1st Test, Galle, November 06 - 09, 2018, England tour of Sri Lanka
342 & 322/6d
(T:462) 203 & 250

England won by 211 runs

Player Of The Match
107 & 37
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4.39pm That's about it from us at Galle. A remarkable Test, a remarkable win. Remarkable scenes all round at one of the game's most glorious Test venues. My thanks to you all for your contributions to this match. From myself, Andrew Miller, and my sidekicks Oli, Saurabh, Varun and Venkat, goodbye, and see you in Pallekele next week.

George Dobell's match report is here, and tune in later for all the post-match analysis of a memorable England win.

And finally, a big send-off to Rangana Herath, with his wife and two kids up on the podium too. He receives a commemorative coin, to go with the trophy and shirt, and another trophy as well for general services to awesomeness. Sounds like fireworks too...

"Time to start another life... I might go to my club and play some first-class cricket. I need to mention my family too, from 2011 I have had that support, without their support I wouldn't have come this far." He's getting emotional now, as he gives his thanks in Sinhalese to his family, friends and all those who stood by him through his career. Scenes. And such a shame for him that he couldn't bow out on a personal high.

Joe Root, England's captain, steps up: "Very proud, throughout the four days we were excellent, the partnership between Buttler and Foakes was brilliant. It was tacky and we wanted to go out and score at a rate, not just sit in a bunker. The guys adapted extremely well. The lower order played some crucial knocks and got us up to a good score."

"We let our guys bowl their best balls as often as possible with the protection to do it. We've got to take what we've done in this game, and take it into the rest of the tour."

On Herath, "I got out twice to him, so I'm glad he won't be there next time!"

A big thank you to the travelling fans as well. Well played everyone

Dinesh Chandimal "Our batting was below-par, you can't stay in the game. Credit to England, they played some outstanding cricket. We couldn't capitalise on our start, Ben and Jos played well, we fought hard as a bowling unit but couldn't get the wickets. We need to regroup as a team, batting is the main concern, we need to discuss where it went wrong. We all know it's a hard day for us, because we know how much Rangana has done for the team and Sri Lanka cricket. We have to say sorry to him that we couldn't give him a good farewell."

Chandimal on his injury: "A grade one groin strain, I don't know how long it will take. It's up to the physio."

A presentation to Herath from the team, a trophy and a signed shirt. How nice. "Rangana has done so much for the team, off the field as well," says Chandimal. "A tremendous man and one of the greatest human beings I've ever seen."

4.56pm Time for some presentations. The Man of the Match is Ben Foakes. A century on debut: "It's been a pretty surreal few days to be fair, just a dream. I was nervous walking in, and it's tough out here, trying to stay switched on. I've been out to Sri Lanka a few times which has helped. Jonny will probably be fit next time so we'll see what happens. One of the best weeks of my career so far, if not the best."

4.20pm Here's Herath. "It's a bit of an emotional situation, but you have to take the right decision at the right time. It's been a privilege and honour to play for the country, we have 22 million people so a remarkable honour. I wish to play some first-class cricket, and I need to go back to where I work too."

"I am so proud of playing for Sri Lanka, and especially for this team. I have a lot of respect for the game and the players."

What a career he's had. 433 wickets at 28.07, the most prolific left-arm bowler of all time.

4.15pm Ed: "Very few extras in this test match - is this a record for four completed innings (albeit with a declaration)?" Gosh, interesting question. I make it 18 in total, and just two no-balls.

Shah Safeer: "Weirdest way to end your career. Hats off to you on your spectacular career anyway Sir. "

Alfred: "Never mind first win in Galle - that's our first away win since...?" Good point well made. It is England's first win away since Bangladesh in November 2016, 14 Tests ago. 4-0 in India, 4-0 in Australia, 1-0 in NZ

4.13pm"If that wasn't the most perfect way for Rangana to finish his Test career, then I don't know what is!" Oli is pleased, even if Herath is less so. Off he goes, leading the teams off with a wave, as the last Test cricketer of the 1990s says farewell on his favourite ground.

Handshakes all round as an entertaining, and unexpected, Test match comes to an end. England have won for the first time at one of their bogey grounds - two defeats and two hard-fought losing draws in their previous four visits, and it's all thanks to their remarkably flexible team balance. Depth of batting paid dividends in the first innings, depth of bowling, particularly in their spin stocks, gave Sri Lanka no place to hide in either innings.

Rashid to Herath, 1 run, OUT

reverse sweep, and why not ... it slides behind the keeper, and hello, is he run out? Looked like it was an easy two, but he has to sprawl for the crease as the bails come off. Touch and go, but I think he's home by a whisker ... no he's not, the split frame shows his bat was on the line. That is the end of that!

Rangana Herath run out (Stokes/†Foakes) 5 (18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 27.77
end of over 851 run
SL: 249/9CRR: 2.92 
Suranga Lakmal14 (25b 1x4 1x6)
Rangana Herath4 (17b)
Moeen Ali 20-2-71-4
Adil Rashid 18-0-58-1

Ahmed: "toughest part of this Test Match coming soon.....Who will be the MOM ???" Can't look beyond Foakes for me. Century from 103 for 5, and a bruising effort second time round too. Plus some smart glovework to the spinners

Moeen Ali to Lakmal, no run

crunched along the ground to long-off

Moeen Ali to Lakmal, no run

big turn from back of a length, out to square leg

Moeen Ali to Lakmal, no run

dragged out of the crease, saw him coming and dropped the length. Padded away

Moeen Ali to Lakmal, no run

whipped uppishly out to the leg side

Moeen Ali to Herath, 1 run

on the pads this time, slapped square

Moeen Ali to Herath, no run

beauty from Moeen, he's got three men catching on the off side, and tweaks one invitingly past that very edge.

end of over 844 runs
SL: 248/9CRR: 2.95 
Suranga Lakmal14 (21b 1x4 1x6)
Rangana Herath3 (15b)
Adil Rashid 18-0-58-1
Moeen Ali 19-2-70-4
Rashid to Lakmal, no run

slides into the pads, and that's the over completed

Rashid to Lakmal, FOUR runs

big turn from back of a length, and chopped energetically through the covers. Beats a despairing dive

Rashid to Lakmal, no run

bat and pad tight together on a leg-stump line, blocked

Rashid to Lakmal, no run

head right over the ball, stoical in defence

Rashid to Lakmal, no run

worked into the covers

Rashid to Lakmal, no run

tossed up outside leg, flicked away

Cheers Oli

end of over 832 runs
SL: 244/9CRR: 2.93 
Rangana Herath3 (15b)
Suranga Lakmal10 (15b 1x6)
Moeen Ali 19-2-70-4
Adil Rashid 17-0-54-1

Time for a drinks break. England know the end is in sight, and so is it the end of my debut at ESPN Cricinfo in the Test arena. I got to finish with the great Rangana, who will hopefully now give Andrew Miller one final giddy bit of pleasure before he sets off into the sunset. Toodles.

Moeen Ali to Herath, no run

waits for the turn and defended

Moeen Ali to Herath, no run

beaten by a quicker one that gets turn and bounce. Moeen has been mesmeric this innings

Moeen Ali to Herath, no run

again, a big stride forward and solid defence

Moeen Ali to Herath, no run

solid defence from Herath, England sniffing this final wicket

Andrew H: "Bradman, a poor man's Herath"

Moeen Ali to Lakmal, 1 run

short and turning in, Lakmal pulls through square leg and it's a single

Moeen Ali to Herath, 1 run

solidly defends this full ball round the corner and they take a single

I may be starting to lag, but the joy of watching Herath bat is making it all worthwhile.

end of over 822 runs
SL: 242/9CRR: 2.95 
Suranga Lakmal9 (14b 1x6)
Rangana Herath2 (10b)
Adil Rashid 17-0-54-1
Moeen Ali 18-2-68-4
Rashid to Lakmal, no run

yorker length, and dug out once more

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