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5th Test, Sydney, February 28 - March 05, 1947, England tour of Australia
280 & 186
(T:214) 253 & 214/5

Australia won by 5 wickets

England 1st Innings
Australia 1st Innings
England 2nd Innings
Australia 2nd Innings
Match Details
England 1st Innings 
Leonard Hutton retired hurt 1223563005034.26
Cyril Washbrook  b Lindwall024000.00
Bill Edrich c †Tallon b Lindwall601741798034.48
Laurie Fishlock  b McCool1440421035.00
Denis Compton hit wicket b Lindwall1741481041.46
Norman Yardley (c)c Miller b Lindwall21450014.28
Jack Ikin  b Lindwall046000.00
Godfrey Evans  b Lindwall2949542059.18
Peter Smith  b Lindwall219150010.52
Alec Bedser not out 1037380027.02
Doug Wright c †Tallon b Miller718221038.88
Extras(b 7, lb 8, nb 1, w 1)17
TOTAL94.3 Ov (RR: 2.96)280
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Cyril Washbrook), 2-151 (Bill Edrich), 3-188 (Laurie Fishlock), 4-215 (Denis Compton), 5-225 (Norman Yardley), 6-225 (Jack Ikin), 6-237* (Leonard Hutton, retired hurt), 7-244 (Peter Smith), 8-269 (Godfrey Evans), 9-280 (Doug Wright)
Ray Lindwall2236372.14---00
Keith Miller15.323111.51---00
George Tribe2829502.54---00
Ernie Toshack1644001.87---00
Colin McCool1303411.96---00
Australia 1st Innings 
Sid Barnes c †Evans b Bedser711661376042.77
Arthur Morris lbw b Bedser571391626041.00
Donald Bradman (c) b Wright1223270052.17
Lindsay Hassett c Ikin b Wright241041153023.07
Keith Miller c Ikin b Wright2348540047.91
Ron Hamence not out 30961062031.25
Colin McCool c Yardley b Wright31590020.00
Don Tallon c Compton b Wright035000.00
Ray Lindwall c Smith b Wright023000.00
George Tribe c Fishlock b Wright95810180.00
Ernie Toshack run out 515130033.33
Extras(b 7, lb 6, nb 6)19
TOTAL76 Ov (RR: 3.32)253
Fall of wickets: 1-126 (Sid Barnes), 2-146 (Arthur Morris), 3-146 (Donald Bradman), 4-187 (Keith Miller), 5-218 (Lindsay Hassett), 6-230 (Colin McCool), 7-230 (Don Tallon), 8-233 (Ray Lindwall), 9-245 (George Tribe), 10-253 (Ernie Toshack)
Alec Bedser2774921.36---00
Bill Edrich703403.64---00
Peter Smith803803.56---00
Doug Wright29410572.71---00
Norman Yardley52801.20---00
England 2nd Innings 
Laurie Fishlock lbw b Lindwall011000.00
Cyril Washbrook  b McCool2449502048.97
Bill Edrich st †Tallon b McCool2465712036.92
Denis Compton c Miller b Toshack761781755042.69
Jack Ikin st †Tallon b McCool023000.00
Norman Yardley (c) b McCool1143320025.58
Godfrey Evans  b Miller2071420028.16
Peter Smith c †Tallon b Lindwall2458482041.37
Alec Bedser st †Tallon b McCool413250030.76
Doug Wright not out 1540020.00
Leonard Hutton absent hurt------
Extras(b 1, lb 1)2
TOTAL60.4 Ov (RR: 3.07)186
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Laurie Fishlock), 2-42 (Cyril Washbrook), 3-65 (Bill Edrich), 4-65 (Jack Ikin), 5-85 (Norman Yardley), 6-120 (Godfrey Evans), 7-157 (Peter Smith), 8-184 (Denis Compton), 9-186 (Alec Bedser)
Ray Lindwall1214622.87---00
Keith Miller611111.37---00
George Tribe1405803.10---00
Ernie Toshack411412.62---00
Colin McCool21.454451.53---00
Sid Barnes301102.75---00
Australia 2nd Innings (T: 214 runs)
Sid Barnes c †Evans b Bedser3073702041.09
Arthur Morris run out 1741602041.46
Donald Bradman (c)c Compton b Bedser631171177053.84
Lindsay Hassett c Ikin b Wright471221335038.52
Keith Miller not out 3444586077.27
Ron Hamence c Edrich b Wright110100010.00
Colin McCool not out 1318210072.22
Extras(b 4, lb 1, nb 4)9
TOTAL52.2 Ov (RR: 4.09)214/5
Fall of wickets: 1-45 (Arthur Morris), 2-51 (Sid Barnes), 3-149 (Donald Bradman), 4-173 (Lindsay Hassett), 5-180 (Ron Hamence)
Alec Bedser2247522.55---00
Bill Edrich201405.25---00
Peter Smith20803.00---00
Doug Wright2219323.17---00
Norman Yardley31701.75---00
Denis Compton1.20804.80---00
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Sydney Cricket Ground
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Series resultAustralia won the 5-match series 3-0
Match numberTest no. 283
Match daysday (6-day match)
Test debut
Ron Hamence
Ron Hamence
George Borwick
John Scott
Fri, 28 Feb - day 1 - England 1st innings 237/6 (Leonard Hutton 122*, Godfrey Evans 0*)
Sat, 01 Mar - day 2 - no play
Sun, 02 Mar - rest day
Mon, 03 Mar - day 3 - Australia 1st innings 189/4 (Lindsay Hassett 12*, Ron Hamence 0*)
Tue, 04 Mar - day 4 - England 2nd innings 144/6 (Denis Compton 51*, Peter Smith 14*)
Wed, 05 Mar - day 5 - Australia 2nd innings 214/5 (52.2 ov) - end of match
  • L Hutton retired hurt at 237/6
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