Adelaide, Jan 18 - 20 2011, Futures League
248 & 334
(target 338)245 & 338/3
ACT won by 7 wickets
South Australia Under-23s 1st INNINGS
James Smith (c)c McLennan b Ritchard2249-3044.89
Tom Moffat c Littlewood b Ritchard537-0013.51
Joel Davies c Devoy b Anderson1437-1037.83
Michael Cranmer c †Ayre b Anderson41123-3033.33
Kane Richardson c Higgs b Anderson09-000.00
Alex Ross run out (Thornton)3058-3051.72
Jake Lehmann lbw b Ritchard1221-2057.14
Cullen Bailey not out 6288-8070.45
Josh Barrett  b Higgs1546-0032.60
Tom Brinsley st †Ayre b Devoy1518-1183.33
Jake Haberfield c †Ayre b Oakley1315-0186.66
Extras(b 4, lb 10, nb 5)19
TOTAL(82.4 Ov, RR: 3.00)248
Did not bat: Elliot Opie 
Fall of wickets: 1-25 (Tom Moffat), 2-30 (James Smith), 3-59 (Joel Davies), 4-61 (Kane Richardson), 5-109 (Alex Ross), 6-131 (Jake Lehmann), 7-146 (Michael Cranmer), 8-188 (Josh Barrett), 9-225 (Tom Brinsley), 10-248 (Jake Haberfield, 82.4 ov)
Ben Oakley21.464612.12---00
Josh Anderson1935733.00---03
Adam Ritchard2186032.85---02
Shane Devoy1514513.00---00
Sam Miller20502.50---00
Mark Higgs402115.25---00
Australian Capital Territory 1st INNINGS
Tom Thornton lbw b Haberfield1619-4084.21
Sam Miller c George b Bailey73116-11062.93
Jordan McLennan c †Barrett b Richardson2638-5068.42
Mark Littlewood c Smith b George4894-6051.06
John Nicoll c Smith b Bailey1127-1040.74
Mark Higgs (c)c Moffat b Richardson2742-3064.28
Aaron Ayre c †Barrett b Haberfield2260-4036.66
M Wescombe c & b George310-0030.00
Adam Ritchard c †Barrett b Richardson39-0033.33
Josh Anderson c Richardson b George36-0050.00
Ben Oakley not out 02-000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 6, nb 1, w 2)13
TOTAL(70.2 Ov, RR: 3.48)245
Did not bat: Shane Devoy 
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Tom Thornton), 2-83 (Jordan McLennan), 3-153 (Sam Miller), 4-165 (John Nicoll), 5-191 (Mark Littlewood), 6-221 (Mark Higgs), 7-230 (M Wescombe), 8-239 (Adam Ritchard), 9-245 (Aaron Ayre), 10-245 (Josh Anderson, 70.2 ov)
Peter George21.258634.03---11
Jake Haberfield1645023.12---00
Kane Richardson1645633.50---10
Cullen Bailey1243422.83---00
Tom Brinsley51901.80---00
South Australia Under-23s 2nd INNINGS
Tom Moffat c Nicoll b Higgs4383-5051.80
James Smith (c) b Anderson93131-10270.99
Kane Richardson  b Anderson2429-2082.75
Joel Davies  b Higgs1422-2063.63
Michael Cranmer c Oakley b Higgs6680-3182.50
Alex Ross lbw b Higgs5463-2385.71
Jake Lehmann c †Ayre b Higgs23-0066.66
Cullen Bailey c †Ayre b Oakley1612-20133.33
Josh Barrett lbw b Higgs13-0033.33
Tom Brinsley not out 23-0066.66
Jake Haberfield lbw b Oakley15-0020.00
Extras(b 11, lb 5, nb 1, w 1)18
TOTAL(72.1 Ov, RR: 4.62)334
Did not bat: Elliot Opie 
Fall of wickets: 1-115 (Tom Moffat), 2-167 (James Smith), 3-168 (Kane Richardson), 4-202 (Joel Davies), 5-310 (Michael Cranmer), 6-310 (Alex Ross), 7-323 (Jake Lehmann), 8-331 (Cullen Bailey), 9-333 (Josh Barrett), 10-334 (Jake Haberfield, 72.1 ov)
Ben Oakley20.136923.42---00
Adam Ritchard836007.50---11
Shane Devoy503807.60---00
Josh Anderson1826223.44---00
Mark Higgs2108964.23---00
Australian Capital Territory 2nd INNINGS (target: 338 runs)
Tom Thornton c Cranmer b Haberfield2350-4046.00
Sam Miller c Brinsley b Smith126138-17291.30
Jordan McLennan c Cranmer b Bailey3981-5148.14
Mark Littlewood not out 107142-10175.35
John Nicoll not out 3446-5073.91
Extras(b 1, lb 5, w 3)9
TOTAL(76.1 Ov, RR: 4.43)338/3
Fall of wickets: 1-66 (Tom Thornton), 2-140 (Jordan McLennan), 3-263 (Sam Miller)
Peter George1616604.12---10
Jake Haberfield1214914.08---00
Cullen Bailey28211214.00---10
Tom Brinsley502404.80---10
Elliot Opie4.101503.60---00
Michael Cranmer3031010.33---00
James Smith803514.37---00
Glenelg Oval, Adelaide
TossAustralian Capital Territory, elected to field first
SeriesFutures League
Players per side12 (11 batting, 11 fielding)
Hours of play (local time)10.00 start, Lunch, 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30
Match days18,19,20 January 2011 - day (3-day match)
Player Replacement
Australia Image
Andrew Willoughby
Australia Image
Luke Uthenwoldt
Match Referee
Australia Image
Kim Perrin
Tue, 18 Jan - day 1 - unknown
Wed, 19 Jan - day 2 - unknown
Thu, 20 Jan - day 3 - ACT 2nd innings 338/3 (76.1 ov) - end of match