or Murali Vijay I guess."

mahy: "Suresh raina i guess.. chennai has been in all champions league and he is their main scorer"

Ethan coutinho: "Who knows the answer might be Chris Gayle.That man has top scored everywhere when it comes to 20-20."

kuku...: "sachin tendulkar"

Nata: "Raina"

Ethan coutinho: "Have a look at the Heats team and their players names.You could write a paragraph on it, here's my form of a para: There are Hopes that the Burns endured by the Mount Mc Dermott and the Gales of wind it endures during the summer Heats dont cause Forrest fires.If its does cause a Forrest fire all the Roaches on the mountain will die..........hehe was kinda jobless waitin for the match."

Time for a question to help break up the monotony as we wait for the inspection: Which batsman has scored the most runs in the Champions League in India (remember that the 2010 and 2012 edition were in South Africa)?

saikiran: "please call navjot singh sidhu to drive away the rain with his poetry"

Mahesh: "Why can't we have electric sliding roofs for all the existing stadiums in India with BCCI being the richest cricket board in the world..? There would no more be a question of matches getting abandoned as this definitely seems to be unfair for all those teams facing the abandonment.. When the format of the game can change, why can't we see a change in the way it is held?"

zafarjaveds: "I think it is a conspiracy by the rain god to stop Sun God(SRH) from qualifying for semi's."

Jithendra: "This is unacceptable.Why the Mumbai Indians match was shifted to Jaipur but not these matches?"

Debraj: ""Rain Rain go away.. Little Parthiv wants to Play" !"

Siddhesh: "Not a single drop of rain where i live 1000's of miles away! Oh wait. . . That doesn't matter."

SaadM: "I suggest that please call a private airplane and quickly go to jaipur and play 5 over match atleast it will be a chance for sun risers to make it to the semis !!!"

Fyzo: "Go Brisbane. Salvage some points from this competition."

ajay: "we need brisbane's heat and hyderabads sun to clear the damp ground. with hyderabad's luck i don't see this match happening."

abir: "rain rain pls go away.....pls help me gain fantasy points...."

shailesh: "I am waiting to watch dhawan storm...;)"

Hemanta Bhandari: "Rain breaking the heart of the Sunrisers Fans. :( rain rain go away let sunrisers play today"

Janak: "not even a single drop of rain where i live 7 km away from the stadium !"

Assuming no more rain falls, we will have an official inspection of the ground in 15 50 minutes, so that would be 9.00pm

8.08pm So for those who need a refresher on what are the stakes for both the Heat and Sunrisers, look no further than Alagappan Muthu's preview, which sheds light on all the permutations and what Sunrisers, in particular, have to do in order to get a smidgen of a chance at progression into the semis

8.07pm So the rain seems to have stopped, and the ground staff are hard at work trying to soak up the excess water off the outfield. You can literally see the water squishing out under the boots of officials, umpires and staff as they hover around the field to get everything ready

8.05pm If you haven't already, do check out Azhar Mahmood interview with Subash Jayaraman off Cricket Couch fame. Mahmood is the quintessential T20 journeyman cricketer, who has applied his wares to a number of teams across the globe.

Srinu: "Hey, Rain God Pls be calm and let SRH have a big win here to make way for semis Plssss"

samba: "i don't want to miss dhawan's runs rain"

8.02pm Having a fresh look here and it looks as if the rain has reduced to a drizzle, but still significant enough to halt play. Will keep you abreast of any updates as and when they come.

8.00pm As my fellow commentator, Kanishkaa Balachandran, has mentioned before, it is bucketing down at Ahmedabad, and the puddles on the outfield have grown into significant lakes.

7.55pm Hello and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's live raindrop-by-raindrop coverage of the second match today in Ahmedabad between Brisbane Heat and Sunrisers Hyderabad