18th Match, Group A (N), Hyderabad, Sep 29 2014, Champions League Twenty20
(20 ov, target 188)151/8
KKR won by 36 runs
player of the match
Robin Uthappa
Kolkata Knight Riders
end of over 205 runs
DOLPH: 151/8CRR: 7.55 
Prenelan Subrayen7 (7)
Kyle Abbott5 (9)
Andre Russell3-0-17-1
Sunil Narine4-0-33-3

That is all from this game. Good night

Robin Uthappa is the Man of the Match. Uthappa: "Needed to get myself in, it was a good wicket, initially was doing a bit. Manish bats the best when he plays freely, he has been hitting it really well last couple of weeks. Losing wickets in the first six overs, the ball was doing a bit, I understood I needed to hold one end up, I knew once Manish got it, he would play the big shots. The dew factor made it a bit difficult for our bowlers."

Gautam Gambhir: "Was important not to be complacent. We have been chasing last few games, wanted to let our batters with freedom without scoreboard pressure. Guys took responsibility. With dew it was getting tough for spinners. We wanted to put our bowlers under pressure as well."

Manish Pandey: "The wicket was good, there was a little movement off it at the start. There was one partnership needed, I and Robin had a discussion, and eventually it came off well. We have played a lot of cricket together, we know each other's gameplans."

Morne van Wyk: "We had opportunities to apply skills, got ourselves where we could have nailed down a couple of games, but could not. Tonight was another opportunity. Some of us had never seen these bowlers, never played on these grounds. Back home, you play against the same guys often, and have a good idea what you are doing. We played against teams used to their conditions. Home advantage. Tough cricket, learned a lot, we will be taking back a lot to South Africa. We are not going to let these losses affect our winning culture. We have a winning culture, character, a very good team and something we are proud of."

Narine playing his part in the 13th successive win for KKR with quick wickets when Dolphins were counterattacking. KKR's streak is now the longest for an Indian T20 side, and it is only the second time out of those 13 victories that they have won batting first.

Russell to Subrayen, no run

can't do anything with this very full last ball and inside edges it onto leg

Russell to Subrayen, no run

swings and misses a pitched up ball, is hit on the pad

Russell to Abbott, 1 run

full outside off, squeezed to extra cover

Russell to Abbott, no run

Uthappa appeal for caught behind as Russell bowls it full and wide, there was a sound, not sure if it was ball hitting bat

Russell to Subrayen, 1 run

stands outside off to a full one and slams it down to long off

Russell to Abbott, 1 run

full and slanted across, forced to mid off

round the stumps

Russell to Abbott, 1 wide

pitches it further up and goes wider outside off

Russell to Abbott, 1 wide

short and wide, and called one

end of over 196 runs
DOLPH: 146/8CRR: 7.68 • RRR: 42.00 • Need 42 runs from 6b
Kyle Abbott3 (6)
Prenelan Subrayen6 (4)
Sunil Narine4-0-33-3
Kuldeep Yadav4-0-30-1
Narine to Abbott, 1 run

swings at this pitched up ball, the edge flies towards point, but falls short

Narine to Abbott, no run

offbreak turning in and bouncing, forced to extra cover

Narine to Abbott, no run

misses a straighter one which bounces over the stumps

Narine to Subrayen, 1 run

swings and skies it over the slip, falls at wide of short third man

Narine to Subrayen, FOUR runs

length ball slanted in, and he's mowed this over square leg, falls just inside the rope

Narine to Subrayen, no run

that has just missed off stump, it was the straighter one, and Subrayen swiped and missed

Narine on a hat trick with two slips waiting