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3rd Match, Dublin, May 18, 2023, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup
(48/50 ov, T:288) 288/5

Reds won by 5 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
83 (54) & 3/44
Leinster Innings
Reds Innings
Leinster Lightning  (50 ovs maximum)
lbw b Granger1927444070.37
c Kane b McCarthy1491530155.55
c Campher b Granger211120018.18
c Frost b Kane1318342072.22
c McCarthy b Campher1428511050.00
c Commins b Kane871131548276.99
c Campher b Granger3839762297.43
c & b Campher23121731191.66
run out (Delany)20191930105.26
c Weldon b Kane24131513184.61
not out 41810400.00
Extras(b 4, lb 9, w 16)29
TOTAL48.4 Ov (RR: 5.89, 225 Mins)287
Fall of wickets: 1-22 (Simi Singh, 3.3 ov), 2-31 (Adam Rosslee, 6.3 ov), 3-54 (Tim Tector, 10.1 ov), 4-68 (Harry Tector, 13.4 ov), 5-91 (Lorcan Tucker, 20.1 ov), 6-179 (George Dockrell, 36.5 ov), 7-219 (Fionn Hand, 40.3 ov), 8-249 (Gavin Hoey, 45.1 ov), 9-261 (Mark Donegan, 46.6 ov), 10-287 (Barry McCarthy, 48.4 ov)
6.3 to A Rosslee, Rosslee is on the front foot and pushes the bat out at the ball, it takes the outside edge and flies low to second slip. Campher dives forward and gets two hands on the ball to complete the catch.. 31/2
10.1 to TH Tector, this time the Umpire's finger does go up. Tim is hit on the pads and as the appeal starts, the Umpie has no hesitation in giving him out, that was plumb. 54/3
36.5 to GH Dockrell, Dockrell looks to force the ball towards the long-on boundary, the ball had come back in a little and cramped him for room. Can't get enough power into the shot and Campher runs to his left at mid-off to take the catch. 179/6
3.3 to Simi Singh, Simi hits the ball towards point, Kane dives forward and takes an excellent catch diving forward.. 22/1
20.1 to LJ Tucker, Tucker looks to cut the ball, it flies off the top edge and McCarthy is perfectly placed at deep third to stick two hands above his head and take the catch. Lightning in a lot of trouble here again. 91/5
40.3 to F Hand, the ball seems to hold up in the pitch a little, which means that Hand is through the shot too quickly. It's a leading edge that flies into the off-side, Campher waves away the other fielders and takes the catch.. 219/7
13.4 to HT Tector, Tector goes! Drives the ball towards point, Frost gets down low and takes an excellent catch. The Lightnings in form batter is gone. 68/4
46.6 to M Donegan, Donegan falls 13 runs short of his century! He had started to look a little tired and can't get enough power into the shot to clear the fielder at extra cover. It's been a terrific Innings for his team though. 261/9
48.4 to BJ McCarthy, looks to keep hitting and this time the ball flies high in the air. Weldon settles under the ball and takes the catch. Lightning are all out!. 287/10
Munster Reds  (T: 288 runs from 50 ovs)
b Wilson67901148074.44
c sub (MB O'Reilly) b Wilson50861174058.13
c McCarthy b Wilson83548656153.70
c Rosslee b Wilson011000.00
not out 69548635127.77
c †Donegan b Wilson1230050.00
not out 31100300.00
Extras(b 4, lb 3, w 8)15
TOTAL48 Ov (RR: 6.00, 205 Mins)288/5
Fall of wickets: 1-125 (Murray Commins, 29.1 ov), 2-126 (Alistair Frost, 29.3 ov), 3-126 (Curtis Campher, 29.4 ov), 4-283 (Tyrone Kane, 47.2 ov), 5-285 (Gareth Delany, 47.5 ov)
29.1 to M Commins, finally the Lightning pick up a wicket! The ball from Wilson keeps a little low and Commins plays over the top of the ball as he looks to pull the ball down into the legside. The stumps get knocked back, Commins has to go. 125/1
29.3 to AR Frost, one wicket brings two! Frost pulls the ball into the legside. O'Reilly is perfectly placed at deep square leg to take the catch. Are the Reds starting to wobble here. 126/2
29.4 to C Campher, that's two in two, three wickets in the over for Wilson! Campher slashes the ball in the air towards deep third, the fielder dives forward to catch the ball about an inch above the ground. Wilson is on a hatrick!. 126/3
47.2 to TE Kane, yet another batter this season gets out in the eighties! Kane slices the ball high in the air, McCarthy takes his cap off and runs back from short third to take the catch. Wilson gets his fourth wicket.. 283/4
47.5 to GJ Delany, Wilson does get his five for. Delany flashes at a ball as it goes down the legside, Donegan dives to his left and takes the catch. The Lightning players celebrate like they have won the game.. 285/5
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Pembroke Cricket Club, Sandymount, Dublin
TossMunster Reds, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Hours of play (local time)10.45 start, First Session 10.45-14.15, Interval 14.15-15.00, Second Session 15.00-18.30
Match days18 May 2023 - day (50-over match)
List A debut
Match Referee
PointsMunster Reds 4, Leinster Lightning 0
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Reds Innings
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Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup