12th Match, Group A (D/N), Johannesburg, Sep 30 2009, ICC Champions Trophy
(32.1/50 ov)130/3
India won by 7 wickets (with 107 balls remaining)
player of the match

A seven-wicket win over West Indies, who end their tournament without a win. They came here a depleted side and have done well in patches. Their defence of a small total against Pakistan was promising until Umar Akmal and Afridi finished it off. Then against Australia they had them seven down before Johnson went berserk. Here they just failed to bat well. Remains to be seen what happens when they go home, regarding the contracts saga. Their fast bowlers have really impressed in South Africa.

As for India, well they played poorly against Pakistan and were denied a chance to press on when it rained in the Australia match. Things did not look good for them when rain struck. They came here needing to win handsomely and for Pakistan to beat Australia but that happened and shortly into India's chase it was confirmed that they were out. Countless fans are disappointed, no doubt. It must be noted that India were without some key players, but I don't know how much consolation that will be for passionate Indian fans.

Reifer: "We didn't get a lot of runs. Teams lose a lot of wickets in the first 15-20 overs and that dictates things. Our batting has been inexperienced and we have to work on that. We bowled and fielded well. Tonge and Miller were very good. We have a lot of positives to take back home. As we go far from here the guys have to look at their game."

Dhoni: "I just played three balls in the Champions Trophy. We could have won the first game but didn't. To get into the groove is important; you can practice hard and all but you have to get into the mood in the games. PK started brilliantly and Ashish has been the pick of our bowlers. Bhajji and Mishra did well. We came back well against Australia and again I am pleased with the bowlers. It was swinging a bit so I thought why not give myself a bowl? Next is the Australia series, so be prepared for it."

Kohli is Man of the Match: "I am hitting the ball well for the past few months and I was confident of going out and scoring runs. If you score good runs at a good level it gives you confidence and urges you to do well in the future. I have learned to become more patient at the crease and its paying off. It was a good track but it was doing a bit, Roach was bowling quick. It was tough work but I enjoyed it out there."

That is it from the presentation ceremony and that is it from all of us at Cricinfo. Thanks for joining us again. The first semi-final is on October 2 between Australia and England. Do come back and see us then. Bye for now!

Miller to Kohli, 1 run

comes out and mistimes the drive but manages to beat mid-off for a single that gets India to their only win in the tournament, Kohli finishing unbeaten on 79

end of over 327 runs
INDIA: 129/3CRR: 4.03 RRR: 0.06 • Need 1 run from 18 overs
Abhishek Nayar0 (7)
Virat Kohli78 (103)
Gavin Tonge10-0-36-1
Nikita Miller3-0-19-0

Gopal: "passing a comment is the easiest job done.i don't think any team will be chastised just for the sake of one loss.hope sanity prevails over enthusiastic fans."

Tonge to Nayar, no run

very full on leg stump and Nayar turns it to midwicket

Scores are tied ...

Tonge to Kohli, 1 run

another attempted yorker on the stumps, worked past square leg

Tonge to Kohli, no run

uses his wrists and on-drives the ball to midwicket

Tonge to Kohli, no run

good yorker, just manages to skim the bat and stops in its tracks

Chandu: "Come on guys, enough of the criticism. Our team is doing good for quite sometime now. The current Test Team does'nt look to loose at-all. And slowly we will pick in ODI's. We are sitting on Rank 1 or 2 not for no reason."

Tonge to Kohli, 2 runs

top-edges a pull to a short ball and safely beats midwicket

Tonge to Kohli, FOUR runs

slower ball ends up a low full toss which he puts away past midwicket

Good effort from Kohli. He took his time before opening up. India need eight more.

end of over 3111 runs
INDIA: 122/3CRR: 3.93 RRR: 0.42 • Need 8 runs from 19 overs
Virat Kohli71 (98)
Abhishek Nayar0 (6)
Nikita Miller3-0-19-0
Gavin Tonge9-0-29-1
Miller to Kohli, 1 run

goes back again and drives it back to Miller, who misfields

Miller to Kohli, no run

makes room and punches the ball to short cover

Miller to Kohli, FOUR runs

rocks back and slaps a short ball between midwicket and mid-on

Miller to Kohli, no run

cuts and misses

Miller to Kohli, no run

flatter ball drifts down the pads and he gets a small leading edge as he shapes to work it to midwicket

Miller to Kohli, SIX runs

comes out and gives it some stick, sending it high over mid-off for six