3rd Test, Dubai, Feb 3 - 6 2012, England tour of United Arab Emirates
99 & 365
(97.3 ov, target 324)141 & 252
Pakistan won by 71 runs
player of the match
Azhar Ali
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• The Report by David Hopps

Pakistan secure series whitewash

Pakistan duly completed their first clean sweep against England in a Test series, an extraordinary achievement for a side with no home to call its own, a side that lives out of a suitcase

Match centre 
Scorer: Gopi Rangarajan
Commentator: Kanishkaa Balachandran
Scorecard summary
Pakistan99/10(44.1 overs)1st INNINGS
Asad Shafiq45 (78)
Umar Gul13 (27)
Stuart Broad4/36(16)
James Anderson3/35(14.1)
England141/10(55 overs)1st INNINGS
Pakistan365/10(152.4 overs)2nd INNINGS
Azhar Ali157 (442)
Younis Khan127 (221)
Monty Panesar5/124(56.4)
Graeme Swann3/101(39)
England252/10(97.3 overs)2nd INNINGS
Matt Prior*49 (58)
Alastair Cook49 (187)
Saeed Ajmal4/67(27)
Umar Gul4/61(20)

Presentation: Michael Atherton calls out the attendance register at the podium. Everyone's present. And there's the first of a gazillion awards to give. Where would we be without sponsors? Speaking of which, India is looking for one. Anyone interested?

Azhar: "Whjen you score when the team wins, it's very satisfactory. I want to play more such match-winning innings. It's a great achievement for us."

Ajmal is the Man of the Series: "Rehman's bowling very well with me. I'm a happy guy, I enjoy my cricket."

Strauss: "I'm surprised we didn't get bigger scores but you have to credit Pakistan. When they were ahead, they didn't allow us to come back. We're a lot better at the end of the 3rd Test, than at the start of the first. Test cricket is difficult by its nature. I've got great faith in our players but this is an eye opener. There were some fantastic performances by some of the guys. We've got a lot of cricket coming up. There will be accusations flying about. I've got to try be ready for the Sri Lanka series. We like to thank our supporters."

That was short and snappy. Here's Misbah: "I just can't explain this in words. Getting out for 99, nobody thought we could come back. Azhar's innings was the big difference. Gul is a wonderful match-winning bowler too. We should now learn to play well outside Asia and this team can do that. I think Mohsin Khan's done a wonderful job (as coach). I think this crowd has proved that they like Test cricket."

Rameez calls Pakistan the new pin-up boys of Test cricket. That's it from us here. There's the one-day and T20 series to follow. On behalf of Alex and Nitin, this is Kanishkaa signing off. Cheers!

End of match: So the No.1 syndrome bites England, after it hit India. After the highs of 4-0 in the summer, it's now 0-3. Clearly blown away by Pakistan's supremacy in their adopted home. Team Misbah is the one everyone would want to beat. After the Summer of Shame in 2010, Pakistan have performed remarkably under a captain, who all but wrote off his career a couple of years ago. He even talked about burning his kit. It's never too late, even if you're on the wrong side of 30.

Ian Botham was mentioning that England needn't panic about their Test side. They failed collectively and even if you sack this lot, is there a capable enough reserve bunch to turn things around? I don't think so. Just needs patience and skill.

This is the second time in the last 100 years that a team has won a Test after being bowled out for less than 100.

Feels like the 90s again. India are lambs abroad, and England can't play spin in Asia. Stay with us for the presentation.

Abdur to Panesar, OUT

Pakistan seal 3-0! Panesar tries to sweep with the turn and the ball hits his thigh in front of the stumps, Steve Davis gives him out, Panesar reviews it but Davis' decision stands

Monty Panesar lbw b Abdur Rehman 8 (16m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 53.33
Abdur to Prior, 1 run

he risks exposing his stumps and cutting a skiddy delivery to the off side, Monty back on strike

Abdur to Prior, no run
end of over 977 runs
ENG: 251/9CRR: 2.58 
Monty Panesar8 (14)
Matt Prior48 (56)
Saeed Ajmal27-9-67-4
Abdur Rehman41-10-96-1
Ajmal to Panesar, 2 runs

Monty tries to clear mid-on and he nearly succeeds in fetching a four, mid-on gets a hand to it

Ajmal to Panesar, no run

gets forward and pushes it to the off side

Ajmal to Panesar, 2 runs

he decides to free his arms a bit, mistimes the slog along the ground in front of square on the leg side

3 balls for Monty

Ajmal to Prior, 1 run

slower through the air and he punches it down to long-on for an easy single

Ajmal to Prior, 2 runs

goes back at the crease and slices it down to third man

Ajmal to Prior, no run

stays back and punches it down to mid-on

end of over 963 runs
ENG: 244/9CRR: 2.54 
Monty Panesar4 (11)
Matt Prior45 (53)
Abdur Rehman41-10-96-1
Saeed Ajmal26-9-60-4
Abdur to Panesar, no run

defended again, Monty lives to survive another over

Abdur to Panesar, no run

stays back and defends with soft hands

Abdur to Panesar, no run

turns and clips his pad outside the line of off and Rehman appeals, the fielder has a shy at the stumps at the batsman's end but his foot was behind the crease

Abdur to Panesar, 2 runs

Monty gives it a thump off the front foot and Cheema's generous by misfielding

Abdur to Prior, 1 run

exposes his stumps and slaps a skidder down to sweeper cover, the field's spread out for Prior

Abdur to Prior, no run

chips down the track and checks his shot, defends down the pitch

end of over 952 runs
ENG: 241/9CRR: 2.53 
Monty Panesar2 (7)
Matt Prior44 (51)
Saeed Ajmal26-9-60-4
Abdur Rehman40-10-93-1
Ajmal to Panesar, no run

Monty pushes the final delivery down the pitch

Ajmal to Prior, 1 run

gets forward and drives a full delivery down to long-off

Ajmal to Prior, no run

Prior gives the charge and ends up slamming it down the pitch back to the bowler

Ajmal to Prior, no run

pushes it through quicker and he drives inside out down the track

Ajmal to Panesar, 1 run

drops it just wide of short cover and they scamper a single

Best performances - batters
Azhar Ali portrait
Azhar Ali
157 runs (442)
10 fours
1 six
Productive shot
leg glance
52 runs
0 four
0 six
Younis Khan portrait
Younis Khan
127 runs (221)
12 fours
1 six
Productive shot
leg glance
39 runs
3 fours
0 six
Best performances - bowlers
Abdur Rehman
Abdur Rehman
Monty Panesar portrait
MS Panesar
Match details
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
TossPakistan, elected to bat first
SeriesEngland tour of United Arab Emirates
Player Of The Match
Azhar Ali
Azhar Ali
Player Of The Series
Saeed Ajmal
Saeed Ajmal
Series resultPakistan won the 3-match series 3-0
Match numberTest no. 2034
Hours of play (local time)10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days3,4,5,6 February 2012 - day(5-day match)
Australia Image
Simon Taufel
Australia Image
Steve Davis
TV Umpire
India Image
Shavir Tarapore
Reserve Umpire
Pakistan Image
Shozab Raza
Match Referee
New Zealand Image
Jeff Crowe