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3rd Test, Gros Islet, February 09 - 12, 2019, England tour of West Indies
277 & 361/5d
(T:485) 154 & 252

England won by 232 runs

Player Of The Match
5/41 & 1/52
Player Of The Series
51 runs • 18 wkts
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5.10pm: Righty oh, that's a wrap for this one. It's been an enthralling, surprising and most-satisfying series, so thanks for joining us. Go have a squiz at Valkerie's report, then stick around the site for more reaction and analysis from George Dobell and the rest of the team. From myself, Miller, Raghav, Ranjith and the rest, it's cheerio for now. We'll be back for the one-dayers, starting next week. Byeeeeeeeee!

4.55pm: Time for the presentations at the Darren Sammy Stadium... Starting with England captain, Joe Root: "I thought we played some good cricket. In that first innings we managed to find a way to ride out some difficult moments in bowler-friendly conditions and then we got up to a good score. Then the bowlers got us on top and we went from there. We played better, that's important, we've got a fantastic squad, but over the next couple of years you'll see a huge amount of improvement. [Hundred?] I spent some time working on things, make sure I'm lining things up, disappointed to get out in the manner I did in the first innings but nice to make it count. [Wood?] He bowled fantastically well, great pace, made for great theatre, great to be on the field watching it and to see him come back into the side and show how good a player he is. Important we performed well this week, tough tour, West Indies have played fantastically but for us to come back and win is pleasing and a real step forward. Thank you to everyone that's come and watched over the three games."

Mark Wood is named Man of the Match: "I was full of confidence after the Lions tour, wanted to hit the ground running and back it up. [Pace?] I don't know, wasn't thinking about the gun, watched Gabriel all series knocking us down, thought I had to get some back for us. [Second innings?] Like running on a beach running in, we gave it a good go and got over the line. [Ashes spot?] I'm not thinking that far ahead, we've got a great squad, plenty more cricket to go. Kevin Shine, Chris Silverwood, they've kept the faith in me, so I'm very thankful."

Kemar Roach is named Man of the Series: "Pretty good series for me, all the hard work has paid off. Very competitive, pleased for the first Test series win of 2019. Ball felt good in my had, put in the right areas and got the rewards. Coming up here, we put our best foot forward, but a great feeling to win a series, been a while. Very proud of the guys and want us to work hard and move forward. Good to get on the park, looking forward to the cricket coming up and doing well for the West Indies. [Bowling strength?] Batting could be better, but the guys stuck to the task, working hard in the nets, stay positive and stick to the process, trust yourself and we'll get it."

And here's West Indies' (technically suspended) captain, Jason Holder: "Bit disappointed [to lose], but still positives. Credit to the boys, we played a good series, lots of improvement but lots of positive coming out of the series. I tried to share as much info as I could, tough watching from the outside. The way we've won, it shows we're moving in the right direction. [Chase ton?] Really pleasing, had a chat with Roston before the game, good to see him get some runs. We could have rolled over, given it up, but I'm really happy he could get his hundred. [Next challenges?] Three facets of the game, we have to be clinical. Bowling has been outstanding, we need to strike a good balance. Counts in the rankings, counts for the morale of the side as well. We need to continue to build and not just rest on our laurels. Places we can improve, we want to be No.1. Thanks to those who came and supported us, and the the English who came out as well."

4.40pm: England win by 232 runs, but West Indies take the series 2-1. No blackwash this time, but the home side certainly fronted up; they made it difficult for England here, too, despite being well behind the game. Roston Chase dredged up a gritty knock, having come in at 10 for 3, defying each and every member of the England attack through the course of the day. Still, England will take victory however it comes, after a chastening couple of weeks. This is only the second Test they've won in the Caribbean since 2004.

Here's James De Lamber: "Regardless of how well they played this test, the fact that a one-legged Keemo Paul has just smacked Stokes for 3 fours sums up England's tour: completely outplayed by a team that everyone thought hadn't got a hope in hell of a match win, let alone a series win!" There we go, an illustrative tableau to finish off a memorable series

"Root will be MoM, but I feel it should go to Wood, who really blasted the match open," opines Dhananjay. Gets my vote

"MoM, MoS and Mof the Winter: Moeen Ali. 32 wickets@25," pipes up Tony Torrance. Yep, his bowling has really come on over the last two series. Batting still a bit flaky, mind, but that's the Mo we love

Stokes to Paul, OUT

short ball, loops up off the splice as Paul pulls - Stokes takes it in his follow through! And then throws down the stumps, for good measure. Not sure why, perhaps he thought he had overstepped, but he quickly offers his hand to Keemo Paul, who did his bit for his team-mate

Keemo Paul c & b Stokes 12 (10m 6b 3x4 0x6) SR: 200
Stokes to Paul, FOUR runs

low full toss and he smokes this down the ground! Like Gordon Greenidge, he's dangerous on one leg

Stokes to Paul, FOUR runs

pitched up and he latches on, sent rasping though point with a free swing of the bat, four more!

Stokes to Paul, no run

full toss, maybe an attempted slower ball, swung to the leg side

Stokes to Paul, FOUR runs

short ball, Paul hammers it up over midwicket! Nothing wrong with his arms, clearly

Time for some one-legged tonking from Keemo...?

end of over 694 runs
WI: 240/9CRR: 3.47 
Roston Chase102 (191b 12x4 1x6)
Keemo Paul0 (1b)
Joe Denly 3-0-16-0
Ben Stokes 8-2-18-1

Here's Aj : "Honestly didn't think he'd get the 100 but now he's there that begs the question what do they do? Paul can barely move." Declare?

Denly to Chase, no run

tossed up and tapped away

Denly to Chase, no run

oh my, how has this missed off stump? Bit of grip for Denly's legbreak, slides past the inside edge but sneaks past the timbers, too

Denly to Chase, FOUR runs

drops slightly short, Chase rocks back and cuts, this is going to run away... Hundred up for Chase, his fifth in Tests! He crosses the arms in celebration, been an excellent knock in tough conditions, and without much support (though credit to Keemo for hobbling out)

Denly to Chase, no run

lobbed up and poked into the covers

Denly to Chase, no run

props forward and defends

Denly to Chase, no run

lobbed up, Chase gets a thick inside edge that squirms out of Jennings' reach at short leg! Lummy

Joe Denly on

end of over 681 run • 1 wicket
WI: 236/9CRR: 3.47 
Keemo Paul0 (1b)
Roston Chase98 (185b 11x4 1x6)
Ben Stokes 8-2-18-1
Moeen Ali 21-1-99-3

"Can I be the first to say 'Why did he do that?'" Nick quite rightly channels Fazeer Mohammad

Stokes to Paul, no run

full and swinging in at 144kph/89mph, Paul shows solid technique to defend to cover

Which means Keemo Paul is going to have to limp out!

Stokes to Gabriel, OUT

back of a length, Gabriel swipes... and nicks off! He's done it again (sort of)! No review, he knew he'd hit it, just couldn't help himself

Shannon Gabriel c †Bairstow b Stokes 3 (27m 23b 0x4 0x6) SR: 13.04

"Going back to that Pakistan game am I right in thinking that Gabriel tried to hit Yasir Shah into next week with about 2 overs to go for West Indies to get a draw?" Actually with one ball left in the penultimate over, James, and Chase set to be on strike for the last...

Stokes to Gabriel, no run

bangs down the bouncer, over the ducking Gabriel

Leg gully is in for Stokes

Stokes to Gabriel, no run

off-stump line, Gabriel shows it a straight bat

Stokes to Chase, 1 run

dug in and tucked off the hip, they amble the single though midwicket

Stokes to Chase, no run

short of a length, hits above the knee roll with Chase hopping back on off stump, England go up for lbw... Probably high

Change in the bowling, Ben Stokes on for Broad

end of over 671 run
WI: 235/8CRR: 3.50 
Shannon Gabriel3 (20b)
Roston Chase97 (183b 11x4 1x6)
Moeen Ali 21-1-99-3
Stuart Broad 14-6-22-0

"If Gabriel were out off say the last ball of an over with Chase on 99 (with the strike) might they get Paul out there to give Chase the chance of his ton?" I think that's exactly what they'll do, Andy C. Oh the drama!

Moeen Ali to Gabriel, no run

tossed up full, Gabriel jabs down on it in defence

Gully comes in alongside slip

Moeen Ali to Gabriel, no run

pushed through and this clips the edge, running wide of slip... but they don't take the run

Moeen Ali to Gabriel, no run

tossed up and blocked

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