1st Test, North Sound, April 13 - 17, 2015, England tour of West Indies
399 & 333/7d
(T:438) 295 & 350/7

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
2/69, 1/63 & 103*
WI 2nd Innings
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5.50pm: Test cricket, you've put us through the ringer again. We wouldn't want it any other way, of course; and typing for a few hours isn't too arduous, compared to five days on the field. There'll be tired bodies on both sides but the teams will be flying to Grenada pretty much straight away, because the second Test begins on Tuesday. We'll be back, of course, fingers freshly flexed and ready to go. Thanks for your comments, have a good weekend, from myself, Alex and Gnasher, it's goodnight.

5.35pm: Time for the presentations at the Sir Viv... Jason Holder is fittingly named Man of the Match: "My job was simple, just to bat, go in and have a knock. Got support from the other guys and me and Denesh Ramdin put on a partnership. We had belief in the dressing room, tired them out. They set aggressive fields, so it made sense to go for it. First one, hopefully first of many. I always see myself as a genuine allrounder, coming up through the age groups I saw myself as a batting allrounder but bowling has taken over. When I step on the cricket field I think about myself first, then the team. Captaining was a good experience in the World Cup but just playing cricket for the West Indies is brilliant."

England captain Alastair Cook: "We knew it was going to be hard work and it proved to be so, to get three wickets in the first session was a great effort and you're always in with a chance. We couldn't have done anything more to be honest, can't fault the lads - great moment when Jimmy took the wicket, and we've had great support as always from the Barmy Army. In these conditions... It was a tough wicket to get 20 wickets on, we fought incredibly hard. There were a couple of really good innings to get us in that position. [West Indies quicks] They swung it a lot, the way Jerome and Roach bowled was testing, they put it in really good areas. Credit to Jimmy, on his 100th Test, to get the record. We'll remember that for a long, long time. Jimmy would definitely have swapped that wicket for the win but I can't fault anyone, they put their bodies on the line. We'll dust ourselves off and get ready for another Test in Grenada."

West Indies captain Denesh Ramdin: "We were very nervous at the end there, congrats to Jason Holder on his first Test hundred. Kemar played his part, and well done to Jimmy Anderson as well. They fought hard, they came at us all the time, we just had to bat some overs, bat time. They kept coming at us. It's very important, to create the belief, that we can win games. Partnerships were important, unfortunately I got out. The West Indians came out and supported us and saw good cricket. We need to be more clinical in terms of getting wickets in the middle; our batters who got starts should have carried on more. We'll look at those things."

5.25pm: What a final day. Actually, the tension began to seep out of proceedings as Jason Holder marshalled the rearguard, England crashing against him like waves on the sea wall, the hundred a cherry on top. These epic escapes have become fashionable again in recent years - South Africa and England are specialists - but to see the fibre of West Indies' fabric was immensely impressive. Holder is undoubtedly the man of the moment - but, for England, James Anderson's achievement in overtaking Ian Botham is something to quietly celebrate when they look back on this match.

Jimmy is with David Gower on the outfield, they've collared him straight away: "We got ourselves into a great position, we just couldn't quite find anything in that pitch to get the ten wickets, we tried our hardest but couldn't quite get there. Immediate emotion was we were back in the game, hoping to get the win. Hugely proud, great to have my family here, to take the record from an English legend is a huge moment. I know my game now, I've developed skills over the years that stand me in good stead when conditions aren't in my favour... I didn't quite have enough skills today, we tried to get it to reverse. I love taking wickets, I love playing for England and that's all I'm bothered about. You pick up milestones along the way but it's a dream come true to play for England. [Future plans?] To keep my place in the side and try and take wickets and get us in the position to win a game. Hopefully I can carry on for a few more years."

Anderson to Roach, no run

full and swerving in late, Roach is struck on the pads and there's an appeal - but it was doing too much. And that will be it, because there are only two legitimate balls left and England need three wickets. Alastair Cook offers his hand, West Indies have salvaged a memorable draw, Jason Holder the hero, with support from his captain, Denesh Ramdin, and Devon Smith on the fourth evening

Here's Breado: "This is one of those times when we are allowed to truly say 'he went to the wicket a boy and came back a man'."

Anderson to Roach, no run

full on the stumps and he digs this out to the leg side

Anderson to Roach, no run

beaten in the channel, hopping back but he survives again

"Recall my earlier prediction: 100+ not out for Holder and eke out a draw? Was not posted though..." Apologies, Ron. Enjoy your moment now

Anderson to Roach, no run

good length around off stump and defended for the umpteenth time by Roach

Final over, Anderson to bowl... He couldn't, could he? After everything that's gone before...

end of over 1298 runs
WI: 350/7CRR: 2.71 
Jason Holder103 (149)
Kemar Roach15 (51)
James Tredwell 40-14-93-1
James Anderson 24-3-72-2
Tredwell to Holder, no run

pushed through on off stump, again Holder leans on a forward defensive

Tredwell to Holder, no run

tossed up, tapped into the off side

Tredwell to Holder, no run

on the stumps and he's back into watchful defence

Tredwell to Holder, FOUR runs

floated up outside off and he goes for it again, not quite to the pitch but he slices an aerial drive safely out towards long-off, no one fielding there - that's his hundred, Holder's first in any form of cricket! He takes off his helmet, raises a fist, points to the badge on his chest. We're going to be seeing a lot of this young man

Tredwell to Holder, no run

flighted outside off, reaches out and taps it into the shinpads of silly point

Tredwell to Holder, FOUR runs

tossed up on middle and off and Holder looks it square in the eye, slogs it down the ground for four, not far shy of going all the way - he's on 99

This is the number of overs West Indies last at the Antigua Recreation Ground in 2009... 12 balls left, Tredwell bowling to Holder

end of over 1284 runs
WI: 342/7CRR: 2.67 
Kemar Roach15 (51)
Jason Holder95 (143)
James Anderson 24-3-72-2
James Tredwell 39-14-85-1
Anderson to Roach, no run

full outside off, there's a noise as it flies through to Buttler, was it an edge? Bump ball maybe... Given not out but England review, very difficult to tell, the sound could have been Roach's bat hitting the ground. There's no Hot Spot or Snicko available, without which it is impossible to tell much conclusively, so it stays with the on-field decision

Silly mid-on joins the party

Anderson to Roach, no run

fullish and whirring back towards off stump, Roach watches it with eyes wide and blocks again

Leg slip in

Anderson to Roach, no run

banged in short, rising over the top of off stump, ducks his head underneath

Anderson to Roach, no run

on off stump, length delivery, gets into line and defends once more

Anderson to Roach, FOUR runs

hops back, pushes away from his body and edged... but it falls short of Cook at slip and bounces away for four!

Anderson to Roach, no run

good length, shaping back in towards the stumps, Roach keeps cool and blocks to leg

Three overs left now, Cook turns back to Anderson... England need three good balls. Roach on strike, short leg is in, plus short straight cover and midwicket

end of over 1274 runs
WI: 338/7CRR: 2.66 
Jason Holder95 (143)
Kemar Roach11 (45)
James Tredwell 39-14-85-1
Joe Root 13-6-22-2

This has been absolutely magnificent from Holder... Just 23 years old

Tredwell to Holder, no run

flighted outside the line of off, gets his front pad out and then shoulders arms

Tredwell to Holder, no run

fullish outside off, tapped into the ground and silly point snatches it

Tredwell to Holder, 2 runs

tossed up outside off, nice and full, opens the face and squirts another couple through backward point - the hundred comes ever closer

Tredwell to Holder, 2 runs

flighted on the stumps, drifting towards leg, closes the face and clips through square

Tredwell to Holder, no run

gets out to defend again

"So.... Should Holder go for his maiden century or just play out the draw????" gasps Abe

Tredwell to Holder, no run

tossed up around off stump and defended coming forwards

WI have 24 deliveries to hold out

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