Pool A, Oudtshoorn, Feb 14 2015, CSA Provincial 50 Over Challenge
S West D won by 4 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
Griqualand West INNINGS (49 overs maximum)
Gerhardt Abrahams c Simetu b Piedt417220023.52
Alan Kruger lbw b Rodolo2338612060.52
Letlotlo Sesele c Baartman b Rabie065000.00
Diego Rosier  b Piedt1001271719278.74
Tumelo Bodibe lbw b Rodolo37120042.85
Aubrey Swanepoel  b Simetu2846644060.86
Patrick Kruger run out (Mnyanda)1725322068.00
Desmond de Koker  b Piedt22400100.00
Kagiso Mohale not out 32233321139.13
Corbyn Dolley (c)not out 96910150.00
Extras(b 1, lb 5, nb 3, w 11)20
TOTAL(49 Ov, RR: 4.85, 210 Mts)238/8
Did not bat: Reece Williams 
Fall of wickets: 1-18 (Gerhardt Abrahams, 5.3 ov), 2-22 (Letlotlo Sesele, 6.4 ov), 3-48 (Alan Kruger, 14.4 ov), 4-54 (Tumelo Bodibe, 16.3 ov), 5-121 (Aubrey Swanepoel, 33.1 ov), 6-167 (Patrick Kruger, 40.5 ov), 7-172 (Desmond de Koker, 41.3 ov), 8-221 (Diego Rosier, 47.1 ov)
Gurshwin Rabie1014714.70393151
Marcello Piedt1005035.00344021
Lonwabo Rodolo914725.22275000
Douglas Baartman1004704.70394141
Ross McMillan601803.00242000
Siya Simetu402315.75132100
South Western Districts INNINGS (target: 239 runs from 49 overs)
Niel Hornbuckle c †Bodibe b AK Kruger71748711095.94
Sammy-Joe Avontuur  b Williams18184220100.00
Luthando Mnyanda lbw b Dolley2842623066.66
Ross McMillan (c) b Swanepoel5269943075.36
Brendon Louw c Sesele b Mohale916180056.25
Pieter Stuurman c Dolley b AK Kruger1233290036.36
Marcello Piedt not out 3032433193.75
Lonwabo Rodolo not out 26150033.33
Extras(b 4, lb 2, nb 5, w 6)17
TOTAL(47.3 Ov, RR: 5.03, 189 Mts)239/6
Fall of wickets: 1-65 (Sammy-Joe Avontuur, 10.2 ov), 2-118 (Niel Hornbuckle, 19.2 ov), 3-133 (Luthando Mnyanda, 24.5 ov), 4-149 (Brendon Louw, 29.3 ov), 5-181 (Pieter Stuurman, 37.5 ov), 6-213 (Ross McMillan, 44.3 ov)
Reece Williams813514.37294010
Desmond de Koker2027013.5066001
Aubrey Swanepoel704516.42213110
Kagiso Mohale6.304016.15225013
Patrick Kruger402606.50133010
Alan Kruger1013123.10341011
Corbyn Dolley1012912.90350000
Recreation Ground, Oudtshoorn
TossSouth Western Districts, elected to field first
SeriesCSA Provincial 50 Over Challenge
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, First Session 09.30-13.00, Interval 13.00-13.30, Second Session 13.30-17.00
Match days14 February 2015 - day(50-over match)
South Africa Image
Faizel Samsoodien
South Africa Image
Lourens Engelbrecht
Reserve Umpire
South Africa Image
Earl Hendrikse
PointsSouth Western Districts 4, Griqualand West 0