3rd Test, Perth, Dec 14 - 18 2006, England tour of Australia
244 & 527/5d
(122.2 ov, target 557)215 & 350
Australia won by 206 runs
player of the match

That's about it from me, Will Luke and Jenny Thompson. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage for this thrilling third Test and, although though the series is now lost, we hope you'll join us for the fourth Test at Melbourne when it'll be me and Martin Williamson to take you through events. But from me and Jenny, it's good afternoon and congratulations to Australia. Keep an eye out for Andrew McGlashan's bulletin and our gallery...and don't forget to see if you were one of our competition winners.

Mike Hussey gets the player of the match. A fairytale for you, Mike? "Aw, yeah."

"Boxing Day still a huge occasion - we're playing for pride." says Andrew Flintoff

"It doesn't get any better" - Justin Langer

"Mate, unbelievable, Australia you bloody beauty! Sensational!" - Matthew Hayden

"We have been very good, there's no doubt about that. We worked harder than I've seen this team work before. All that hard work has come through." - Ricky Ponting. Is it more special to regain them than 'just' win them? "Yeah, probably is. Elation. We're going to savour the moment."

"There seem to be about 10 flourescent-yellow photographers per Aussie cricketer out there at the moment" notes Andrew; everyone wants a piece of the action. They're making their way off the pitch now and we'll have some quotes from the Australia camp shortly.

Ricky Ponting is beaming from ear to ear, receiving hugs and applause from all his team-mates. And Duncan Fletcher begrudgingly goes round to John Buchanan and shakes his hand - frostily, it must be said. And here come England out onto the pitch to congratulate Australia. Interestingly that's only the 14th fourth-innings score of 350 or more to lose a Test. And Australia's fist-pumping celebrations to the crowd really shows how much it means to them. Many of these Australians won't be around for the next Ashes in 2009, so they end their Ashes careers as winners.

Warne to Panesar, OUT

BOWLED HIM and Australia have regained the Ashes. They mob Shane Warne and are all in the centre of the pitch.

Monty Panesar b Warne 1 (8m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11
Warne to Pietersen, 1 run

and he sweeps this down to fine leg and takes a single

end of over 1223 runs
ENG: 349/9CRR: 2.86 
Monty Panesar1 (8)
Kevin Pietersen59 (149)
Stuart Clark 25-7-56-2
Shane Warne 39-6-114-3

Slip, short leg, backward point, short cover and ... err ... that's it

Welcome back everyone, for the last time in this Test. It's Will here. Here come the players and Australia are in their huddle - what on earth could they be discussing? Here we go. England have held the Ashes for 463 days...

Lunch The Ashes are as good as Australia's now after they dominated the opening session. England looked good for the first hour, Pietersen and Flintoff working well, but then the big strike - Warne removing the England captain to start the rot. Jones and Mahmood didn't last long, then Warne trapped Harmison to have England nine down before lunch and move on to 699 Test wickets, but what will be uppermost in his mind - and those of his team-mates - is that Australia need just one more wicket to regain the Ashes in just 15 days. After the break Will will be back on commentary to wrap up proceedings.

Channel 9 are now promoting "How we won the Ashes" for 5.30pm tonight. Think they may be safe with that. They also only gave the commentators their rota until lunch. Or roster. (You say roster, we say rota... etcetc) Whatever. They'll probably just need the first pair after the break at this rate.

Sorry about all the repeated balls in commentary by the way... Not our fault! Anyway, this day isn't going to last the distance, so we're trying to give you value...

"A query," queries Bruce. "It looks like Jones had not moved from his stroke and therefore he should be out stumped. It is my understanding that you are 'stumped' if you have not made a forward movement following the shot but if you do make such a separate foward move you are run out. Any ideas?"

Yes, see Law 39. "The striker is out stumped if his wicket is fairly put down by the wicketkeeper without the intervention of another member of the fielding side." So, it wasn't Gilchrist, ergo it's not stumped.

Desperate times call for straws to be clutched at. Here's Tim. "It's tough being a Pom living in Australia, but at least we won the singing!"

It's tough being a Pom living in Australia, but at least we won the singing!

Anyone who needs cheering up, or for Aussies who want their mood to be further improved, check this link out. Prior to this ball, Nel had sledged Sreesanth - and what follows is gold.

Clark to Panesar, no run

Panesar defends that on the front foot and, for what it's worth, takes the game into the afternoon session

Clark to Panesar, no run

another yorker, this time wide of off stump and Panesar jabs at that, but manages not to get anything on it, and lives again

Clark to Panesar, no run

speared at leg, Panesar gets something on it and it dribbles to short fine leg

Clark to Pietersen, 1 run

driven out to mid-on

Clark to Panesar, 1 run

rising one and Panesar gets bat on it

Clark to Pietersen, 1 run

spears that on leg and it's worked out to leg - and Pietersen lets Panesar take the strike

end of over 1211 run • 1 wicket
ENG: 346/9CRR: 2.85 
Monty Panesar0 (4)
Kevin Pietersen57 (147)
Shane Warne 39-6-114-3
Stuart Clark 24-7-53-2
Warne to Panesar, no run

Short midwicket, backward point, mid-off, mid-on, deep midwicket for the slog sweep, and fine leg

Warne to Panesar, no run

wrong'un, defended

'One for the Ashes now, come on'

Warne to Panesar, no run

pitches outside off to the left-hander, half an appeal, but that's sliding down leg

Warne to Panesar, no run

quiet defence this time

Panesar is in

Warne to Harmison, OUT

he's gone. That's the loudest shout of the day and the Australians were celebrating practically before that had even rapped a sweeping Harmison on the pad. A big stride can't save him; that pitched on leg - or was it just outside? Possibly - and would have gone on to hit off

Steve Harmison lbw b Warne 0 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Warne to Pietersen, 1 run

rips that one back in Pietersen who gives it back, slapping it to mid-on