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1st Test, Hamilton, March 05 - 09, 2008, England tour of New Zealand
470 & 177/9d
(T:300) 348 & 110

New Zealand won by 189 runs

Player Of The Match
88, 2/88, 35 & 1/16
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ENG 2nd Innings
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end of over 551 run • 1 wicket
ENG: 110/10CRR: 2.00 
Ian Bell54 (151b 5x4 2x6)
Jacob Oram 4-2-2-1
Kyle Mills 13-4-16-4

A very good victory for New Zealand who have outplayed England this Test and they thoroughly deserve their victory. Today was very positive, with a confident declaration from Vettori, which Mills rewarded with four wickets and Martin with three. England, however, played some negative cricket, though there were highlights in Sidebottom's feat.

"Amazing from the off.," says a jubilant Vettori. And on Taylor, who scored the first-innings hundred: "He came into the Test match knowing it was another chance. He's changed a little bit and can adapt to any situation - we've got a good one there.

"There were a few nervy times yesterday but there was a real positive belief that we would go out and win it. Chris and Kyle were outstanding with the ball and they set up the win. The wicket seemed benign but the way they stepped up was fantastic."

And on declaring, setting England 300: "It was a good feeling, it sent out a good message that we wanted to be out there."

And on going for a celebratory beer now: "I'll have a couple, thanks mate."

Here's a beaming Mills. "I've involved in five Test wins now and this would be the best of them. It was really important to get an early wicket today but it exceeded my expectations by getting those four early wickets."

The losing captain Vaughan says: "Full credit to the New Zealand team, they put us under immense pressure, bowled excellently as a group of bowlers, batted well in the first innings. We weren't quite up to scratch.

"190 for 5 was an opportunity to restrict New Zealand, we didn't take that. There was a small opportunity yesterday afternoon when Ryan took his hat-trick but full credit for the way they dug themselves out and the way they bowled today.

"We have three days to try and put it right and hopefully improve a bit on all the areas and get on top of New Zealand. They got on top of us early and stayed on top.

"We felt today, with the 300, if we got a good start and kept wickets in hand, we thought we could have a chance of looking for it in the afternoon.

"We've got to talk about this result but not dwell on it too much because we've got a Test which starts on Thursday." So do tune in then to see how England fare against a surging New Zealand.

Thanks very much for joining us over the last five days and do come back in four days' time when myself Jenny Thompson, and themselves Martin Williamson and Will Luke will be there to bring you all the action, ball by ball. Join us then.

Oram to Panesar, OUT

that's it! Oram has finished it off, Panesar prodding away defensively, gets the thin edge and McCullum takes the catch

Monty Panesar c †McCullum b Oram 8 (36b 2x4 0x6 45m) SR: 22.22
Oram to Bell, 1 run

pushed forward

Oram to Bell, no run

strayed on to the legs, pushed out behind square

Oram to Bell, no run

on the front foot, pushed out to the leg-side

Oram to Bell, no run

defended back down the line in line with off

Oram to Bell, no run

played on the back foot

end of over 541 run
ENG: 109/9CRR: 2.01 
Monty Panesar8 (35b 2x4)
Ian Bell53 (146b 5x4 2x6)
Kyle Mills 13-4-16-4
Jacob Oram 3-2-1-0
Mills to Panesar, no run

swings it in from outside off to just outside off, Panesar defends on the front foot

Mills to Panesar, no run

outside off, left alone through the channel

Mills to Panesar, no run

curled in on off, defended into the leg-side

Mills to Panesar, no run

width outside off, full toss, driven out to the covers

Mills really deserves to take his fifth wicket

Mills to Panesar, (no ball)

outside off, pushed to the covers, and it was a no-ball so an extra chance to end the game this over

Mills to Panesar, no run

outside off again, short and played back down into the covers off the back foot

Three slips, a gully, point

Mills to Panesar, no run

comes outside off and defends back down the line

end of over 53Maiden
ENG: 108/9CRR: 2.03 
Ian Bell53 (146b 5x4 2x6)
Monty Panesar8 (28b 2x4)
Jacob Oram 3-2-1-0
Kyle Mills 12-4-15-4
Oram to Bell, no run

on the legs, turned into the short midwicket region

Oram to Bell, no run

pushed right up there and defended on the front foot out to the covers

Oram to Bell, no run

outside off, a good length, left alone

Oram to Bell, no run

outside off, nipped back in and came through, the keeper takes it cleanly

Oram to Bell, no run

swings on to off stump, squeezed out to short midwicket

Oram to Bell, no run

outside off, short ball, fended back down towards the slips

Oram replaces Patel now

end of over 524 runs
ENG: 108/9CRR: 2.07 
Monty Panesar8 (28b 2x4)
Ian Bell53 (140b 5x4 2x6)
Kyle Mills 12-4-15-4
Jeetan Patel 11-2-39-1
Mills to Panesar, no run

defended back down on the front foot in line with off

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