8th Match (D/N), Perth, Jan 28 2007, Commonwealth Bank Series
(50 ov, target 344)335/5
Australia won by 8 runs
player of the match
Ricky Ponting
end of over 5016 runs
NZ: 335/5CRR: 6.70 
Brendon McCullum46 (39)
Jacob Oram101 (72)
Nathan Bracken10-1-75-0
Glenn McGrath10-0-72-1

John Buchanan had mentioned that Australia wanted a fight and they certainly got one today. Jacob Oram stretched them to the limit and New Zealand finished on 335 for 5. Who'd have thought they would have got so close when the chase started. Oram's hundred off 71 balls is the fastest by a New Zealand player.

Matthew Hayden and Ricky Ponting set up the victory with twin centuries and Hussey provided an adrenalin-filled finish to spur Australia on to 343 for 5. It almost wasn't enough as Oram and McCullum took New Zealand closer but Glenn McGrath bowled a string of superb yorkers to stem the run flow.

Ricky Ponting is the Player of the Match for his 111 off 122 balls. He added 200 runs for the second wicket with Hayden.

That's it from us at Cricinfo, we'll be back on Tuesday to bring you the action from Perth when England take on New Zealand. I'll been a pleasure bringing this exciting game to you, have a good evening. Cheers!

Bracken to McCullum, FOUR runs

McCullum swings a full toss over midwicket and gets four off the last ball, New Zealand fall short by nine runs

Bracken to Oram, 1 run

low full toss, Oram swings it to Symonds at long-off for a single, Australia have this in the bag

Bracken to Oram, 2 runs

that's Oram's hundred! An outstanding inninsg and he gets there by lofting it to Hayden at deep cover, take a bow Jacob Oram, he deserves all the applause he's getting

Bracken to Oram, 2 runs

driven firmly down the ground to Clarke at long-on, they take on his arm and attempt the second, Oram just makes his ground as the throw comes in to the striker's end, the third umpire says not out, he's on 98.

Bracken to Oram, SIX runs

SIX! full toss, Oram slices it off the bat and gets enough meat on it to send it over symonds at long-off! Oram moves on to 96!

Bracken to McCullum, 1 run

full and angling into leg stump, McCullum drives to long-off for one

25 needed in the last over. Bracken to bowl and McCullum will be on strike.

end of over 4910 runs
NZ: 319/5CRR: 6.51 • RRR: 25.00 • Need 25 runs from 6b
Brendon McCullum41 (37)
Jacob Oram90 (68)
Glenn McGrath10-0-72-1
Nathan Bracken9-1-59-0
McGrath to McCullum, 1 run

low full toss on off and middle to end the over, McCullum forces it to cover and retains strike

McGrath to Oram, 1 run

another one nearly in the blockhole, Oram drives it to long-on for one more

McGrath to McCullum, 1 run

the next one is in the blockhole again, McCullum digs it out on the leg side for one more

McGrath to McCullum, SIX runs

this time it's full and McCullum gets underneath it and slams it over extra cover, a touch too full from Mcgrath and McCullum cashed in

McGrath to Oram, 1 run

another one in the blockhole, Oram chips it to long-off for one, superb bowling, you won't see a better display of slog-over bowling

McGrath to Oram, no run

outstanding yorker, McGrath is as cool as they come, Oram defends it back to the bowler

New Zealand need 35 off two overs. It's improbable but anything can happen. McGrath to bowl to Oram.