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Group 2, The Oval, May 20 - 23, 2021, County Championship
190 & 259/2d
(T:290) 160 & 250/6

Match drawn

Surrey 1st Innings
Middlesex 1st Innings
Surrey 2nd Innings
Middlesex 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Surrey 1st Innings 
lbw b Bamber6415620411041.02
c †Simpson b Cullen6312719510049.60
b Helm24731123032.87
lbw b Andersson01119000.00
c †Simpson b Andersson045000.00
c White b Helm035000.00
lbw b Andersson1350033.33
c †Simpson b Cullen1954753035.18
lbw b Cullen01725000.00
c White b Helm515241033.33
not out 00200-
Extras(b 4, lb 9, w 1)14
TOTAL77.1 Ov (RR: 2.46)190
Fall of wickets: 1-135 (Mark Stoneman, 46.1 ov), 2-135 (Rory Burns, 47.6 ov), 3-140 (Ollie Pope, 52.1 ov), 4-140 (Ben Foakes, 52.5 ov), 5-141 (Jamie Smith, 53.3 ov), 6-142 (Jordan Clark, 54.2 ov), 7-185 (Hashim Amla, 71.4 ov), 8-185 (Rikki Clarke, 72.1 ov), 9-190 (Reece Topley, 76.6 ov), 10-190 (Kemar Roach, 77.1 ov)
47.6 to RJ Burns, hit on the pad, and up goes the finger! Burns doesn't look too happy about it - height might have been an issue. Replays confirm it would have trimmed the top of off stump. 135/2
53.3 to JL Smith, and another! Middlesex have taken five wickets for six runs! Tentative poke at a ball in the channel outside off stump, and a good low catch in the slips from Robbie White. Came a little wider on the crease, angling the ball in. Good movement in off the seam, forcing Smith to play, and the outside edge flies low to first slip. 141/5
71.4 to HM Amla, bowled im! Wide on the crease, angled in towards the top of off stump, and past Amla's bat. Middlesex make their first breakthrough of the day. 185/7
77.1 to KAJ Roach, edged low to slip! Surrey miss out on a batting point. Helm has been excellent in this innings and tailed another full outswinger away from the bat. Roach edges to White, and Middlesex have bowled their cross-town rivals out for 190. 190/10
52.1 to OJ Pope, nip-backer which smashes Pope on the pad and he's gone! Pope was a long way across, batting on off stump as he has tended to this season. The idea is that he can whip anything straight through the leg side but this nipped in off the seam and looked pretty good to the naked eye. Yep, HawkEye confirms it would have hit the top of middle. 140/3
52.5 to BT Foakes, holds its line in the off-stump channel, and draws a faint nibble behind from Foakes! Surrey's England pair in the middle order both fall to Andersson without scoring and Middlesex are on fire!. 140/4
54.2 to J Clark, fullish, straight, pinned on the front pad, and umpire Lloyd's finger shoots up! Carnage in South London!. 142/6
46.1 to MD Stoneman, nicked off! Finally Middlesex make a breakthrough. Inside-edged through to the keeper. 135/1
72.1 to R Clarke, nicks him off! Loose drive from Clarke, throwing his hands at a fullish ball in the channel, and Cullen locates the outside edge to take his second. Surrey lose two in quick succession. 185/8
76.6 to RJW Topley, nips in off the seam, smashes the pad, and up goes the finger! Full, angling in, Topley was nowhere near it and thumped on the top of the back pad, right in front. Walked straight off, not even waiting for the umpire's decision!. 190/9
Middlesex 1st Innings 
c †Foakes b Roach1722244077.27
c †Foakes b Roach110200010.00
lbw b Topley1480025.00
b Roach512161041.66
lbw b Clark937561024.32
c Pope b Clark6810015810068.00
c Clarke b Topley26243860108.33
b Roach1246531026.08
c Amla b Clark414181028.57
not out 1181720137.50
c Stoneman b Clark0410000.00
Extras(lb 2, nb 4)6
TOTAL46.3 Ov (RR: 3.44)160
Fall of wickets: 1-18 (Jack Davies, 5.1 ov), 2-19 (Sam Robson, 5.4 ov), 3-19 (Nick Gubbins, 6.2 ov), 4-27 (Peter Handscomb, 9.1 ov), 5-60 (Robbie White, 19.2 ov), 6-98 (Martin Andersson, 27.2 ov), 7-140 (Blake Cullen, 39.6 ov), 8-147 (Tom Helm, 42.6 ov), 9-152 (John Simpson, 44.5 ov), 10-160 (Tim Murtagh, 46.3 ov)
6.2 to NRT Gubbins, full, smashed on the pad as it nips away a touch off the seam, and Gubbins is gone! Gubbins was looking to work to leg but this was a beauty from Topley that nibbled away from him. Middlesex in all sorts with the bat... again!. 19/3
27.2 to MK Andersson, edged, and Rikki Clarke takes a screamer at second slip! Topley angles this across Andersson, who throws his hands at it, and gets a thick outside edge. Clarke sticks his hands out and clings onto the chance, to oohs and aahs from the Oval crowd. 98/6
5.1 to JLB Davies, perfect line, good length, Davies prods awkwardly at it and gets a thin edge through to the keeper! Surrey have their first. Nips away off the seam to take Davies' outside edge. 18/1
5.4 to SD Robson, angles in, nips away, Robson has a poke and nicks it straight to Foakes! Just a fraction back of a length, nibbling away late off the seam and forcing him to play. Roach is off in celebration and Surrey have two early ones!. 19/2
9.1 to PSP Handscomb, timber! Handscomb's stinking form with the bat continues as Roach sends his off stump flying. Wide on the crease, angling in, nipping away, and Handscomb is nowhere near it. 27/4
39.6 to BC Cullen, knocks him over! And there's a celebration to match. Nips away from a fullish length and rips off stump out the ground - the perfect fast bowler's wicket. Roach has four, Surrey have seven. 140/7
19.2 to RG White, full toss smashes White on the pad, and up goes the finger! Clark sheepishly puts his hands over his face in embarrassment, but they all count!. 60/5
42.6 to TG Helm, fullish outside off, and driven straight to Amla on the up at mid-off! Timed nicely enough but straight to the man on the catch, and Helm has to go. Middlesex eight down. 147/8
44.5 to JA Simpson, full and wide, squeezed out to gully and Pope takes an excellent, low diving catch! Pretty much off the face as Simpson opened the face of the bat looking to steer it away. 152/9
46.3 to TJ Murtagh, slower ball, full toss, spooned up to cover! Clark covers his face in horror again, and Surrey have bowled Middlesex out with a lead of 30.. 160/10
Surrey 2nd Innings 
not out 10416024610065.00
c †Simpson b Bamber7410414913071.15
c Davies b Murtagh4353674181.13
not out 37203242185.00
Extras(b 1)1
TOTAL56.1 Ov (RR: 4.61)259/2d
Fall of wickets: 1-135 (Mark Stoneman, 34.3 ov), 2-206 (Hashim Amla, 49.2 ov)
49.2 to HM Amla, hacked into the leg side, miscued, and straight to Davies running in off the square-leg boundary. He juggles it, but just about clings on at the second attempt!. 206/2
34.3 to MD Stoneman, nicked off! Not quite short enough to cut and Stoneman gets a tickle through to Simpson. 135/1
Middlesex 2nd Innings (T: 290 runs)
c Pope b Roach220330010.00
c Clarke b Topley3255704058.18
c Burns b Roach12414520513285.51
c Pope b Roach70941527074.46
b Roach4580080.00
b Roach751210140.00
not out 0818000.00
not out 11116009.09
Extras(nb 8, w 2)10
TOTAL56.3 Ov (RR: 4.42)250/6
Fall of wickets: 1-18 (Jack Davies, 8.1 ov), 2-47 (Sam Robson, 16.3 ov), 3-219 (Peter Handscomb, 49.5 ov), 4-227 (John Simpson, 51.3 ov), 5-243 (Nick Gubbins, 53.1 ov), 6-247 (Martin Andersson, 53.3 ov)
16.3 to SD Robson, nicked to second slip! Angled across him, hint of nibble in off the seam, and outside-edged to Clarke in the cordon. 47/2
8.1 to JLB Davies, screamer from Pope in the gully! Full and probing, shaping away from the left-hander as he looks to work to leg, and Pope dives to his left to cling onto a brilliant catch! Surrey have their first breakthrough. 18/1
49.5 to PSP Handscomb, absolutely clobbered, but straight to deep cover! Handscomb could not have hit that harder or better, making room to leg, and smoking the cut... but Pope was the only man back and he swallows it in his bread-basket!. 219/3
51.3 to JA Simpson, bowled him! Slower ball again from Roach, Simpson was lining up the swipe across the line, but the ball kept shaping back into the left-hander, and wriggles into the top of his middle stump. 227/4
53.1 to NRT Gubbins, makes room to leg, connects well on the lofted flog to deep cover, but not well enough! It's the long boundary, and Burns is set back on it. The end of a tremendous innings. Had there been even five more overs available, I think he'd have seen it home. 243/5
53.3 to MK Andersson, five-for for Roach! He's signing off in style. Andersson's joy is short-lived, as he aims a waft to leg and is bowled off his pads for his efforts. At what stage do Middlesex think they ought to shut up shop? As might have been mentioned, their batting has been frail of late.... 247/6
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Thu, 20 May - day 1 - Surrey 1st innings 146/6 (Hashim Amla 6*, Rikki Clarke 4*, 56 ov)
Fri, 21 May - day 2 - Surrey 1st innings 185/8 (Reece Topley 0*, Kemar Roach 0*, 74 ov)
Sat, 22 May - day 3 - Surrey 2nd innings 135/0 (Rory Burns 61*, Mark Stoneman 74*, 34 ov)
Sun, 23 May - day 4 - Middlesex 2nd innings 250/6 (56.3 ov) - end of match
Day 4
  • Middlesex 2nd innings
  • Batting and Bowling points: Surrey 3, Middlesex 3
Kennington Oval, London
TossMiddlesex, elected to field first
Match days20,21,22,23 May 2021 - day (4-day match)
TV Umpire
Match Referee
PointsSurrey 11, Middlesex 11
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