2nd Test, Southampton, Aug 13 - 17 2020, Pakistan tour of England
Match drawn
Player Of The Match

6.30pm: Thanks for coming. One of those games, unfortunately, but we don't have long to wait before doing it all over again (hopefully with better weather) for the third Test. Valkerie is polishing up her report on this soggy shemozzle, and there'll be more to come from George and Osman. Thanks for keeping us company through the bad (light) and good, we'll be back for more Friday... From myself, Danyal, Chandan, Raghav and everyone else, it's goodbye for now. Ta ra!

6.20pm: We'll dribble on a little longer, time for the post-match presentations, starting with Azhar Ali: "Frustrating for both teams. Thought the game was set nicely, conditions good for bowling but unfortunately the weather was against us. We spoke before about the challenge of batting first, we thought the heat would have an effect on the pitch but it changed around. They have a brilliant attack led by Broad and Anderson but we stuck to the task, we needed that on that pitch. [Personal form?] I felt good, first [Test] my balance wasn't good, bit felt confident. Unfortunately I couldn't convert the start. The best thing is we didn't have to bowl too much, big Test coming up and we want everyone to be fresh."

England captain Joe Root: [Stoppages?] "Coped with it best we can, really excited about challenge this week but didn't get as much cricket as we'd like. Glad to still be 1-0 up. Spoke before about being professional in our approach to this session, young top order and great to get through the other side. [Sibley and Crawley] For those two that partnership was high class. [Change regs?] Potentially start half hour earlier, think you want to protect Test cricket as much as you can in terms of the ball. We've had a week of strange circumstances, not often you see bad light play such a part. Everyone worked hard to get play to day and both teams got on with it. Time and a place for pink ball, whether you're swapping it in, I'm not so sure. [Archer available for third Test?] All guys are in contention, we have fantastic options to choose from, see where they are at physically and then make a decision."

Mohammad Rizwan is named Man of the Match for his sparkling 72: "Thanks to Allah, worked hard for this kind of team effort, unfortunately the game wasn't fully played but was looking forward to full contest. Tough keeping in England, first time, I have worked extra and used the tape ball because it's lighter and wobbles in the air. [Third Test?] Looking forward to it, playing good cricket and want to take positives into that game."

6.10pm: Now, let's never speak of this Test again. Regained a bit of respectability in the end but, with 134.3 overs bowled, it's still in the top 10 shortest Tests played in England (ignoring washouts). You don't often get near a result in that time... although give it another 20 overs. Good to see the teams finish off with a sparring session in the evening sunshine, but you'd think everyone will want to move swiftly on to the final match of the series, starting on the same ground on Friday, with England still protecting a 1-0 lead.

Azhar Ali to Buttler, no run

hoops this past the edge! Gentle run-up and then a vicious outswinger past Buttler's prod! And now England declare - meaning this over and two others are "lost" to the change over and suddenly we're into the final 15 - and this one is done

The last knockings are approaching, here comes Azhar Ali to bowl seam-up

end of over 43Maiden
ENG: 110/4CRR: 2.55 
Joe Root9 (35)
Jos Buttler0 (12)
Yasir Shah 11-2-30-1
Mohammad Abbas 14-5-28-2
Yasir Shah to Root, no run

pushed through and Root drops into the crease to dab behind square

"Just 2 bad sessions for Pakistan in the whole series. England had too many bad sessions," opines Abdullah. "Difference was that Pakistan's bad sessions were so Bad, while England managed to hang on somehow. Pakistan needs more test matches to learn the art of hanging on and staying out there."

Yasir Shah to Root, no run

tossed up and patted back

Yasir Shah to Root, no run

full and flighted outside off, Root stretches out and steers into the covers

Yasir Shah to Root, no run

flighted, Root comes forward and bottom-hands a punch into the off side

Yasir Shah to Root, no run

prodded back to the bowler

Yasir Shah to Root, no run

goes back and taps the ball away

end of over 423 runs
ENG: 110/4CRR: 2.61 
Jos Buttler0 (12)
Joe Root9 (29)
Mohammad Abbas 14-5-28-2
Yasir Shah 10-1-30-1

Actually, I stand corrected, it's final hour or 15 overs remaining - and there are still 19 to go, apparently

Abbas to Buttler, no run

pitched up on off, 79mph/127kph and blocked into the covers

Abbas to Buttler, no run

length delivery holding its line outside off, 78mph/126kph and left alone

Abbas to Buttler, no run

sneaks this through, snaking back at Buttler, struck on the back leg... High? Kettleborough not interested in the appeal

Abbas to Buttler, no run

length ball, Buttler presses out to block

Catcher goes in at cover point

Abbas to Root, 3 runs

whipped through midwicket, Root advances and clips three off his pads

Short leg is in under the helmet

Abbas to Root, no run

nipping back to hit the knee roll, but Root is batting well out of his ground

We think once they get into the final hour, it'll probably be a case of shaking hands pretty quickly... But Abbas continues, still just shy of 6pm

end of over 41Maiden
ENG: 107/4CRR: 2.60 
Jos Buttler0 (8)
Joe Root6 (27)
Yasir Shah 10-1-30-1
Mohammad Abbas 13-5-25-2

"If this match was a dog it would have been put down by now. How much longer must both teams suffer this travesty?" Not much longer at all, I suspect, Alex. We're about to enter the final hour...

Yasir Shah to Buttler, no run

floated up outside off and he lets this go

Yasir Shah to Buttler, no run

quicker again, the Yasir googly and Buttler attempts to muscle it off the back foot, takes the ball on the thigh pad... high for lbw, despite the appeal

Yasir Shah to Buttler, no run

tossed up full and Buttler opens the shoulders to crash the ball towards cover

Yasir Shah to Buttler, no run

flighted, drifting in with the arm, leans out to defend

Yasir Shah to Buttler, no run

flatter, skidding on with Buttler back and defending on off

Yasir Shah to Buttler, no run

tossed up and bunted back down the track

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