2nd Test, Chandigarh, Mar 9 - 13 2006, England tour of India
300 & 181
(33 ov, target 144)338 & 144/1
India won by 9 wickets
player of the match
end of over 336 runs
INDIA: 144/1CRR: 4.36 
Virender Sehwag76 (89)
Rahul Dravid42 (77)
Monty Panesar11-0-48-0
Paul Collingwood3-1-20-0

India win by 9 wickets and the they go one up in the series with one more Test to go.

Handshakes all around and the players walk back to the pavilion, chasing 144 could have been a tricky affair but Jaffer and Sehwag started off well and Dravid continued with the good work once Jaffer was out, to start with Sehwag played an uncharacteristic subdued innings and towards the end opened up nicely, in the end it took them just 33 overs to wrap it up.

Sehwag getting back to form was the highlight of the day along with Munaf Patel's fiery spell of seam bowling.

Anil Kumble gets the man of the match award for his nine wickets.

The young England team crumbled under pressure and they have lot of thinking to do as we move to Bombay for the third and final match of the series, that match starts on the 18th of March (Saturday) and we will be on live as and when the first ball is bowled, be sure to join us then - Cheers!

Panesar to Sehwag, 1 run

there it is! comes down the track and drives it down to long-on, easy single and it's party time in the stands!

Panesar to Dravid, 1 run

quicker delivery, Dravid was looking to work it away on the leg side, ball clips the leading edge and lobs up over the bowler

Panesar to Dravid, no run

cut away off the back-foot to the point region

Panesar to Dravid, no run

turned away on the leg side, no room for a single there

Panesar to Dravid, FOUR runs

on the stumps, Dravid quickly goes down on one knee and slogs it away to the backward square leg fence, just two more needed now!

Panesar to Dravid, no run

punched back to the bowler

end of over 329 runs
INDIA: 138/1CRR: 4.31 
Virender Sehwag75 (88)
Rahul Dravid37 (72)
Paul Collingwood3-1-20-0
Monty Panesar10-0-42-0
PD Collingwood to Sehwag, 2 runs

again driven down to long-on, easy two

PD Collingwood to Sehwag, 2 runs

driven down to long-on, runs hard and makes it back for the second

PD Collingwood to Sehwag, FOUR runs

slower delivery, in the slot outside the off stump and Sehwag ships it down to the long-off fence, powerful hit

PD Collingwood to Sehwag, no run
PD Collingwood to Sehwag, no run
PD Collingwood to Dravid, 1 run
end of over 313 runs
INDIA: 129/1CRR: 4.16 
Virender Sehwag67 (83)
Rahul Dravid36 (71)
Monty Panesar10-0-42-0
Paul Collingwood2-1-11-0
Panesar to Sehwag, no run

beaten outside the off stump

Panesar to Sehwag, no run

defended outside the off stump

Panesar to Dravid, 3 runs

think outside edge and the ball races away to third man, good sliding effort from Collingwood in the deep saves one run

Panesar to Dravid, no run

driven back to the bowler

Panesar to Dravid, no run

defended down watchfully

Panesar to Dravid, no run

padded away