Only ODI, Dublin (Malahide), Sep 3 2013, England tour of Ireland
(43/50 ov, target 270)274/4
England won by 6 wickets (with 42 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
124* (106)
end of over 4322 runs
ENG: 274/4CRR: 6.37 
Eoin Morgan124 (106)
Ravi Bopara101 (75)
George Dockrell 10-0-73-0
Max Sorensen 4-0-24-0

6.15pm: We've had a barrel-load of entertainment today, if not quite the famous mugging we thought was in prospect. England's B team were strong enough, though you might equally say that Ireland were beaten by Ireland's best. Anyway, thanks for your comments, we'll be back for the one-day series against Australia later in the week. Cheerio

6.05pm: Time for the presentations, then. Ireland captain, William Porterfield: "Thanks, it was nice to get a hundred, shame to come out on the losing side. I obviously felt all right, playing England in the Irish jersey is always special, nice to get a score in a game like this. We fancied our chances, bowling with sustained pressure. We felt the way Tredders bowled, the spinners would come into the game but once the ball got softer it was hard for them - credit to Morgs and Ravi. It doesn't matter who gets the wickets for them. The crowd were fantastic, especially when we were looking for a wicket to break the partnership."

England's captain and Man of the Match, Eoin Morgan: "Yeah, I was probably more nervous sitting in the changing rooms than out in the middle. Was nice to get out there, it was tough, quite challenging, and a lot of what we're not used to as a side. It's been magnificent to get some runs under my belt and contribute to an England win. Time in the middle is crucial ahead of a big series [against Australia]. It's been an incredible day for Irish cricket, so congratulations to Cricket Ireland. Boyd had to bowl fuller, which is quite challenging, but he handled it well. The pitch was quite tricky to start with but the nerves would be expected from the new guys coming in. You only had to look at the crowd today, the support has been brilliant."

5.55pm: At 48 for 4, this did not look like being a good day to be English but, in the end, England's pocket rocket Irishman captained his side out of a corner and helped deny his countrymen a famous win in the process. Morgan was matched by Bopara, who looked good from the off and grew into a sparkling innings: the two old stagers, relatively speaking, saving England's greenhorns after the green shirts had turned the top order into grass. Their unbroken stand of 226 set a new fifth-wicket record in ODIs. Credit will rightly shower down on Ireland, though, for having pushed England so hard for 80% of the game; for having staged a cracking match in front of an appreciative crowd; and, not least, for having produced two of the three century-makers. They also had a hand in England's bowling success, with Boyd Rankin taking four-for - though Lambeth's Tim Murtagh returned the favour during the England innings.

Dockrell to Morgan, SIX runs

and there it is, Dockrell is launched over the deep midwicket fence again, Morgan capping a superb fightback to secure England's six-wicket win with yet another six!

One more blow will seal it...

Dockrell to Bopara, 1 run

full toss, sweeps through backward square, picks out and man and that will just be a single

Brilliant performance from these two and it's put down the very strong prospect of an Irish upset

Dockrell to Bopara, FOUR runs

makes room and drills the ball over extra cover, another meaty connection and the ball bounces to the rope - that's Ravi Bopara's century, his first in one-day internationals

Dockrell to Bopara, SIX runs

smashed back down the ground, right out of the screws and the ball disappears flat over long-on for the eighth six of the England innings, all scored by these two!

Dockrell to Bopara, FOUR runs

little bit short, on leg stump and heaved over midwicket, there's no one out there and Bopara is into the nineties

Dockrell to Morgan, 1 run

attempts to clear the ropes again, slogging a full ball towards deep square leg, doesn't have the legs though and Niall O'Brien settles underneath it only to drop the chance. Oh dear

"It must be quite rare in any form of cricket for opposing captains to both reach centuries with a six. I'd bet good money it's unique in ODIs." I won't be wagering against you, Tony

end of over 427 runs
ENG: 252/4CRR: 6.00 RRR: 2.25
Ravi Bopara86 (71)
Eoin Morgan117 (104)
Max Sorensen 4-0-24-0
Kevin O'Brien 4-0-41-0
Sorensen to Bopara, FOUR runs

this comes out wrong, low full toss on leg stump and Bopara wristily flicks the ball to the rope at deep backward square leg

Sorensen to Morgan, 1 run

leaves his crease and hacks across the line, gets one through midwicket

Sorensen to Morgan, no run

steps out and pushes a length ball into the covers

"So two IRISH men scored a century today and yet England is going to win then..." That's about the size of it, Amarish Patel. Bopara might get an authentic, born-and-bred ton, too

Sorensen to Morgan, no run

angled across, tapped back to the bowler

Sorensen to Bopara, 1 run

steps away, Sorensen follows him and Bopara lofts uppishly down the ground for a single to long-on

Sorensen to Morgan, 1 run

length ball, stays back and pulls flat through midwicket to the sweeper

Sorensen back on. This is turning into another captain Morgan's spiced run chase...

end of over 4122 runs
ENG: 245/4CRR: 5.97 RRR: 2.77
Eoin Morgan115 (100)
Ravi Bopara81 (69)
Kevin O'Brien 4-0-41-0
George Dockrell 9-0-51-0

"@James & Gardner - The English don't have exclusive rights over self-deprecation, my good sires. It was a joke." You are fully absolved, Aditya

K O'Brien to Morgan, 1 run

opens the face and steers one more through point

K O'Brien to Morgan, SIX runs

excellent pick up, spots the slower ball on a length outside off and belabours it over midwicket for another six

K O'Brien to Bopara, 1 run

pitched up outside off, pushed to mid-off and they race through for a single

The wheels just threatening to fall off the Ireland battlewagon now...

K O'Brien to Bopara, 4 byes

slower-ball bouncer, I think, Bopara didn't quite pick it but neither did Wilson and it runs away for extras

K O'Brien to Bopara, FOUR runs

brutal, straight back down the ground this time, high follow through and the ball explodes off the face of the bat for another boundary

K O'Brien to Bopara, SIX runs

sixer! Bopara has hit this like Jack Nicklaus on the 18th tee, picking up a full-length ball and pulling it high over deep midwicket for another huge maximum

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