8th Match, Group A (D/N), Jaipur, Sep 25 2013, Champions League Twenty20
(20 ov, target 243)180/6
Otago won by 62 runs
player of the match
end of over 209 runs • 1 wicket
PS: 180/6CRR: 9.00 
Hilton Cartwright68 (53)
James McMillan3-1-19-1
Ian Butler4-0-47-3

And that's all she wrote folks. Otago win this one convincingly (if ever there was an understatement) and Perth Scorchers are really under the pump, with their first game being rained out, and now this 62-run loss, so their NRR has taken a hit. Don't stray too far though, as we have just begun live coverage of the second match tonight in Jaipur, with Rajasthan Royals taking on Highveld Lions. But for myself and the scorers, this is Rohan Sharma saying good night, and good luck!

Brendon McCullum, Otago Volts captain: It was unbelievable innings really. I think it is the most amazing batting from our association's history and to it do it on the world stage is phenomenal. It was a real delight for Broom to bat like that. We galloped away at the start, and then finally arranged to get set. I thought Broom and Derek's partnership was crucial. The guys were brilliant and managed to give us an incredible total. We are really going well, as it is 14 wins in a row now. We have a special culture in our team as well so its nice to show that on the international stage. We have some tough opponents coming up so we back ourselves.

Neil Broom, Man of the Match: Yeah we had a slow start. We lost two key wickets there. Derek and I cemented a good partnership and Ryan was special, playing a crucial hand there. It was a pretty flat deck, not a lot of turn, similar to back home. Looking forward to getting back out there in three days time. I know they are all watching (NZ audience), it is late at night there, so nice to put on a show.

Join us in a few minutes for the post-match presentation

And it is all over. Perth Scorchers were never really in it as they settle for a 62-run loss to Otago Volts, with the bowling doing a decent enough job to keep Otago safe. Hilton Cartwright played a good innings under pressure, with an unbeaten 69 off 53 balls, and had good support from Voges, Turner and Triffitt along the way. Ian Butler was the pick of the Otago bowlers with 3 for 47. So Otago's dominant run continues, and they now sit at a clear second with 14 consecutive victories in this format. Only 11 more to go now to reach Sialkot.. Hey, you can never be too positive! Perth will feel remissed by the fact that they ended up on the losing end, despite putting up 180 in their innings.

McMillan to Triffitt, OUT

fuller length ball and Cartwright goes for it, but ends up holing out to long off, but the wicket doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Tom Triffitt c Broom b McMillan 25 (20m 17b 2x4 1x6) SR: 147.05
McMillan to Cartwright, (no ball)

high full toss, just above the shoulders and hits him hard on the neck. Immediately called a no-ball by the umpire, so not yet there

McMillan to Cartwright, FOUR runs

Hilton cuts this length ball away past the keeper to the third man boundary

McMillan to Triffitt, 1 run

right in the blockhole as Tom tries to find the gap square of the wicket, and then goes for the run, even though he would have been out by a long shot with the incoming throw at the non-strikers

McMillan to Triffitt, no run

fuller length ball on middle which Tom works away to the off side, but to no avail

McMillan to Cartwright, 1 run

back of a length just outside off as Hilton glides this square of the wicket on the off side

McMillan to Triffitt, 1 run

fuller length on middle and leg which Tom drills to mid off

So 72 required off the final 6 then...

The last over to be bowled by McMillan

end of over 1915 runs
PS: 171/5CRR: 9.00 RRR: 72.00 • Need 72 runs from 6b
Hilton Cartwright63 (50)
Tom Triffitt23 (13)
Ian Butler4-0-47-3
James Neesham3-0-20-0
Butler to Cartwright, FOUR runs

fuller length ball on middle and leg which Hilton slog sweeps to the midwicket boundary

Butler to Cartwright, FOUR runs

back of a length on and around off which Hilton dances down to, and clears long off to reach the boundary

Butler to Triffitt, 1 run

speared in on the leg side and Triffitt is able to sneak a run

Butler to Triffitt, FOUR runs

fuller length, on and around off, which Triffitt paddle sweeps behind square leg to get a boundary in the fine leg region

Butler to Cartwright, 1 run

speared into the blockhole as Hilton is able to work it away for a single

Butler to Triffitt, 1 run

fuller length, slanting in to the batsman, as Triffitt eases this through to long on

Ian Butler comes on to have a bowl