13th Match (D/N), Ahmedabad, Oct 24 2006, ICC Champions Trophy
(39.1/50 ov, target 220)141
South Africa won by 78 runs
player of the match
Shaun Pollock
South Africa

This was considered by some as a grudge match. Definitely by Mark Boucher. Boucher was captain and was heavily criticised when SA quit the series mid-way and returned home following a bomb in the Colombo. "We were called 'chicken' and various other things, which was unfair and uncalled for," Boucher had said on the eve of this game. "We have nothing against the any of the players, but the press in Sri Lanka were out of order. I am definitely one of those treating this game as a grudge match."

This group is now open to all sorts of permutations and combinations. For Sri Lanka to go through, Pakistan have to win all their matches and then the net run rate will come into the picture.

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Kemp to Fernando, OUT

South Africa have scripted a wonderful come-from-behind victory. The final nail in the coffin was delivered by Kemp. Low dipping yorker catches Fernando in front, leaving Vaas stranded and Sri Lanka perilously close to being ousted from the tournament

Dilhara Fernando lbw b Kemp 4 (13m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
end of over 398 runs
SL: 141/9CRR: 3.61 RRR: 7.18 • Need 79 runs from 11 overs
Chaminda Vaas29 (34)
Dilhara Fernando4 (6)
Makhaya Ntini9-1-24-2
Andre Nel9-1-41-3
Ntini to Vaas, 2 runs

short and Vaas rocks back to pull it over midwicket.

Ntini to Vaas, FOUR runs

drilled straight down the ground. Half-volley on the middle and off stump line, muscled past the bowler

Ntini to Vaas, no run
Ntini to Vaas, 2 runs

short and pulled over midwicket. Kemp makes a good diving stop near the ropes. Its been tremendous fielding display from both teams today. Both Jonty Rhodes and Trevor Penny would be pretty happy with their boys.

Ntini to Vaas, no run

leans forward to push a fullish delivery to mid-off

Ntini to Vaas, no run

driven straight. too straight as it cleans up the sticks at the other end.

end of over 385 runs
SL: 133/9CRR: 3.50 RRR: 7.25 • Need 87 runs from 12 overs
Dilhara Fernando4 (6)
Chaminda Vaas21 (28)
Andre Nel9-1-41-3
Makhaya Ntini8-1-16-2
Nel to Fernando, FOUR runs

spanked past mid-on. Short of length delivery, outside the off, swatted away

Nel to Fernando, no run

bouncer and Fernando ducks under. Flies over the head.

Nel to Fernando, no run

almost game over. Fernando pokes at a fullish delivery but doesn't get a nick

Nel to Fernando, no run

short of length, outside the off, steered to point

Nel to Vaas, 1 run

short of length, on the middle, pulled to mid-on

Nel to Vaas, no run

length delivery on the off, driven to point

end of over 371 run • 1 wicket
SL: 128/9CRR: 3.45 RRR: 7.08 • Need 92 runs from 13 overs
Dilhara Fernando0 (2)
Chaminda Vaas20 (26)
Makhaya Ntini8-1-16-2
Andre Nel8-1-36-3
Ntini to Fernando, no run
Ntini to Fernando, no run

hit the deck short of length, outside the off, Fernando pushes at it inside the line

Ntini to Vaas, 1 run

delivered from wide of the crease, landed on the leg and angling across, punched past point

Ntini to Vaas, no run

length delivery on the middle, pushed to off side

Ntini to Vaas, no run
Ntini to Murali, OUT

And then there were one. Murali backs away as expected and goes for a lofted shot over the bowler's head. But scoops straight to Pollock at long-on

Muttiah Muralitharan c Pollock b Ntini 3 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 150

South Africa are all over Sri Lanka here. They have 100% record against Sri Lanka in the neutral venues in Subcontinent. 4 -0. Today could be the fifth win.