Final (D/N), Mumbai, Nov 5 2006, ICC Champions Trophy
(28.1/35 ov)116/2
Australia won by 8 wickets (with 41 balls remaining) (D/L method)
player of the match
Shane Watson

The matchwinning-shot sparks off huge celebrations in the dressing room. Ricky Ponting and his men now run on to the field to celebrate with Martyn and Watson. This was the only cup that they had not laid their hands on. The wait is over now.

West Indies collapsed sensationally - calypso collapso as they say - after a dream start and Australia, after a stutter at the start, reached the paltry target without much fuss. Not for nothing they are the best team in the world. They must have been shocked when the West Indies openers carpet bombed them but recovered quickly to display the much-famed Australianism.

John Arlott had written about it in 1948 at the end of a successful tour of England by Don Bradman's men. ""Australianism," wrote Arlott, "means single-minded determination to win - to win within the laws but, if necessary, to the last limit within them. It means where the 'impossible' is within the realm of what the human body can do, there are Australians who believe that they can do it - and who have succeeded often enough to make us wonder if anything is impossible to them. It means they have never lost a match - particularly a Test match - until the last run is scored or their last wicket down."

Not much has changed in these 60 years. They are still the best.

Man-of-the-match: Shane Watson . Hmm... I would have given it to Nathan Bracken.

Player of the tournament: Chris Gayle.

That's it then from us. I am Sriram Veera signing off on behalf of Jamie Alter and Sajan Nair.

Sarwan to Watson, 1 run

That's it! Watson brings up the Australian win with a tickle behind square-leg. Australia have won the Champions Trophy for the first time.

end of over 283 runs
AUS: 115/2CRR: 4.10 RRR: 0.14 • Need 1 run from 42b
Damien Martyn47 (71)
Shane Watson56 (87)
Marlon Samuels5-0-9-0
Ramnaresh Sarwan3-0-15-0
Samuels to Martyn, no run

And again.

Samuels to Martyn, no run

Martyn wants to end up unbeaten. Who can grudge him that. Defends off the front foot.

Samuels to Watson, 1 run

turns in on the middle and leg line, whipped past square-leg

Samuels to Watson, 2 runs

wide outside the offstump, full in length, square-driven past point. Chanderpaul tries to finish things off quickly with a misfield!

Samuels to Watson, no run
Samuels to Watson, no run
end of over 279 runs
AUS: 112/2CRR: 4.14 RRR: 0.50 • Need 4 runs from 48b
Damien Martyn47 (69)
Shane Watson53 (83)
Ramnaresh Sarwan3-0-15-0
Marlon Samuels4-0-6-0
Sarwan to Martyn, FOUR runs

Short and outside off, Martyn cuts it fine, Samuels misfields it at backward point to keep the crowd humoured

Sarwan to Martyn, 1 wide

Again well outside the offstump, lost control there and this time declared a wide.

Sarwan to Martyn, no run

full and well outside the offstump, left alone

Sarwan to Martyn, no run
Sarwan to Martyn, no run

short and well outside the offstump, Martyn hurries across to cut but can't make proper contact.

Sarwan to Watson, 1 run

comes down the track and drives it powerfully to cover region

Sarwan to Watson, 1 wide

wide down the legside, attempted sweep but doesn't connect. Good work from the wicketkeeper Baugh who gathers it smartly and whips off the bails.

Sarwan to Watson, 2 runs

But Australia are intent on getting there in singles and twos. Comes down the track, takes it on the full but no violence. Just pushes it past extra cover

only 13 runs more.